handknit by Nonna

If you have one of my dolls or look at them you’ll notice some of my Nonna’s handiwork. Nonna is a pretty cute lady. She spends her evenings watching Coronati0n Street and Italian Television knitting up sweaters and things for the dolls. I love it when she gets creative. Last time I spoke with her she was so excited because one of the ladies on her Senior Tours showed her a new type of knit stitch and she was keen to try it out on a doll sweater. I try to have at least one piece of Nonna love on each of my dolls. She loves making things and for her to know that her handiwork is going to children around the world makes her pretty happy. I know she’s pretty happy to be helping out her granddaughter too..I’m a lucky lady.






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  1. devon Avatar

    The new site looks great!

  2. admin Avatar

    Thanks Devon. I’m taking your lead and trying to post everyday…you’re my inspiration!

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