It feels like a long time since I’ve done a giveaway. I LOVE hosting giveaways – it’s so much fun.  This is Delilah and she needs a new home. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below – that’s it. Really!

One entry per person and this is open to everyone, everywhere.  Contest ends June 15th at 8pm PST.



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P.S.S I am also giving away a doll on Soule Mama this weekend. Two dolls this month! You can enter in both contests , just in case you were wondering. I will announce the Soule Mama giveaway once I get a firm date on when it will happen.






1,214 responses to “Giveaway!”

  1. Heather Avatar

    Delilah is beautiful and would make a lovely companion to any little girl!

  2. Hannah Avatar

    So cute! I hope she can come live with us! I’ve been eyeing your handywork for quite a while and long ago determined that my 3 girls will be getting Bamboletta wares for their birthdays this summer! 🙂

  3. Alicia Avatar

    Delilah is so adorable. I have a mini-mama who would dote on her 😉

  4. lauren Avatar

    She is so adorable! My girls said “Mommy, bring her home with us”! Hope I get to say she’s on her way!

  5. jozen Avatar

    oh please please pick me random number generator!

  6. Tasha Avatar

    Delilah is certainly a work of art…and the clothes are adorable! Count me in!

  7. erika stuart Avatar
    erika stuart

    I have a three year old who would love her very much!

  8. Kelly Avatar

    Oh, what a cutie! She’d be a good friend to little Ani!

  9. kirsten Avatar

    oh, she’s a sweetie! fingers crossed…

  10. becca Avatar

    she is gorgeous! Hey there Delilah!

  11. anna Avatar

    i adore Daisy…and am having trouble sharing. LOL! we need 2 more in this house…Delilah would be an excellent companion for Clara Jane who runs through the house shouting “my Daisy…MY Daisy!!”

  12. jenna and sasha Avatar
    jenna and sasha

    we love her! it would be great if she magicaly found her way to our home to play! teatime is at 3pm on saturdays! (hint hint!)

  13. Elizabeth Avatar

    IKA-ROMBA– I am sooooo excited to enter!!! Yippee… love it love it love it!!!

  14. Holly Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! I’m sure my daughter would love a new friend!

  15. Amy Avatar

    Delilah or the lottery…Delilah or the lottery…We’d rather win Delilah!! …hoping…hoping… (:

  16. Amber Avatar

    Delilah is beautiful! I know a little girl who would love to be her forever friend. 🙂

  17. Amy MAbry Avatar
    Amy MAbry

    OOOH. I LOVE her! Please send her to live with me! My daughter has 3 (maybe 4 after I visited the site today : ) )bamboletta friens but I want one for me!!! Beautiful work as always!

  18. Jane Avatar

    She steals my heart! Those freckles had me at hello! The dress is the perfect color for that little lady too.

  19. Ashley Avatar

    Count me in for the giveaway! We are in love with our current Bamboletta and would love to add another!

  20. jenny Avatar

    Love the Red heads!!

  21. emily Avatar

    your dolls are so beautiful! i love seeing all the new faces 🙂

  22. Kim Avatar

    Very sweet, love the freckles!

  23. heather thrasher Avatar
    heather thrasher

    thank you for the creativity you bring to so many people’s lives, it is sincerely appreciated. she is a beautiful doll.

  24. Sarah Theriault Avatar
    Sarah Theriault

    Little Delilah is so sweet! Fingers are crossed here in Nova Scotia.

  25. Jennifer Avatar

    oh my gosh, she is just beautiful! I think every new Bamboletta Doll you put up on your site becomes my new favourite!

  26. Alexis J Avatar
    Alexis J

    Oh, I love the green eyes and pretty green dress! Perfect present for my little girl’s b-day coming up!

  27. Jen Avatar

    Delilah is beautiful!!!!

  28. Anna Avatar

    Every single one of your dolls are so beautiful!

  29. Marissa Avatar

    How kind of you to have another giveaway! Delilah is just gorgeous, and I know a little girl who would love to share her room with her. We love looking at all your beautiful dollys!

  30. Amy Avatar

    She’s so cute! Makes me so excited to get our dolls!

  31. Ally Avatar

    I think i’ll keep her for myself – I always wanted a red haired child… And this one won’t whine!

  32. catriona Avatar

    Oh, she’s darling! I’ve been thinking, there needs to be a Bamboletta doll in the house for meeeee! The kids won’t share theirs.

  33. Erin Avatar

    What a cutie! All your dolls are adorable!

  34. Sarah MacMillan Avatar
    Sarah MacMillan

    How sweet!

  35. jenn Avatar

    We love it when you have giveaways, so it works out quite well!
    Beautiful doll, as always. I’d love to give her to my daughter.

  36. Hope Avatar

    Oh Delilah is just SO adorable!!! I want her to come home with us so that we can just love all over those sweet freckled cheeks. Please pick me random number generator!!!

  37. Trisha Avatar

    Congratulations on your beautiful new website. My girls and I love to ‘window’ shop and dream of owning a whole school house (my kids love playing school right now)of Bamboletta dolls. Delilah would be a great surprise student for the girls, in the small quilt school house, under the big oak tree.

  38. Patricia Avatar

    My grandaughter would absolutely adore this little cutie pie!

  39. Tonya Avatar

    Eeeek!! She’s beautiful!!

  40. Patricia Avatar

    I accidentally typed a letter wrong on my email address. Here is there right one – sorry!

  41. Rachelle Avatar

    Delilah I got my eye….a
    Your are as cute as a button
    All the tots will come running
    Snatch you up and give you hugs
    At night tuck you in for snugs!
    Play in the tree, run fast and free
    Come to Illinoie!!!

  42. michelle Avatar

    OOOOOooo!!! My girls will take such good care of Delilah! I hope we win!

  43. tracy_a Avatar

    I love your dolls – how kind of you to do a giveaway! I want one for my very own, but I would share this one with my niece (I think!)

  44. Christine Avatar

    oooo! I love the freckles! My girls are blonde and brunette – a redhead would round us out nicely!
    fingers crossed…

  45. Tracy Avatar

    Oh how exciting! She looks perfect for my little girl. I wish I had your talent.

  46. Adrianne Avatar

    Hey there Delilah…

    You remind us so much of Gramma with your freckles, red hair and green eyes. That’s the Irish blood wee lass. Come dance an Irish jig with us.

  47. Heather Avatar

    I’ve never seen anything like her. She’s fantastic!

