Happy Birthday Sarah!

It is a super great pleasure of mine to introduce our beautiful Sarah to you all. For those of you who don’t know who she is, you can find her curled up in our West-Wing 3 days a week, fine-tuning all the dolls before they are sent to their new homes, and on Fridays she morphs into a stuffing machine! It was her birthday on Sunday, so rolling along with our new feature, the Birthday Blogs, (which are becoming more of a Belated Birthday Blog, lol) here is our little mini interview we conducted today in (you guessed it!) the West-Wing, which was knee high in dolls…!!!

B: When did you learn to sew, and who taught you?

S: I can’t remember when I learned to hand-sew, but I was in the 5th grade when my mom taught me to how sew on the machine. When I was little, my dad taught me how to darn my socks, then my mom taught me later how to machine sew. I used to sew clothing for all my dolls!

B: What is your favorite thing about working at Bamboletta?!

S: I love that I get to use my craft everyday, and working with women in a beautiful space is a dream come true.

B: What are you most excited about this coming birthday year?

S: I’m really excited to settle into a real full-time job. This is my first time away from my 4 yr old daughter Emily, and I’m really enjoying myself! This year is really about balancing work, play and home.

We all love you very much Sarah. You are a sunshine beam in our studio!









5 responses to “Happy Birthday Sarah!”

  1. Kim G. Avatar

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  2. Laura Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! 😉

  3. jai conroy Avatar

    Love to hear about you all.

  4. Rickiann Avatar

    I love these <3 keep em comming 🙂
    Happy Birthday 🙂
    N omg I want that baby 🙂 in your lap .

  5. Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    Happy birthday, Sarah (from *this* Sarah, who ALSO has a daughter named Emily!)

    (maybe we’re long-lost twins. with the same name. but I can’t sew. rats! LOL!)


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