I Love Instagram!

I think I’m totally addicted to Instagram! Do you know about Instagram? It’s this app/social media thing that you have on your phone that allows you to take pictures and then share them …. all in a beautiful and cool way. I’m such a visual person – to me this is like pure candy. And I love to snap up pics of my days .. it’s sort of like keeping a visual diary. Anyhow, if you are on there I’d love to see you. I LOVE seeing pictures of kids and people’s days and of course their dolls! This is the thing I miss most about the new Facebook changes – it’s so bonkers in the set up that pictures aren’t really being posted as often to my wall. I can be found on Instagram at Bamboletta. You need to download the app to start using it and search through my pictures if you’d like. Facebook just bought Instagram for like a BILLION dollars – so I’m sure that we will start seeing them being integrated more.

The other news in my life is that John (my husband) has left his job. I can’t believe it has happened – it feels weird to type that. It happened a lot sooner than I ever anticipated – but one thing led to another and in 2 weeks John will be HeadMan at Bamboletta! LOL! (Sorry – lame dollmaking humour!). This is huge – big and a bit surreal. He will work in the shop a few days a week and probably start answering some of your emails … This is a great step for our family – I feel as though the last few years we’ve been so busy that family life is passing us by a bit – not sure if this makes sense. Everything for a reason. I’m excited and scared and calm at all the same time. Eeep!

Okay ladies – I’ve got Mad Men all ready and a basket of heads to put faces on! Nice chatting!







13 responses to “I Love Instagram!”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    Very cool and so out of the loop with the Instagram.
    I totally get the family life slipping away and with kids it goes by too fast! Enjoy this new stag!

  2. bindu Avatar

    Yay! Welcome John!

  3. shannon Avatar

    I don’t have a phone that can use instagram, so I can’t create an account to see your photos! Facebook should integrate soon, I will be patient ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. shannon Avatar

    also – glad John gets to join the team full time, that is exciting!

  5. gidget Avatar


  6. Rickiann Avatar

    I’m gonna check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an iPhone.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend

  7. Kim Avatar

    What great news! Tell John we love all of the apple-heads he makes – they get hugs and kisses everyday from around the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kinda Avatar

    Wowee! Fantastic news, Christina and John! Congrats to all of you!!!

  9. Trish B. Avatar
    Trish B.

    What a fantastic step for you and your family! Congrats and best wishes in this new chapter of your journey!

  10. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    What wonderful news for both the business and your family! Enjoy your newfound family time ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Instagram photos but my (v.v.old) smartphone can’t deal with the app. It’s a wonderful tool too~ so glad you’re enjoying it!

  11. Katie Avatar

    congrats on taking that big step to make Bamboletta not only your family but your family business!!!
    ps i love instagram too ๐Ÿ™‚ unfortunately so do my tween daughters. don’t follow them or you’ll be bombarded with pics of One Direction. sigh.

  12. Theresa Avatar

    wow, this is so awesome! thanks for sharing the news!

  13. Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P

    Congrats!! That is wonderful new and it’s great to have it one big family…including John. Enjoy your growth ๐Ÿ™‚

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