I’ve posted my first doll on my Etsy shop. Her name is Penny. I’ll try to post some more ‘gals’ on there this weekend. I’m having some issues with my digital camera. Me and electronics just don’t do well together. Our other phone (the last one standing) was used last night as a chew toy for Jasper and now it is extremly difficult to hear on it.


I finished this doll yesterday for a custom order for little Seri. This is the first time that I’ve made dimples, I love them.. now all my dolls will have dimples! No they won’t, but I’ll definitely be doing them again soon.

I know this is old news, but did you hear about Prince’s hip replacement surgery? I *love* Prince so much. Such a little man in his high heels and ruffled shirts. Prince is my happy place. It seems ‘Purple Rain’ is on every time I need a little pick me up and feeling kind of blue (or maybe it’s purple?) After travelling in India for about 5 weeks, alone, I had just had enough. I loved India, don’t get me wrong – it’s magical and amazing- but I’d had enough at that point. I had a 24 hour train ride where my companion was trying to convince me to marry him all whilst recovering from a bout of something nasty in my tummy. Anyhow, I got to my hotel, ordered up some french fries (with ketchup please, not tamarind sauce or chili sauce) a Coca Cola (total tourist) and settled in to watch some TV. What was on? ‘Purple Rain’ . And for that I will always hold Prince close to my heart and wish him the best on his hip replacement surgery.






2 responses to “Hips…”

  1. Laura Avatar

    After we talked for the first time this evening I was watching tv and guess what was on?


    I kid you not.

  2. admin Avatar

    it’s a magical thing! did you at least watch the dance numbers?

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