Hk’s Bicycleitis

This gorgeous weather we’ve been having has motivated me to get on my bike and cycle around Shawnigan Lake.  I love Bicycleitis, our local Shawnigan bike shop.  Hans, the owner, knows me by name and helps me with even the smallest things.  I stopped by the other day to grab a repair kit for a flat tire I had.  When I got home to fix it, I realized I was missing the thingamajig to take the tire off the rim, and by now the shop had closed and I wanted the bike repaired asap.  I was honestly too lazy to find something else to use, so on my way to work the next day I left the flat and a note at the door of Hans’ shop and on my way home, stopped in.  Instead of repairing the tube, Hans used a new one because as he told me “A tube is only $6 and a repair is $10 and besides that, your tube had countless patches already”. Hans had repaired my tire and only charged me for the tube…$6 and no elbow grease on my part.  Not only is Hans cool with notes left at his door, but he’s quick, super knowledgeable and very inexpensive (and he sells fresh eggs too).  I was able to get on my bike the same night and ride the approximately 25km around the lake.  And I found a sweet little waterfall along the way.

Thanks Bicycleitis!








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