I can smell it….


Spring. It’s coming! We had a gorgeous day today in Cowichan Valley. Blue skies and warm weather, a day spent almost entirely in the garden puttering about. I have a good chunk of yard to deal with so I’m in a planning stage. This is how it works at our house – I plan and John digs. Poor man, he has no idea what I have in store this spring.. I need to look into renting a sod cutter. There is lots of sod cutting in my plan.

It’s neat living ‘in nature’ I find myself so much more in tune with it. Wow, how much of a hippie do I sound like? But it’s like this..when we moved here there was a lot of  frog singing at night, that goes away and then there are the crickets, the woodpeckers, quails, the Canadian Geese and now the tremendously loud Trumpeter Swans. The eagles, deer, cougars and bears are a mainstay, I know I’ve missed a lot of animals in between. Then there are things like full moon. I never realized how bright it is when there is a full moon, it’s beautiful.

This pic is of B with the horse that lives around the corner from us. We visit him almost daily. He loves us..we bring him apples.






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