  48. Lisa Avatar

    SHe’s so cute! My daughter would love her.

  49. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    Hey there, Delilah!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re ADORABLE! We’d love to have you come and be another lovely addition to our family, but wherever you go, I know you’ll be loved!



  50. Steph Avatar

    She is a cutie! I love those freckles!

  51. Tanya Avatar

    She is TOO cute!! I promise she will get a lot of love here in Idaho. 🙂

  52. Mele Avatar

    LOVE these dolls! Since I have little boys, I am going to order the custom boy dolls, but I know Delilah would be happy out here in sunny, tropical American Samoa!!

  53. Aubrey Avatar

    SIgn us up for a giveaway – Delilah would be most welcome in our happy family!

    As always, you are awesome, Christina!! =)

  54. molly Avatar

    Yay, another giveaway! Count me in!

  55. Carris Avatar

    She is so cute! My other girls would love a new friend…

  56. Angie Avatar

    Me please!!!!!

  57. Stacy Avatar

    Is it legal to enter a contest for a Bamboletta while eagerly awaiting the custom for my son to arrive? Um, yes! This doll will be for me!!

  58. Sarah in NH Avatar
    Sarah in NH

    Love the freckles! Hope she gets to come to our house! Keep up the great work.

  59. Sue Avatar

    Very cute doll Christina! :0)

  60. Toni Avatar

    We’d love to give Delilah a home…even though we’ve also ordered a custome doll too…

  61. cheryl Avatar

    Your so generous, We would love Delilah here. As she looks to have the squishability factor. Have fun camping !

  62. Heather Avatar

    She is just so sweet! I love her. I have a very good home for her :O)

  63. Kori Avatar

    Delilah is SOO adorable!! Love love love those freckles!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  64. CanCan Avatar

    This contest ends as I leave Laos to fly to the USA. I think it would be destiny for Delilah to come and meet me at our destination! She could fly while I’m spending over 24 hours traveling!

  65. Emily M. Avatar

    love all the green!

  66. Petra Young Avatar
    Petra Young

    Calliope needs a sister!

  67. Angela Avatar

    My daughters would absolutely love Delilah! So sweet!

  68. Jessica Avatar

    Deliliah is simply delightful – my girls would love her so much!

  69. Amanda Jane Avatar
    Amanda Jane

    Delilah is a gem! I adore her!

  70. Leanna Avatar

    Congrats on the CBB post! That is awesome for you guys! Poppy has just started playing with her bigger dolls and yours would be perfect! Crossing our fingers 🙂

  71. melissa Avatar

    you always make such beautiful dolls and delilah is no exception!
    i love the dress and the shoes – too cute.
    we would be beyond excited if we won and she could come home to live with my daughter (and me – heh heh).

  72. Michelle Avatar

    Christina! Love that you’re able to offer all these chances to win a doll.

    Thank you so much.

  73. Geneviève Avatar

    She is beautiful!! Thank you for this contest!!

  74. Jennifer Avatar

    I love her. I love all your dolls!
    ~ XoXo

  75. Tressa Avatar

    I’m going to enter and enter and enter every giveaway you generously host! Dear Delilah, come to me. 😉
    xo Tressa

  76. Alicia Avatar

    Ooh, yay, I’d love to win Delilah!

  77. Monique Lam Avatar
    Monique Lam

    Another cute doll Christina! Hope you and the family are doing well!

  78. katie Avatar

    oh, what a sweet one! would love to make her at home here…

  79. Casey Avatar

    This is perfect… I get to enter a giveaway AND – more importantly- thank you for our ADORABLE doll, Molly. I LOVE her and I can’t wait to give her to Emeili in June on her Adoption Day. I will most definitely share pics when Em opens her b/c I know she will flip. Such care went into this doll… truely amazing. Thank you!

  80. tabitha Avatar

    delilah, what a fitting name for this beautiful redhead(they are my favourites)!

  81. Naomi Avatar

    Oh, I love her freckles! I always wanted freckles when I was little. And braces…

  82. Tara Avatar

    She is beautiful. I’ve been looking for the perfect doll for my daughter.

  83. corinne Avatar

    What an adorable doll. My girls would instantly fall in love with her.

  84. erin Avatar

    delilah, you’d really like nelson. if you can’t come visit us, would you please tell christina to?

  85. Katie Avatar

    Your dolls are so cute! This one looks like my little girl!

  86. Tessa Avatar

    A third for the third?!? Delilah would be a wonderful addition!

  87. Natalie Avatar

    I am a big fan. Love the redheads!

  88. katie Avatar

    Oh! I would love her for my little Syl!

  89. Rocio Avatar

    All my spanish family love your Bambolettas!!! We will be very happy to have Delilah with us!

  90. sarah parkes Avatar
    sarah parkes

    Love her! She’s like Anne of Green Gables with a serious sense of fashion!!

  91. ramona Avatar

    Oh what a beautyful redhead. I’ll try my luck.

  92. bookworm77 Avatar

    I’m saving up to buy one of your dolls for my four-year-old daughter. The hard part will be choosing!

  93. Lauren T Avatar
    Lauren T

    Hey there Delilah
    What’s it like in New York City?
    I’m a thousand miles away
    But girl, tonight you look so pretty
    Yes you do
    Times Square can’t shine as bright as you
    I swear it’s true ….♥

  94. Alison Haworth Avatar
    Alison Haworth

    Delilah is beautiful. I just showed her to Dot who immediately said ‘ooh it’s Suzie’. I told her that her name was Delilah and she replied ‘yes, Delilah Suzie’.
    The picture of the girls under the apple trees is just brilliant. It didn’t get a response from Dot but she sat studying it for what seemed like ages. Taking in every detail.

  95. Suse RevoluzZza Avatar

    She is a beauty – my daughter would SO love to have her 🙂

  96. Merry Avatar

    She is adorable!

  97. zsófimamája Avatar

    It is so beautiful!!
    My daughters would love her very much!
    Thanks for the chance.

  98. Leann Avatar

    I love her. It’s that simple. Please pick me. She would be so welcomed into our family! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  99. Ashley Avatar

    Oh we would LOVE to add a freckled little girl to our family!

  100. Jennifer Avatar

    I love your creations. Handmade is by far the best! I promise to make my DD doll lots of new clothes for fun and playing!

  101. Michelle Avatar

    What a beauty! I love freckles on a sweet, little face.

  102. Jenny Avatar

    What a beautiful girl. As a freckled girl myself, I really love the freckles!

