I’m the most annoying person on earth…

My poor, poor web designer over at Aeolidia has got to be going absolutely batty over me right now. I’m being so wishy washy about my new site that I’m even getting annoyed at myself. It’s like when you are pregnant and have the names picked out – you mistakenly tell everyone hence get everyone’s opinions. Then you start to question yourself, because people bring up points that you may not of thought of. This has happened to me with my website, in a good way though. I’ve come to the conclusion that people really like my site and my little girl illustration – so, instead of redoing everything, I’m going to be adding on a shop to the site and rearranging things around a bit. I had this great idea of having the site be ‘interactive’ but it just kept coming back as  ‘confusing’ ( these were my mockups not my web designer).  I think I best keep things as simple as possible, very user friendly. Anyhow – I just thought I’d give you the 411 on the site and how its going. I’m thinking this may be interesting to see the insane workings of my mind. I think of these things WAY too much!

Had a great day today with the boys. I thought I’d share a few pics of us at the park.


My little man is getting so big. A few months ago he wouldn’t even go near the tire swing. His little brother ,on the other hand, was hanging off this tire swing upside down – they are so different.


It’s a park near our home that we usually go to. It’s a total gem – there are walking trails that back onto a little farm with horses. The horses are a big hit.


It was 10 degrees out (celsius) today – wonderful weather. Jasper is obsessed with wearing his scarf and snow suit and boots – all the time. He had a major meltdown because we took his hat off. Honestly, he’d wear this gear inside the house and to sleep if he could.

I asked John to take a few pictures of me on the swing. I don’t think I’ve had a picture taken of my whole body since Jasper was born. As I flicked through the pictures on the camera I was aghast! Oh. My. Goodness. Do I really look like that? Lol. What happened? Umm, yeah – I’m publicly declaring that I’m going on a diet so that I have to diet. It’s been a year and a half since Jasper was born and I still haven’t lost the baby Lose Weight Exercise. It’s not so much what I look like that bugs me (who am I kidding! I want back in my Seven for All Mankind jeans dammit – I paid stupid money for those!!) but I feel sluggish, my feet hurt and I can feel the flesh under my chin – if that makes sense? Anyhow, it starts now. Hot mama by summer time!






8 responses to “I’m the most annoying person on earth…”

  1. Camille Fargo Avatar
    Camille Fargo

    I hear you there, mama! I paid big bucks for my jeans and they haven’t seen my rear in a while! I’m on board with the diet… Let’ go!

  2. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    I just (yesterday) bought myself the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – and I let my husband see it. I have no excuse now.

  3. erin Avatar

    glad to hear baby j is liking that snow suit! and look at those curls!!!
    you’re a hot mama already, lady, don’t doubt that for a sec!

  4. Naomi Avatar

    Your boys are so handsome! And the difference between my fearless, foolhardy Jasper and his contemplative big sister are pretty vast, too. And I am also totally with you on the 19-months-post-partum-means-it’s-not-the-baby-weight-anymore track, too. Gotta get going on that one…

  5. devon Avatar

    I love the first pic of B so much! It’s like a glimpse of future him, when he is a teen. E just lost his front tooth today and I feel like my baby is really on the road of growing up now. boo hoo. As Erin said – you are one stylish hip hot mama, my friend. But I’d love it if you wanted to join me at the gym:-)

  6. April Avatar

    I desperately wish the East Coast looked as spring-like as the West Coast does. So cold and rainy here!

  7. cheryl Avatar

    Those mama pounds are tough to lose but its helped me to just eat off a lunch plate and no seconds.

  8. Meike Avatar

    O, I hear you, Christina! I felt exactly the same when my daughter was about one-and-a-half years old. She’s turning two this week, and my diet worked! I’m back at my before-pregnancy weight. Before TWO pregnancies weight, that is. I am very proud of myself! And let me tell you – the first few weeks will be hell, but after that, it gets easier, and you will feel SO much better after! Good luck! You can do it! 🙂

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