Happy New Year!

Okay – one of my new year resolutions was to blog more and here I am on the 14th doing my first post of the year – man, I am lame! I sort of feel like my blog has been taken over with Serendipity’s and it anything I write just gets lost in all of it. We are moving the site onto a new system that will split the two up – a place for Serendipity’s and then a place for real blogging. I’m pretty excited (and nervous) about this new cart – dang I hope it can handle the upload traffic. They web people assure me it can so let’s hope! I’m happy with what I’ve got going on with Big Cartel but I need more organization on the ‘back end’ of things to do things like calculate taxes and accounting stuff. I hope to have it launched within the month .. now it’s a case of working on content and testing, testing, testing!

blogDon’t mind the messy paint – but here’s our new office/storage space! When it’s more done I’ll get another picture of it!

This time of the year always brings around introspection for me. I finally took the advice of my business guy ,Clemens, to incorporate Bamboletta. So, now Bamboletta is Bamboletta, Ltd. This felt like a very grown up move for the business as now I’m going between appointments with lawyers, accountants, bookeepers and the bank. Bamboletta is beyond being in my basement, beyond just being me  now – we employee over 25 people now – and doing the Ltd., is a way to have things run smoothly. I’m in the process now of selling Bamboletta as Christina to Bamboletta, the company which I admit is a bit weird.  I want Bamboletta to be around forever and be something I can pass along to my kids one day – I’m just in awe and gratitude that it’s gotten here to this point. I have to admit I’m a little freaked out – not in a scared freaked out kind of way (well, a little) but an exhilarated and excited way.

blog2More LB’s on their way! Yay!

After a panic-y few months of no Little Buddy headcovers to be found ANYWHERE we finally sourced some out from Italy. They arrived this week and my mother , Antonia, stayed up through the night sewing the headcovers so that we can resume our Little Buddy dollmaking. What is a headcover you ask? It’s a piece of medical tubing that we stuff with wool ,shape into a head and then cover with the doll skin fabric. So – to make a long story short there will be more LB’s coming soon! We have 20 for next week and then not so many the following week but then back to a normal level after that. I miss those cutie pootie LB’s!!

And about the Pocket Dolls – Jennie , the gal who makes the pocket dolls, is making pocket doll making a regular gig. We can now expect pocket dolls on an ongoing basis and they’ll probably be a regular feature in uploads.

Happy New Year to you all. I know I go on and on about this all the time but I really am so fortunate to have such an amazing customer base. Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years!

One more thing, we will put up a 9,000 fan giveaway early next week .. Shauna is finishing up the special dollie this weekend! So stay tuned!


And here is 12 seconds of prince from his concert I went to last month. Best. Concert. EVER!






24 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Jamie Hicks Avatar
    Jamie Hicks

    I’m so happy for you Christina and have loved being around to see Bamboletta grow! Although I do miss our chatting, ehehe. Major HUGS!!!!!

  2. Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.

    I’m so excited for you! Congrats on becoming incorporated. Best of everything to you, your family, and the Bamboletta team.

  3. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Happy New Year Christina, I’m really look forward to more blog posts. I love hearing what you ladies are up to. Also congrats on becoming an ltd, how awesome!!
    ps. no pressure, but another music post would be awesome. I still really cherish the music finds from that last one 🙂

  4. Monique L. Avatar
    Monique L.

    You and your team are awesome Christina and I am so excited for all of your success!! I miss you so much:)

  5. Eva C. Avatar
    Eva C.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone that helps make Bamboletta, Ltd. what it is. I’m so happy to have been able to add some of your treasures to our family and can’t wait to see what the new year holds. <3

  6. Renee Avatar

    So nice to see you post—and how about a replay: NOT “here I am on the 14th doing my first post of the year – man, I am lame!” and instead: can you believe it it only the 14th and here I am doing my first post of the year—woohoo! You are an amazing woman whom I admire!