  103. Nele Avatar

    Lucky for Delilah we have a currently unoccupied doll’s bed over here…. ideal if she was to come join her 2 sister dolls!

  104. Jennifer Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  105. Tory Avatar

    What a lovely doll, thank you for the giveaway

  106. Nathalie Avatar

    She is so beautiful, hope she will reach our house soon to play with my girls. Thank you!

  107. Amy AKA TigerMommie Avatar

    What a beautiful doll……….I would love to enter to win her, and have a great home in mind for her. Thanks….

  108. Ariel Avatar

    Oh my my she is one gorgeous girl!!!!, I wish so much to be able to surprise my daughter with her for her 4th birthday!!!! she would be utterly delighted! I love your work, these dolls are amazingly adorable

  109. Nicole Avatar

    She is absolutely gorgeous…..her freckles match my daughters perfectly. My 3 would love her to pieces. Thanks for the great give away!

  110. Lindsay Avatar

    Oh Random number generator, pick me!!!

  111. Pink Sky Avatar
    Pink Sky

    She’s gorgeous! I’d love to have her come and be with the little girl I’m expecting soon! Thank you for the generous giveaway and the chance to win!!! 🙂

  112. Theresa Avatar

    She is gorgeous…we promise to give her a really good home if we are selected! 🙂

  113. JoAnna Avatar

    I just adore your dolls, and Delilah is gorgeous! I love the names you choose, too!

  114. Jennifer Avatar

    What a beautiful green eyed girl. My niece turns 1 in early July…but my daughter turns 4 in September. It would be a fine dilemma to have, who to share that Delilah with.

  115. Teryn Avatar

    What a beautiful little lady — we are wanting one of your dolls to come live at our house!!

  116. Nicholas Avatar

    Oh my, is she adorable! How my niece would love her!

  117. jennifer Avatar

    oooh!! so cute! i would love it. thanks!!

  118. Monica Avatar

    She is darling Christina!! You know she’d have a good home here. 😉

  119. Cheryl Avatar

    I am sure my little one would take very good care of delilah. . .and i’m here as a back up, just in case!

  120. Lilia Avatar

    Would love to play with her myself!

  121. kiko Avatar

    Oh she is beautiful! Please enter me to the contest! She will be the perfect friend for the one I ordered for my daughter. or maybe I get to finally have my own dolly 🙂

  122. Kathryn Avatar

    This doll is so beautiful, just found out I’m pregnant so just had to enter (and if it turns out to be a boy I can keep her myself?!!)

  123. caitlin Avatar

    Oh my, I’m planning on ordering one of your lovely creations soon for my 2 year old …..but Mama would sure love one of her very own.

  124. ines Avatar

    oooooo, i just recently saw your dolls at Nurtured here in Halifax, I am keeping my fingers crossed at the chance to have one of my very own, or to share with my kiddies. thanks!

  125. elif Avatar

    me likey 😉

  126. Gina Avatar

    I love her! Beautiful doll, beautiful dress.

  127. Leslie Avatar

    She’s a lovely doll-girl. I am sure she will find a loving home, wherever in the world she ends up! Maybe as a friend here?

  128. emma Avatar

    She is just gorgeous. My little girl would just love her 🙂

  129. Adriana Avatar

    Hola Delilah! My two girls would absolutely LOVE having you here! Please pick us, we have sooooooo much love for you!

  130. cara Avatar

    hi, my daughter (and me, too) would love a chance to win one of your dolls!
    thanks for the opportunity.

  131. chris Avatar

    Deliah is lovely! We hope that she can come and live at our house!

  132. Elizabeth Avatar

    Delilah has a home waititng for her…. will she be ours? thanks for the opportunity!

  133. Julie Avatar

    I love all your dolls and would be so happy to offer one to my daughter!

  134. Cheryl KL Avatar

    Me me me me! OK well not pick me… but choose my daughter! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway 🙂

  135. michelle Avatar

    We would love to win her!
    She is adorable and would be such a beautiful gift to my daughter!

  136. Bobbie Avatar

    Your dolls are wonderful!

  137. lololilo Avatar

    I never have luck with giveaways but I this one is too sweet to pass up. I’ve all my fingers and toes crossed!

  138. FiOna & ImOgen Avatar

    Hi Bamboletta,

    …Our Mama just opened a little etsy shop and admires your gorgeous dollies from head to toe! We would be so happy and thrilled and overjoyed to have Delilah arrive on our doorstep…

  139. Dee Avatar

    You can see the love sewn into her! My grandchild would just add to it.

  140. Kerry Avatar

    As usual Delilah is a masterpiece just like every other doll you have made. It is a treat to follow along with your blog and to enter a contest like this. I would love to win just like everybody else!

  141. Elaine R Avatar
    Elaine R

    Delilah is a sweetie-I love soft dolls to give as baby gifts!

  142. pascaline Avatar

    let s try again… may be this time will be a lucky time to welcome one of your precious and beautiful dolls… thanks anyway to let us play…

  143. Mariana Avatar

    I love the angel kisses on her face.

  144. Ann Bachhuber Avatar
    Ann Bachhuber

    Delilah is a cutie! I would love to have her come home! Wonderful to see your new shop doing well. We check in every Friday…

  145. Bethany Avatar

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month and she would be perfect!! Thank you!

  146. Joy Avatar

    Your dolls are absolutely lovely! Thanks to SoulMama for sending me this way.

  147. Ginger Avatar

    My little girl would love her to pieces!

  148. Rebecca Avatar

    Delilah is absolutely adorable! I love the fabric her dress is made of.

  149. Darlene Avatar

    Deliah is most welcome at our home!

  150. Pippa Avatar

    There’s room in our family for beautiful Delilah.

  151. Ericka Avatar

    Your dolls are so cute. Found you through Soulemama. Thanks for the giveaways.

  152. Cindy Avatar

    She’s so adorable. I my baby doll bed from when I was little and wearing ponytails. The girls will love her.

  153. Brittany Avatar

    She is precious. My little girl would love her!

  154. Mindy Avatar

    The freckles remind me of my daughter.

  155. Jade Avatar

    I’m sure Delilah would love to come an play down under – Australia that is! She is gorgeous and you are very clever.

  156. Laura F Avatar
    Laura F

    She is so beautiful…just like all your dolls!
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway. 🙂

  157. Tracee Dawn Avatar
    Tracee Dawn

    I have always loved dolls, especially such beautiful, soft, handmade ones. Consider me signed up!

