I don’t know if I can sell these dolls…

 Holy Moly! I can believe how quickly these dolls sold! I wasn’t even finished listing the second doll before the first one sold, the same thing happened as I was listing the third one the second one sold. I received beautiful emails from all three mama’s sharing their excitement- I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to know they are going to good homes. Oh, and just so you know- in my new shop, I plan on having customized fairies- so you can tell me colours and favorite things that your little one likes and I’ll create a fairy for them. So fun! 


I love them too much! I really, really do. I’m going to put them up for sale tomorrow on Etsy in the afternoon. I’ve had a bunch of people come by today and they’ve all had the same ‘OMG’ reaction. I can’t justify keeping them for my ‘yet to be born’  girl- she already has enough dolls and doll ‘stuff’ tucked away. I must send them off into the world to make some little gal really, really happy.

a1.jpg a11.jpg


Their outfits are all constructed using wool felt, their wings are double sided and reinforced inside and the wings are also detachable- they have elastic sewn on them so they can slip on and off.

There will also be another 2 dolls on Natural Pod at some point tonight or tomorrow. A sweet little brunette named Joelle and a cute little guy named Joshua.

joshua2.jpg joelle2.JPG

I must apologise for not returning emails as quickly as I should just lately. These are my busiest 2 weeks. I will respond to them, it just may take a few days! I do appreciate all the thank you letters and love notes – it does mean so much to me- and John too! xo C






13 responses to “I don’t know if I can sell these dolls…”

  1. Lou Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! The fairy with the blue hair is still my favorite- they are all wonderful creations!

  2. Monica Avatar

    Oh. My.
    I’m in trouble, I think. 😉

  3. Christine Avatar

    Christina, they’re unbelievable!!! I love their hair and the colors on them!!! I bet they’re all sold by tomorrow. Congrats on how wonderful these turned out. I’m so jealous (a good jealous, that is)!!!


  4. Theresa Avatar

    Wow! You did an amazing job. They are fantastic! 3 little girls and their mommies are going to be really happy! I thought my favorite would be the blue one, but I’m really lovin’ the green eyed tree fairy!!!

  5. Alicia Wilson Avatar
    Alicia Wilson

    These girls are just gorgeous!
    You can just feel the delight and love you put
    into creating them.

  6. Amber Avatar

    So pretty! If I didn’t already have a doll on order for Christmas, I would be stalking Etsy this afternoon. I can see why you don’t want to let them go.

  7. kristine Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I think these are my favorites yet! I’ve been drooling over your dolls for awhile now and will buy one soon for my daughters 6th birthday. I hope you’re making more like these. I love them!

  8. admin Avatar

    Thanks so much gals! Fingers crossed I’m hoping to have another trio ready in about 2 weeks time, I want to make one with a bird on her, another one with a dragonfly and I’m not too sure about the third.. any suggestions?

  9. Garland Avatar

    They are gorgeous, Christina, you are truly amazing!

  10. Diana Avatar

    The dolls are all beautiful! No favorites here, I love them all.

  11. Meike Avatar

    Congrats on the fast sales – well-deserved, as they are gorgeous! About the third doll – a butterfly, maybe? Or… a bee?

  12. Amy Avatar

    OMGoodness! What pretty fairies! I’m so glad you’re planning to make them on a regular basis!

  13. Sarah B Avatar
    Sarah B

    Oh my! This dolls are just wonderful wonderful wonderful!

    You are an artist, they are sweet as pie. So glad I stumbled across your website and blog, thanks to Soulemama.

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