I dream of Salt Spring..

One of the best parts of visitors staying with you is that you get to do a lot of ‘touristy’ stuff. We’ve only lived here for a year so we too are basically tourists too. Anyhow, last Saturday we all went to Salt Spring Island to check things out and visit the weekly Farmer’s Market that I’ve heard so much about. We took the 20 minute ferry and crossed over to ‘the other side’. I LOVE this place, I am basing it on really only one visit. I did visit it years ago with an ex boyfriend, but that was many moons ago and I was a different person then. It seems like it is everything I love..hippies, the arts, bookstores, good restaurants, and lots of people living on the land. And the market was unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it, there were so many people there. So now I’m looking into housing and how this could work, nothing in the immediate future of course, I’m thinking 6 or 7 years.. I like to think ahead.. hmmm, maybe this place? In my dreams one day…. can you believe this place, I’d love to live in the guest cottage, so much thinking went into this place.

I’m not too sure if anything is going up on Etsy this week. I have a trip into Vancouver this weekend and next weekend is my first Farmer’s Market of the season. I need to build up some stock. Previously I’d get the small stall space that was about 5’x10′ but this year I splashed out and got a 10×10 space- TWO tables this year. That is pressure 😉 I’ve got to do a practice run and pic up things like baskets and table clothes for my table. I’m so excited about it..I love doing markets!

I’ve got a few dolls that will be up Natural Pod this week, I think maybe on Friday? There will be 5 new gals ready for adoption.






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  1. emilykristin Avatar

    I went to Salt Spring for their saturday market for the first time two weeks ago – amazing! I went with a class I was taking on Galiano Island through my school. We rowed to Salt Spring on a handmade boat, a replica of a mid 19th century Spanish boat. I wouldn’t mind living there myself. You should check out Salt Spring Seeds – it’s an heirloom seed farm and a yoga centre. You would love it.

  2. admin Avatar

    Oh I have some Salt Spring Seeds sprouting and waiting to go into the earth. I’m going to visit them next time I’m there. I’m going again on the 7th for a friend’s aunt’s studio opening and the market of course!
    Handmade boat, that is amazing! I hope that you have fun at your course. I read your blog – it sounds incredible.

  3. Christine Avatar

    Oh my, that house is just wonderful!
    Good luck at your Farmer’s Market, I can imagine it’s a lot of fun selling your creations at a market like that. We don’t really have that here in Holland, I think. Or perhaps we do and I’m just a dud not knowing about it. 🙂
    Christine from the NL

  4. nathalie Avatar

    yes i love to have out of towners come visit me. i usually take them to places i have never been before. i hope you have a huge success at the farmer’s market!!! way to go. i know you will sell out. i should not have gone look at the shop. ramona is what i want…so badly! she is me.

  5. Lindsay Avatar

    I checked ot Natural Pod and there are almost NO bamboletta dolls! I immagine you will do amazing at the farmers market, good luck and keep us posted on your new dolls!

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