  158. Barbara Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful! I’m glad that I found them.

  159. Jenny Avatar

    I think I’m going to win!

  160. Aja Avatar

    Your dolls are fabulous!!!! My two little ones would love her to no end:)

  161. kayte Avatar

    Just found your website through Amanda’s. wow. All the faces are so kissable! Beautiful dolls!

  162. Elizabeth Thompson Avatar
    Elizabeth Thompson

    There is something about your dolls that is so natural and downright real feeling. They have such open, generous faces, just like real, healthy children do. I think it can only be wonderful for a child to have such a gorgeous doll to nurture and be nurtured by. Thank you for the chance to bring Delilah home. June 15th is my 33rd birthday. Wouldn’t it be cool to give my children (ages 4 and 1) such a sweet, wholesome gift on my birthday.

  163. daniela Avatar

    love the freckled little girl climbing trees!
    thank you for giving us a chance to win!

  164. Krista Avatar

    So sweet! And Delilah happens to be our dogs name too, my daughter would love this. thank you.

  165. karen Avatar

    Your dolls are unique and the quality is apparent even from just the photos. My nieces would love this doll. Thanks for offering her up for adoption in such a cool way.

  166. Mendy Avatar

    I have been drooling over your dolls for months now, I love your work! I just had a baby girl (after 2 boys) so I look forward to all the hours of playing “dolls” something I loved so much when I was little.

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  167. Susan from CA Avatar
    Susan from CA

    What a beautiful doll. I would love to win this for my granddaughter.
    Thanks you! Susan

  168. Dana Avatar

    I have 2 wonderful little boys that would love to have a little sister. OK, they could do without but a little girl in the house would be fun!

  169. inga Avatar

    SO adorable…my girls would love her.

  170. Beth P Avatar

    Oh my, she’s lovely. I’m entering the giveaway for my #1 granddaughter on the way. Thanks for sharing!

  171. Del Avatar

    I love your dolls – just saw them on Soulemama. Delilah would be great for my niece’s birthday!

  172. Amylynn McDevitt Avatar

    Love the dolls. Found your site on Soule Mama and fell in love with the Moonchild dol….l Billy ( I believe). He looks like my son Jack! Keep up the great work! Love your site also! Arianne is currently working on mine. Great company!

  173. Emilyr Conner Avatar
    Emilyr Conner

    She is adorable. I have been looking at your dolls for my daughters Christmas present this year. This would be wonderful 🙂

  174. Angie Avatar

    She is beautiful. I’m sure she would be welcomed with open arms in many a home.

    Your gorgeous dolls have inspired me to try & make dolls for my children (how I wish they looked half as sweet as yours)

  175. Bonnie Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful! Count me in too.

  176. LauraN Avatar

    Delilah is gorgeous, I love her open & friendly face!

  177. Darling Petunia Avatar

    Oh, she just melts my heart!

  178. Lisa Avatar

    Red hair, freckles, green dress, all she needs is green eyes to look like the little girl who she would call Mama.
    Yes…that would be sweet!

  179. Tameson O'Brien Avatar
    Tameson O’Brien

    please enter me in the drawing. My little one would love to love one of your precious creations!

  180. Michele J Avatar
    Michele J

    We would love to welcome Delilah to a new home in coastal Maine where she would be loved by two little people.

    Thank you for sponsoring a giveaway.

  181. arwen_tiw Avatar

    Oh your dolls are SO beautiful, my three little girlies would be over the moon with her!

  182. Katherine Avatar

    Delilah has the same coloring as my little one… I’m sure she’d love her in a few months (she was two months old yesterday!).

    I found you through SouleMama and I’m definitely bookmarking for when Tova needs a dolly in her life!

  183. Denise Semanchin Avatar
    Denise Semanchin

    I have always ADORED your dolls! What a fabulous giveaway. I hope we win!! – notice I said “we” – cuz my little toddler would definitely have to share her with me : )

  184. Paula Ter Haar Avatar
    Paula Ter Haar

    Love it!!! Oma would be a hit if she could give this little beauty to her grandgirl!

  185. Martha Avatar

    Beautiful dolls… would love to adopt one!

  186. Ginger Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!

  187. tatjana Avatar

    My daughters and I would love to have this doll, you do beautiful work! I love the details…freckles!

  188. cassie Avatar

    she is adorable. my daughter would love to care for her!

  189. Suzanne Avatar

    Oh my she is just darling! I think I would save Delilah for my new grandaughter Rachel (who I was hoping to be named Rose since she looked just like a rosebud when born:-) What a generous giveaway–I am sure whoever wins will be blessed by her!

  190. Susan C Avatar
    Susan C

    She’s so adorable…. I’d luv to give her to my little girl!

  191. Kelly Avatar

    Oooooh! I really want this doll! My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon.

  192. Susan from CA Avatar
    Susan from CA

    What a beautiful doll. I would love to win her for my granddaughter.
    Thanks. Susan

  193. Sarah Avatar

    Just love her little booties…

  194. Amelie Lachapelle Avatar
    Amelie Lachapelle

    What a nice doll !!! It would be a great friend for my little Delphine !
    Merci beaucoup !

  195. maryanne Avatar

    HOW SWEET!!!! My 9 year old and I are going to have a look around your site.

  196. Jen Elliott Avatar

    I love her! Your dolls are beautiful…this is the first time I’ve visited your blog, and you can be sure I will be a regular now!

  197. Jennifer D Avatar
    Jennifer D

    What a beautiful doll. My daughter and I love her dress.

  198. jamie love Avatar

    our family would LOVE her 🙂 haven’t been able to afford one of those for the little ones yet.

  199. Shell Avatar

    My daughter’s birthday (second) is this weekend and this would be just the most perfect gift for her! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the wonderful give away.

  200. Kate G. Avatar
    Kate G.

    what a beautiful doll! she would be a welcomed addition to our family.

  201. Ginny Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful. I would love to win Delilah for my daughter, Larkspur.

  202. Leah Avatar

    Your dolls are just beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  203. T. Lewis Avatar
    T. Lewis

    What a lovely doll! Thank you for the chance to win!

  204. Kim Page Avatar
    Kim Page

    Delilah would love to come to my house…thanks for such a wonderful opportunity!

  205. Katherine Avatar

    I found your blog from SouleMama. Your dolls are gorgeous! I would love to win Delilah. Thank you for this opportunity!

