Granville Island

One of the first things I did when I started making dolls, almost 10 years ago now, was sell the dolls over in Vancouver at various markets and craft fairs. And as you’ve probably heard me say before it was really the ‘food’ that made me grow. I would literally be buzzing with excitement after a market – all that positive energy and the kids! OH – the kids, how I love the kids! Them picking their dolls out and then later bringing me their dolls for a visit, there is nothing better on earth than that feeling of being a part of a little one’s childhood. I am the ‘doll lady’! Gah! It’s kind of the best. One of the reasons that John is so supportive of Bamboletta is because he’d help me out at markets and would see people’s faces – it’s really something special.

Life moved me over to Vancouver Island and away from the market ‘scene’. My online business has flourished and I’ve derived much joy from all the letters and pictures and interaction I’ve had with my customers from all over the world. I feel like I know so many of you – although we haven’t met – the joy and excitement around our interaction is a remembered feeling from my market days. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I believe in my heart that a huge reason why I feel so much joy in this business is that I really know what the connection between your child and their doll actually feels like. My own kids have their dolls too but to witness it from the end of the maker is pretty special.

So, this weekend Brandi and I went to Granville Island for four days. I was quite nervous, it’s been so long since I’ve done this sort of thing. Any how, it went AMAZINGLY well. Ah! From all the new people who just ‘got it’ (what we do here and our philosophy) and especially all our return customer coming to see us – it was pure bliss. Bran and I actually had tears in our eyes a few times from the interactions this weekend, it was so special.  We had some older dolls (circa 2004) come for a visit, and found some new dolls homes. All around pretty flippin’ amazing! Lots of hugs.

All this AND Granville Island is an amazing place to be. The other artisans, the artist studios and the FOOD! Oh, the food! Yeah, we probably gained 10 pounds this weekend ..


I will be back on Granville Island on May 11, 12, 13 and 14th. Then at the Kits Market on May 19th – this will be a first for me as I’ve never done this market before. I hope to see you there!








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  1. Cassandra Avatar

    Loved reading this and feeling the joy from your words. I am so glad you are doing this again and what fun!
    Great photo montages. Hope you post about the children’s market. That sounds like it will be a blast and please share more!

  2. Katrina Avatar

    I found your facebook page about a month ago and I LOVE your dolls. They are so amazing!!! I was hoping to make it down to see you at Granville Island this weekend and check them out in person… but life with two kids doesn’t always make that possible! Hoping that I’ll be able to make it out in May 🙂 Keep following your dream, it’s what makes the world a happy place!

  3. Sarah Avatar

    So amazing and inspiring:) My boys love your dolls and I am so happy that you guys have been apart of there childhood too:) Thanks so much! Sarah & boys;))))

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Forgot to add that Brooke is the best and you are lucky that she works for you….. So very helpful;) Thanks again, Sarah & boys:))))

  5. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    Soooo jealous of those that get to go experience the wonder of Bamboletta shopping firsthand! I actually found myself pricing airfare from Illinois the other day just to see if it was in the cards for Willow and I anytime soon, lol! Sadly, it’s not, but I am so happy that you are able to have those experiences and for your customers too! <3

  6. Donna Avatar

    How wonderful! The pictures make my heart swoon for the market, we have been back on the prairies now for over a decade but my husband and I spent the first few years of our marriage in Vancouver while I was completeing my Master’s degree. Now that we have 2 girls and have become Bamboletta fans, we will have to make sure we come back to the coast to visit on a weekend when we can see you and pick up a doll in person. Blessings on these new ventures!

  7. Pammysue Avatar

    Just wanted to say Shae & Drew are so happy they got the chance to meet you both & see all those beautiful dolls! It was definately a “kid in the candy store” kind of experience for the girls & I♥
    We can’t wait until the next market, and I’m so happy it was a great experience for you as well!
    Cheers, Pam & team trouble♥

  8. Vira Avatar

    Oh we’re so coming!

  9. Shruti Avatar

    Aaaah..i so wanted to come but it just didnt work out!

    But, my bday is May 11th so maybe I’ll ask hubby for a day at Granville Island for my bday present =)

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