  7. Megan Beckham Avatar

    Exciting! You should be extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  8. AmyT Avatar

    What a wonderful feeling it must be to be a “company” in the works now! Congrats on your big move and continued success for many years.

  9. DoraG. Avatar

    I am very happy for you. Keep up the beautiful work. Wishing you the best to you (yours) and your business.

  10. Tanya Thom Avatar

    I love hearing about all the growth and positive changes. Bamboletta is still very hands-on and personal, and that’s what makes you so special and your dollies so desirable. They are all uniquely made with love, and it shows! Loving that first LB with the dark hair/eyes… SWOON!!! So excited to see what 2012 has in store for you. Congrats and Happy New Year to you and the team!! 🙂


  11. Claire D. Avatar
    Claire D.

    Congratulations on incorporating your business. Having your own company is like having another child. There will be high points and low points, but the ride is sooooo worth it. And, you will without a doubt be hugely successful. Keep us posted. We love hearing about you & your family at Bamboletta Ltd. <3

  12. Melissa Avatar

    I’m so very happy and excited for you and everyone involved in Bamboletta! What an amazing thing you’ve created here! Looking forward to more blog posts too 🙂

  13. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I always love reading your blogs sweetie! I am so proud to see the journey you and your company have been on and look forward to spending many more years keeping track of how things are going. Lots of love xoxo

  14. Kelly w Avatar
    Kelly w

    Love reading your blogs about the Bamboletta happenings. Congratulations on everything!

  15. susie Avatar

    I love to read your blog posts! You are always so humble about this sweet place you own. SO happy that I started my Bamboletta New Year carting Alisha! Cutest little bob ever…I think she looks like you! Wishing for all things good for your growing family at Bamboletta:) It is a wonderful company.

  16. Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.

    And to think I originally saw Bamboletta on etsy… It is inspiring to see you grow, and to be able to do what you love. Keep up the amazing work, keep smiling and good things will continue to happen. Cheers!

  17. cheryl Avatar

    Great news! Here is some for you, my daughter is in girl scouts we are doing a 100 strong women, It is her turn to report on a strong woman in two weeks, her subject is hobbies…She picked to tell all about you, and bring her Bamboletta to the meeting. I was so happy that she, all of 9 can see what a difference you can make if you work hard. Congrats! and so glad to hear about the pocket babies…we need another as Noah won’t share. 🙂

  18. Alma Avatar

    Congratulations on the big (but positive) changes! I hope this will be my lucky year for scoring a Bamboletta for my daughter. Oh…trying regularly gets stressful, but perhaps I’ll get lucky and the right pink haired, blue eyed gal will come my way.

  19. Diane Avatar

    Happy New Year to the kindest and most talented lady around! I’m sure all good things will come to you in 2012 as you grow the Bamboletta business. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  20. paula Avatar

    Oh congratulations! You are an inspiration to many people. I am sure Bamboletta will be around forever and I am very honored to have met you and your creations. Good luck sweet mama.

  21. Amber Avatar

    You rock, Christina! I’m so excited to see Bamboletta growing. What you’ve accomplished is a true testament to your vision. 🙂

  22. christy wilson Avatar

    so nice to see your expanded studio and see all those dolls being created! thanks for the tips on the bamboletta blue wall colour! great to meet Jennie too! Love those pocket dolls!!!

  23. Sophie Avatar

    I just love to see what you are doing and the lovely way that you are working. Thank you for giving so much pleasure. Very best wishes for the new year.

  24. Deb Avatar

    For about 2 years I tried every week to get a doll. 2 of my kids have dolls, 1 doesn’t. The one who doesn’t spends a lot of time in hospital (has a rare and progressive disease) and would LOVE a buddy. I’d given up for a while, but was inspired to try tonight. For the serendipity doll. Nico is beautiful and I have an inspirational yoga instructor named Nico, who has helped my path with a child who faces a lot medically.

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