  206. kristen powell Avatar
    kristen powell

    Delilah is lovely! Your dolls are wonderful. The most beautiful, I have ever seen. I hope she comes to my house!

  207. Syl Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll! But then all of your dolls are gorgeous! We’d love to make a home for Delilah. Thanks for the chance!

  208. Nicole Avatar

    Oh wow, I never see dolls with brown hair and blue eyes – she has the same coloring of my 5 year old!
    Here is hoping the random number generator picks us!

  209. Jennifer Holmes Avatar
    Jennifer Holmes

    I am planning on getting a bamboletta for my 2+ grand-daughter who loves dolls as much as I did when I was little (and I still do!) and it would be wonderful if we could have a “friend” at my house for them to play together on visits!

  210. Allison Avatar

    I’ve admired your dolls for years and would love for my daughter to have one (really, I want it for myself!). So beautiful.

  211. Joanna Avatar

    What a perfect little doll! All of your dolls are so lovely. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  212. Sarah B Avatar

    Can’t help it, I’ve got to enter! So so sweet!

  213. Kristine Avatar

    She is precious! She would make a great addition to our family! My fingers are crossed.

  214. Marci Simonini Avatar

    Beautiful doll, my five year old will love her!

  215. camerashymomma Avatar

    oh delilah! i love her brown and green dress and shoes! these are such beautiful dolls, we’d love to adopt delilah!

  216. Susan Avatar

    What a beauty! My little girls would love her…

  217. KM Avatar

    Such a beautiful doll! Just discovered you from SouleMama. Lovely, lovely dolls.

  218. SuperMom Avatar

    Oh, she is adorable. And what a wonderful giveaway!

  219. Susan Falzon Avatar
    Susan Falzon

    I never win anything , but who knows – finger crossed! She’s lovely.

  220. Melanie Avatar

    This would be so lovely for my little daughter. At the moment she’s carrying around my used, old grey tanktop as her favourite “toy”, so a lovely Bamboletta doll is really needed here (and less embarassing on family reunions :o))

  221. Angie Avatar

    Oooo maybe I will win her for our school!

  222. lisa Avatar

    Your dolls are so beautiful, our little maleia would love her!! thank you for the opportunity to win!

  223. Rachel Avatar

    Delilah is just beautiful, we would so love to take care of her in our home!

  224. Jeanie Avatar

    How lovely, I know my granddaughter Zoe would keep her happy.

  225. Louisa Avatar

    What an absolutely sweet doll! She looks like my very sweet little niece.

  226. Annwen Avatar

    Oh, she is a darling. We could give her a wonderful home!

  227. Alice Avatar

    Oh! I would love this for my baby girl!


  228. Sharon Dixon Avatar
    Sharon Dixon

    She is so sweet and I just love they are filled with wool.

  229. Kinzie Avatar

    I have been looking for the perfect doll for my daughter’s birthday and you seem to be creating just the thing!! These are so adorably sweet!

  230. Rebecca Avatar

    She is so lovely. Thank you for offering her.

  231. Christy Avatar

    I love your bamboletta dolls. I’ve looked around at a lot of natural dolls, and I honestly think yours are the cutest that I found so far. Would love to have Delilah for my daughter!

  232. Adriana H. Avatar
    Adriana H.

    Such beautiful dolls. Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. carly whittaker Avatar

    wow, your dolls are amazing, what sweet faces!

  234. Danna Avatar

    She is so beautiful! She would be perfect for the new girly girl soon to be here!

  235. jill scripps Avatar

    both of the dolls in the giveaways are BEAUTIFUL!

    i think you + your work is amazing.


  236. Melissa Avatar

    Ohhh! She is gorgeous! I love the dress. I hope I get picked. My little ones would love her!

  237. jOi-C Avatar

    your dolls are adorable! my lil’ girlie would love to have a new playmate…

  238. andrea larsen Avatar

    she is absolutely beautiful! My daughter would love her!

  239. Michele Hill Avatar
    Michele Hill

    So sweet please count me in also

  240. Mama Hen Avatar
    Mama Hen

    What a beautiful doll!! The contest ends the day before my daughter’s birthday – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this lovely birthday surprise.

  241. Gina Avatar

    she is beautiful! what a treasure.

  242. saganaga Avatar

    please enter me ! thanks !!!

  243. Alice S Avatar
    Alice S

    These are the cutest dolls I’ve ever seen. My little girl turns 2 in 3 weeks and I would love to give her this cutie. In fact, she has a pillowcase made from the material that Delilah’s dress is made from.

  244. Jenifer Avatar

    She is so sweet; we would love to make her a part of our household.

  245. Sarah M. Avatar

    Love your all natural dolls, found you via soulemama. My toddler would love to carry around one of these little ones!
    Sarah M

  246. Mary on Lake Pulaski Avatar
    Mary on Lake Pulaski

    Delilah is adorable. You are very talented.

  247. Amie Avatar

    I was just introduced to your charming dolls through Soule Mama. I’m quite smitten! My daughter turns 3 in July. Perfect timing!

  248. Erin Avatar

    So so sweet. Your work is beautiful.

  249. annalucia pelletier Avatar
    annalucia pelletier

    DELIGHTFUL! My one-and-only grandchild, arwen alexandra would LOVE to love this perfectly beautiful lil doll for YEARS to come….I hope she wins! xox one happy granmamasita

  250. jenn Avatar

    Delilah is so precious! I know my little Emma would be a wonderful mother and ocmpanion to this sweet doll. Your work is exquisite!

  251. Melissa Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing! Horray for Canadian wool! Delilah is adorable. I alway wanted green eyes and red hair when I was a little girl 🙂

  252. Catherine Avatar

    My daughter would love to win one of your gorgeous dolls! Thanks for the giveaway!

  253. Melanie Avatar

    Oh you are so talented and create such beauty! She would be so loved by anyone!

  254. Catherine Avatar

    She’s beautiful, my daughter would love her.

  255. Heather Avatar

    I was looking at the giveaway on SouleMama and cooing over this adorable doll, my one-year-old daughter walked into the room and squealed, “Baby!” while pointing to the picture. It was too sweet! Thanks for giving us TWO places to try to win. 🙂

  256. Anna Avatar

    Your dolls are so gorgeous! My daughter would love her to pieces!

  257. Rachel A. Avatar

    Delilah is a beautiful doll. My 2 1/2 year old would love to take care of her in our home!

