Help Me Decorate! (a little contest)

**You may be looking for the Doll Giveaway contest – it’s one post below – this is a photo contest ๐Ÿ™‚**


As many of you know we are planning to finally move out of the basement (yeah!) and into a studio. I’ll write a bit more of my thoughts on this later but for now I am all about decorating! Fun! We’ve chosen our colors – I want the inside of the studio to essentially look like the website with blue walls and painted hills with stars. I’m trying to convince John that it wouldn’t be that hard to strip off the icky carpet glue from the concrete floors and then stain the concrete – come on, what’s a little stripping, staining and sealing? I’m on the hunt for a large, over the top, white enamel (if possible) chandelier (why not?) and then practical things like shelving, tables and chairs.

But what I REALLY want is pictures of your lovely children and their dolls blown up and scattered throughout the studio. I’ve seen what some of you can do with your camera’s and I’m asking for some help. I’m holding a little photos contest – I’m looking for 9 fan photos that just ‘capture’ Bamboletta love. I’ll choose my favorite 9 and send the winners a doll outfit! You may submit your photos to Now, by sending me your picture you have to be okay with me possibly putting it up on Facebook and/or blowing it up to put up on our walls of our studio. Working surrounded by pictures of your children and their dolls will be incredible and inspiring – I look forward to the submissions! Contest closes on August 15th.

The picture in this post is my all time favorite ‘fan’ photo and will be the first picture that I will be blowing up and putting on our walls – LOVE this picture! It makes my heart a flutter and I get all teary ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Tawana! (I’ll be sending you a treat in the mail!)







12 responses to “Help Me Decorate! (a little contest)”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    What a great idea!! It will be such a happy environment to be working in! Love the pic too, just gorgeous, so innocent and happy!

  2. Kate Avatar

    Just a hint on removing carpet glue we used cola when we bought our house. Poor it on the floor leave it for a while then mop it up. (easier to do when children and pets are napping/or out with Grammie for the day)Takes most of it right off you may be able to find the timing needed for this to work on line, I left my fiance in charge of that. ;o)

  3. reggie Avatar

    This is my Favorite pic ever….

  4. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    So glad you posted this picture again, I remember it and remember feelig like I could hear her joy and it reminded me why we all love these dolls so very much. The joy we get to see on our little ones faces is worth all the missed uploads, ooops messages and emails with no order numbers. For when you get to give the doll you do bring home that moment of joy it brings and all the smiles as they play together brings us back to do it all again (and again, and again!!!!!) and reminds us that good things come to those who wait (and refresh).
    Thank you Bamboletta family!!!

  5. Jan Avatar

    That is my favourite photo ever! I was looking for it the other day to show to a friend. That little girl is so totally gorgeous!

  6. Tawana Avatar

    Wow I can’t believe I won something! I look at that photo all the time on my computer rembering the joy in KJ’s face when she recieved Mimi. I just want to thank you Christina for making such beautiful dolls that are able to be friends to our children. Anyway I’m off to help my KJ change Mimi (as she says its necessary, MImi needs to go potty is what she is telling me, lol!)

    Thank you Christina and family!

  7. Ellie North Avatar
    Ellie North

    What about mommy’s who wanted their dolls ( I mean their daughters dolls)

  8. CanCan Avatar

    That is super sweet, you can’t look at that photo and not smile!

  9. Ingrid Avatar

    I HAVE TOO MANY PICS! What to choose? What to choose? Maybe one with a chicken in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Maryelaine Wood Avatar
    Maryelaine Wood

    What a lovely idea! That picture is amazing – such perfect timing capturing her joy! I don’t have a doll yet so I can’t enter the contest but I think it’s such a sweet idea – and I’m sure it will be very inspiring! Best wishes in your new space!

  11. Sara Avatar

    That photo is awesome. Love it!

  12. Amy Avatar

    That’s going to look beautiful!

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