I’m Legal!

**maybe. This lay is law is so – I’m sorry- asinine that, I’m not sure what is happening! There is way too much contradictory information out there, I’ll keep you all posted! ** Jan 14th

Today the CPSIA met to vote on an amendment which exclude wool and cotton from their law . I’m all wool and cotton so it looks like it will be legal for me toΒ  sell my dolls to my American customers. I’m not a bio-hazard! There are still a few points around this that need to be cleared up but so far so good. I have to stop reading the Etsy forums on this – there are a LOT of people really freaking out on there. It’s kind of like Y2K for crafters.

Although this is a great step forward, there are still many, many people who will be affected by this law. Please sign the petitions, write to your congresspeople – this is a great ‘one stop’ place to get all the information regarding this law and how it affects everyone.

Peace out.







14 responses to “I’m Legal!”

  1. Naomi Avatar

    The analogy of Y2K for crafters is funny… if it weren’t so true. Hopefully, this legislation will disappear without much fuss, the same way Y2K did.

    Still, I’m glad you aren’t under the gun, so to speak!

  2. cheryl Avatar

    Yea! Thats great news lets hope they can agree on letting other crafters be legal also, then it would be a banner of a day.

  3. Mary Avatar

    Congrats on not being a biohazard! I always knew you could do it πŸ˜‰
    Seriously though, this is excellent news! Everyone really should keep pressing their lawmakers for more amendments such as this one!

  4. Monica Avatar

    I think I’m legal too!!! WOO HOO!!

  5. Cate Avatar

    Oh WOW! I am really happy for you Christina! YAY…

  6. Chris Avatar

    I try to stay away from the forums too. Too many people are doom and gloom. I am choosing to remain positive and am still “assembling” my bunnies. (There was one positive post from someone who met with some big muckity mucks and they said she wasn’t a manufacturer. She was an assembler. I’m a proud toy assembler. LOL)

    Good news for Bamboletta though. I’m full steam ahead in my shop too. I’m all for a little civil disobedience for a good cause.


  7. Nancy Sprott Avatar
    Nancy Sprott

    I am glad they recognized that you are not a biohazard! So here is to a new year full of bamboletta prosperity!

  8. Meike Avatar

    Great News! I will now run back to my table and stir up a doll frenzy. πŸ˜‰

  9. Jennie Nash Avatar
    Jennie Nash

    Oooh I love this!The fabric is so beautiful. I love #1 #2 #7 and #9. My favorite is #9. But truly I love them all. Thanks for including us in the fun of choosing πŸ˜‰

  10. Jennie Nash Avatar
    Jennie Nash

    oops,I think I left a comment in the wrong blog spot πŸ˜‰
    but obviously support what you’re doing 100% thanks for keeping us informed.

  11. Donna E Avatar
    Donna E

    Great News Christina, We knew you weren’t biohazardous here at our house! Trying to keep up on this info as the results affect the toys my children can safely play with! I fully support safe homemade toys & toy makers,err assemblers! Best to you & others out there

  12. Erica Hildebrand Avatar
    Erica Hildebrand

    Sorry to hear about the constant changing…I know it will all work out for you…keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers for ya!

  13. Lynn Avatar

    glad you will be exempt. Even though I am in the UK, I have found this law to be very upsetting. I hope it will be overturned.

  14. Meggles Avatar

    I think the reason people are freaking out is because their livelihoods are at stake. Meaning, it is completely worth freaking out about. Don’t you think?

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