How to ‘Do’ Freckles


The freckles are a great hit. The thing with the freckles is that they can eventually be ‘loved’ off – but that’s why I’m creating this post – so you can ‘love’ them right back on – easy peasy!

So, what you need is either a watercolor pencil in a brown color or a light brown-y lip liner (I think Spice by Mac is good and we all seem to have that one in our ‘kit’).  First of all, the pencil has to be sharp  (obviously). Then, do a few ‘test dots’ to get the feel of things. I then start at the side of the nose and do about 12 dots per side – from the side of the ‘bridge’ of the nose then along the tops of the cheeks. Easy!

**BEWARE THOUGH!** Placing freckles on dollies is sort of like plucking your own eyebrows – it can get to be too much very quickly. So put on a few, space them out well – take a step back and look at the doll – and then add some more if needed. Another thing to keep in mind is that is that you can ‘look at it tooo much’ – you know? You can look at the freckles and think you’ve made the doll look as though it’s entering into it’s teenage years far too quickly – don’t worry about it, I’m positive it looks fine – you are just looking at it too much and focusing in on the freckles. Trust me – I’ve been there, done that. Also know that the freckles do fade – so if you think you’ve gone ‘too far’ , they will subside.

Good luck ladies!



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3 responses to “How to ‘Do’ Freckles”

  1. Amie C. Avatar
    Amie C.

    Thanks for this Christina! Our freckled cuties are holding strong, but I imagine in time they will need a litte refreshing 😉

  2. Karen W. Avatar

    “Like plucking your own eyebrows!” — hysterical!

  3. cheryl Avatar

    I love the fact they can be “loved off”…I’m sure this happen alot. I will keep this in mind as Taylor is the sleeping buddy of Westen’s. He said he sleep’s so much better now that he has his own Bamboletta. Thank you again.

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