  258. shana Avatar

    your dolls are wonderful, great work. i have 3 girls (not to mention the 2 boys) and could see my littlest toddling around with this sweet doll . . . she’s a baby lover, that one!
    thanks so much for the giveaway.

    have a great weekend!

  259. Hallie Lord Avatar
    Hallie Lord

    So, so sweet! I’m smitten and I know my daughter would be, too! 🙂

  260. Mindy Avatar

    I adore this green-eyed, tree climbing beauty!

  261. Kara Avatar

    Your work is amazing! This little doll would be a welcomed member of our family 🙂

    (I found your site on SouleMama, by the way.)

  262. Katherine Avatar

    We would love to win this beautiful doll!

  263. Marsha Avatar

    Just gorgeous! My four-year-old would love this!

  264. Ivy Avatar

    What a beautiful little doll. I love her green eyes and pretty green floral dress. My four year old would love her!!!

  265. Rain Avatar

    She’s perfect!!!!!!!

  266. mandi Avatar

    we would love to welcome delilah into our home! thanks for the chance!

  267. Laura Avatar

    My 4yo says “I like ALL the dollies in the picture!” High praise from this particular girl!

  268. Amanda Avatar

    I know this sounds insane, but I got teary eyed reading the ‘testimonials.’ Oh, the joy dolls bring to children!

  269. dottyspots Avatar

    Oooooh, Delilah is lovely! She would have a very happy home here and would have lots of knitted cardis ;0)

  270. katie Avatar

    another beautiful doll!

  271. Jen Avatar

    I would love to win one of your dolls for my little girls! Thanks for the giveaway.

  272. Candace Prosser Avatar

    Oh, she is adorable…Both of my daughters would love her. Throw my number in the hat.

  273. Coco Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Thank you for offering her.

  274. Lisa Avatar

    Delilah is beautiful. What a wonderful giveaway!

  275. Joey Avatar

    My granddaughters would love her!

  276. Erin Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful, they remind me of when I was young!

  277. Tricia Avatar

    Oh goodness, my daughter and I would love to give Delilah a new home!

  278. Heather Bryson Avatar
    Heather Bryson

    What wonderful dolls! My little girl would adore her.

  279. Stephanie Avatar

    WOW! Delilah is adorable! I would be happy to adopt her and I’m SURE my little one would give her lots of hugs and kisses!


  280. Blayne Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll! I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  281. Amy Avatar

    What a cutie! I would love to give her to my own cutie for her birthday.

  282. Courtney Avatar

    What a sweet face! I would love to see my little girl playing with such a wonderful doll! Thank you.

  283. Emmy Avatar

    She is such a cutie! My daughter would love her!

  284. Annette Avatar

    My littlest one is so ready for her own dolly and Delilah looks like a match made in heaven! Your dolls are gorgeous and I would very much love to see Delilah snuggled in my little one’s arms! You can be sure she would be loved here!

  285. Shira Avatar

    She is so pretty!

  286. Valarie Avatar

    I love your dolls! They are so adorable. Thank you so much for doing the give away.

  287. Kirsten Avatar

    Your dolls are absolutely precious! What a treasure for any little girl.

  288. brooke Avatar

    I love the attention to detail!

  289. Bonnie Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  290. Kristin Avatar

    Would love this beautiful doll for my 2 year old!!!

  291. Hilary Forrest Avatar

    Oh! What an opportunity for such a sweet doll! My daughter would love her!

  292. Jennifer Avatar

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work!

  293. Chiska Avatar

    What a lovely doll. I love her hair!

  294. Jennifer Avatar

    Delilah would be cared for by my daughter. She would love this!

  295. Emily Avatar

    What a lovely little doll. Fingers crossed.

  296. victoria Avatar

    Thanks for another opportunity to win a doll. I have my fingers crossed!

  297. andrea Avatar

    oh my! two chances to hope! they are so lovely as always-thank you christine!

  298. Bonnie Avatar

    Your dolls are just amazing!!! The love and care you put into each one is just so great and it really does show in your crafty work! I would love the chance to win Delilah, she is beautiful!


  299. Keely Avatar

    What a beauty! My little one would be delighted to give Delilah a home.

  300. Mrs. H Avatar
    Mrs. H

    Love her. She’d make a great first doll for my youngest who just celebrated her 1st birthday!

  301. Jen R. Avatar

    Your dolls are SO adorable! My little girl would LOVE playing with one of these dolls! Crossing fingers that we are picked!!

  302. Jen Avatar

    She’s adorable! My little girl would love her!

  303. Amy Avatar

    These dolls so adorable and full of personality. My girls would love to play with her. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  304. LisaZ Avatar

    Oh, she’s beautiful! Can I say gimme, gimme? Probably not, but that’s how I feel!

  305. meg Avatar

    Just popped over from Soulemama! You’re very generous – thankyou. Your dolls are so precious!

  306. Marla H. Avatar
    Marla H.

    Delilah is delightful! Sure hope she can make her home with us–my 7-year-old would love her to pieces.

  307. Kerri K Avatar
    Kerri K

    I love these dolls! They are truly beautiful, and our little girl would be a loving mother to one.

  308. Shannon P. Avatar
    Shannon P.

    What a generous offer! Delilah has a 6-year-old, doting mama waiting for her at our house!

  309. Tabitha Avatar

    Oh, she is lovely. My girls would give her such a great home.

  310. Kayla Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful. My three year old daughter would just love to have one.

  311. melissa s. Avatar

    she is adorable. my daughter would love to adopt her!

  312. Myriam Black Avatar

    What a darling! She is very beautiful.

  313. Liz Avatar

    What a lovely doll! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  314. michelle elliott Avatar
    michelle elliott

    Many little sisters would LOVE to welcome this sweet one to our home…

  315. kasey Avatar

    oh pick me! my daugter would love this sweet doll!

  316. Kris Avatar

    Such a lovely doll. My daughter would love her.

  317. caryn Avatar

    I would love to give the gift of Delilah to my little Francesca! Beautiful dolls.

  318. anne Avatar

    such a sweet doll, i know just the girl who would love to care for her!

  319. Julie Avatar

    Oh she is adorable!! I hope we win! 😉

  320. Sherry Avatar

    The dolls are beautiful. A true keepsake.

  321. Sara D. Avatar

    So darling!

  322. Delph B. Avatar
    Delph B.

    What a cuttie! Thanks for giveaway. My daughter would love her!

  323. Joyce Avatar

    She’s just beautiful!

  324. Amanda Avatar

    This doll is wonderful! My daughter would cuddle with her forever!!!!

  325. Linsay C Avatar

    What beautiful little girls you have! My little beauties would love to have one of their own!

  326. Bonnie Avatar

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE your dolls, they are adorable. This little beauty would make a perfect birthday gift for my friends daughter as her name is Delilah!!

  327. Ida Avatar

    oh, she’s a sweetie! fingers crossed…

  328. amy g. Avatar
    amy g.

    your dolls are incredible. thank you for the great giveaway.

  329. Stephanie Avatar

    You make such beautiful dolls. I would love one of my own.

  330. Kathy-June Avatar

    These dolls are absolutely enchanting. I visit your website all the time just to look and think how much I would have yearned for one of these dolls as a little girl. I’m yearning for one right now! And we have matching hair! It’s destiny.

  331. exhale. return to center. Avatar

    just found you through soulemama. what beautiful dolls!!!

  332. danica Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Your work is amazing. Makes me want to ditch everything else and learn doll making right away!

  333. Jean Avatar

    I love your dolls and would love this one for my 18 month old. Thanks.

  334. Lanie Avatar

    These dolls are the best. They have the most beautiful little outfits. I’m hoping for one for my son.

  335. Kathleen Avatar

    She is so beautiful!! I’m hoping!!

  336. Stacey Avatar

    Your dolls are breathtaking! It is so wonderful to see such a beautiful, natural and real looking doll. Would it be bad to keep the doll for myself!?!?!?!?

  337. erika Avatar

    These are amazing dolls. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  338. arianne Avatar

    This is so generous of you. What a wonderful doll. I hope you pick me!

  339. Kristi Avatar

    Wow.. she is beautiful!!
    Great work.

  340. kyla Avatar

    we have a bamboletta fairy doll and would just love to have another little friend to play with. what beautiful dolls– they are breathtaking!

    thanks for the chance. hope we are lucky this time.

  341. cree Avatar

    so insanely lovely!! i always come and search around your gorgeous shop!

  342. corinne Avatar

    She is so dreamy…thanks for the lovely giveaway! xo corinne

  343. angelina Avatar

    i love delila!!! i hope i win her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so crafty, inspiring.

  344. Susannah Avatar

    Adorable! We’d love to adopt her!

  345. Angelica Avatar

    Deliah is lovely. She would be such a wonderful present for my daughter’s coming birthday!

  346. Dayna Avatar

    I have loved your dolls for years and crave one. My four year old and I would both love it.

  347. Morgan Coulter Avatar

    What a beautiful daughter would love it! Thanks for this fabulous give-a-way!

  348. Colleen D. Avatar
    Colleen D.

    Your dolls are wonderful. My daughter, Rosslyn, would love this handmade treasure. Thanks,

  349. Melanie Davis Avatar
    Melanie Davis

    Thank you for the offer! She is so sweet! Hope to win!

  350. jenCK Avatar

    i would love delilah for my goddaughter!

  351. jennifer sheline Avatar
    jennifer sheline

    Your dolls are such works of art,I know just how much precision and skill goes into making them…it shows!

  352. Liz Rego Avatar
    Liz Rego

    Thanks for the chance to win. She is beautiful and will go to a great home.


  353. Kristin Avatar

    I love these dolls! I know my daughter would love one too!! 🙂

  354. Heidi Avatar

    So beautiful. We would give her a very loving home!

    Thanks for the chance!


  355. jessica Avatar

    Love, love, love these dolls!!!!

  356. Liz Colver Avatar

    I would LOVE to give my daughter this doll for her birthday coming up the end of June. I would buy her one of each if we could afford it! they’re the most beautiful dolls I’ve ever seen! Liz

  357. Carole Avatar

    My boys would love her. My two year old loves carrying his baby around and my five year old loves seeing my friend’s twin baby girls and getting them to smile. Thanks for this wonderful give-away.

  358. Vanessa Avatar

    Another beautiful doll! We would love to add her to our home.

  359. Megan Avatar

    What a beautiful little doll. My daughter would adore her!

  360. grace Avatar

    A beautiful doll. We can sure provide a wonderful home for her. Thanks for the chance to win.

  361. Lis Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I’m in love with your dolls! Hazel and Ivy and Blossom are exquisite!! My daughter is called Anise and I was delighted to find the doll version on your site 🙂

    I would be over the moon to win this beautiful doll for my daughter… She’d become a third child in our household for sure!

    Keep up the beautiful craftswomanship 🙂

  362. Rai Avatar

    Delilah: come join my family! My kids will love you up (and so will I). Fingers crossed! xo Rai

  363. Amy Plew Avatar

    You do such beautiful work!!! Thank you for 2 lovely giveaways!!!

  364. Aimee Avatar

    We love your dolls!

  365. Amy Plew Avatar

    You do such beautiful work!!! Thank you so much for 2 lovely giveaways!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  366. Melanie Avatar

    Simply adorable……and sweet.

  367. Katie B Avatar
    Katie B

    She is so lovely! She reminds me a bit of my younger self…

  368. Megan Avatar

    Wow – found you though Soulemama – beautiful work! 4 year old Zoe in MN would love to be the lucky winner – her momma too

  369. Rachel Dallaire Avatar

    She’s so gorgeous!!!

  370. maya Avatar

    I would so love to win this, as it is my daughter’s birthday in just a few weeks, and she has been wanting one of your gorgeous dolls for quite some time. Thank you for the giveaway!

  371. Amy Avatar

    What a super sweety! I have four little missies who would love her like crazy!

  372. chris Avatar

    so lovely- I adore her dress, we would love to welcome her into our home!

  373. Zane K. Avatar

    This is a beautiful doll!

    I learned about you from Soule Mama.


  374. HANNAH MAE Avatar

    Wow! So happy to have discovered your site, Thanks, SouleMama!

  375. Traci Avatar

    Oh how we love and admire your beautiful craft of doll making! We would love to give Delilah a good home! Thanks!

  376. Ginger Avatar

    What a sweetie!

  377. rachelzana Avatar

    She’s wonderful! I have two little girls who would love to play with her!

  378. Anna Travis Avatar

    I check SouleMama’s blog every day, and every time my son sees your ad pop up in the right column he begs me for one of these dolls. Thanks for the contest!

  379. angie Avatar

    your dolls are just beautiful! i would love to welcome delilah home! thanks for both of your generous giveaways this month!

  380. Lisa Avatar

    Hello there–Just found you through Amanda Soule’s giveaway–You do beautiful work! Thank you for giving us two opportunities to win one of your bamboletta dolls…Interestingly enough, my daughter (4 1/2) has shown interest in learning Spanish, and I told her I want to learn Italian…Now I have a new word in Italian to share with her today. Thank you for the beautiful work you do! Sincerely, Lisa

  381. Sonja Avatar

    I’d love to adopt Delilah! What a sweet little one!

  382. Olivia Avatar

    Ohh Too sweet… What a wonderful new friend!

  383. Emilie Avatar

    oh, she is beautiful! As are all your dolls 🙂

  384. JJ Avatar

    Don’t forget about the boys out there!

  385. Sarah Avatar

    She’s beautiful!!

  386. Linda Avatar

    Oh please choose us here in sunny South Africa, we would love to have her come live with us! She is darling!

  387. Amy W. Avatar
    Amy W.

    She’s so sweet. (I read and loved your article on boys and their dolls. As a mom of a boy who I”m trying to raise outside rigid gender roles, I was really inspired!)

  388. Kim Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win this for my little daughter Indigo!

  389. mountain girl Avatar

    Love love love this baby!

  390. Roxana Tafra Avatar
    Roxana Tafra

    This doll is so pretty, would be wonderful to win it. Thanks for the chance>

  391. Jill Avatar

    I admire your work so much, and my daughter would adore you dolls!
    thanks for entering me!

  392. courtney Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful! My daughter would absolutely love this doll.

  393. Mélanie Gagnon Avatar
    Mélanie Gagnon

    She’s beautiful! She’d made a great gift for my daughter’s fourth birthday coming up in July…

  394. Christine Avatar

    Your babies are so beautiful! My wee one would love to carry one around with her on her little adventures. Thanks for having a givewaway

  395. Miri Avatar

    Please count me in! Thanks!

  396. Kelli Avatar

    Beautiful dolls! Love them all.

  397. Audra Costello Avatar
    Audra Costello

    This doll is beautiful! Flannery would adore her!

  398. Diego Ibarra Avatar
    Diego Ibarra

    Delilah’s absolutely adorable… we have a brand-new girl (eight days old and counting!) and we’d love to introduce the two. Count us in!

  399. Stacy Avatar

    She is so cute! I could just see my little one loving her up! Thanks for this giveaway!

  400. Leah Killian Avatar

    Delilah is adorable! You’ve got a gift! I’m so glad you share it with us 🙂

  401. Heather O'Neill Avatar
    Heather O’Neill

    Gorgeous, my dauhter would be so thrilled to take care of her!!

  402. Michelle Avatar

    your dolls are so wonderful! My son adopted a boy and named him Froccoli (for his favorite vegie) but as yet his little sister is sans doll. We would love to have Delilah in our home!

  403. Sara Avatar

    Like all your dolls, she is just beautiful.

  404. Katie B Avatar
    Katie B

    What a sweet doll! I love her already, and I know my daughter would too! Thank you for the giveaway!

  405. Ellen Avatar

    Oh, my daughter would just DIE! Sign me up for the contest!

  406. Nataliya Avatar

    So beautiful. My daughter would love taking care of her and so would I 🙂

  407. C.E.R. Avatar

    Would love to give this cutie a home.

  408. Carol Avatar

    wow. this doll is beautiful and special. love it, would LOVE to win for my daughter!

  409. Jos Avatar

    I love your dolls! My daughters would freak over her!

  410. Jessica Liljegren Avatar

    Hi. I would be willing to guarantee that my ladies and I would take very good care of your lovely little dolly. She needs to live here if at all possible! Thank you for offering you artistry to the crowds. You and a talented genius.


  411. Stephanie Avatar

    I just adore the freckles! And her outfit is too cute. I’d wear that if it were in my zize!

  412. Laurie Avatar

    Delilah is gorgeous with eyes the color of a dreamy lake. Our family would love to give her a home.

  413. Leah Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful! I love them!!

  414. MorganO Avatar

    She is absolutely beautiful!!!! My daughter would adore her!

  415. Bunny Avatar

    She’s beautiful! I know a special little girl who would adore her.

  416. Pam Avatar

    Your dolls are adorable. I think I need one for myself!

  417. Jenny Rebecca Avatar

    I’m a newbie to your dolls, I LOVE them!! The freckles remind me of a Fisher Price Jenny doll I had when I was a kid.

  418. Victoria Avatar

    I saw the doll on soulemama’s blog. She is just as cute as this one. I love the green color of her boots and in her dress.

  419. Jen Avatar

    My 5yo daughter and I (even my 3yo son) are always admiring the “friends” that are on you site. We would love to bring this cutie home!!

  420. Alison Avatar

    Delilah is a dream! I think she needs to come and live with us! Klara would take very good care of her and not let her big brothers bother her!

  421. Simone Avatar

    She is so very cute. I love her dress.

  422. Amanda Avatar

    My daughter would love one of your dolls! She’s only one but already loves dolls and “babies.”

  423. Erin B Avatar
    Erin B

    Love your dolls- I’d love to hear if you ever do a workshop featuring your methods and materials….My daughter Clara has just begun to understand the concept of ‘playing house’ and would love such a beautiful doll.

  424. Nikki Avatar

    Oh how wonderful!!! I just love her.

  425. April Avatar

    Another beautiful doll! My girl would *love* one.
    (I’m hoping I successfully signed up for the newsletter…)
    Thank you!!

  426. Shana Avatar

    She’s beautiful! We’d love to give her a home…

  427. Shelley Avatar

    Oh loveliness abounds! You are so sweet to do this! Much love and peace to you and yours~

  428. Andrea Avatar

    What a lovely doll! My little girl would love her!

  429. Brooke Avatar

    Hey there Delilah! Oh my girls and guy would love for her to come and play with us-There is just something about her that says spring is here I think it may be the warm color of her hair,and her eyes are the color of a meadow and her sunkissed freckles-Plus she won my heart as this was almost our youngest name!! Thanks again for yet another chance at one of your beautiful creations-

  430. Lynn Avatar

    My two girls are really loving babies right now, Delilah would be right at home!

  431. Julie Avatar

    She’s very sweet. We’ll give her a good home! Thanks!

  432. Mama Sweetwater Avatar

    What a cutie. Look at those freckles… Just how I wanted them when I was 7!

  433. Lindsay Avatar

    Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! I LOVE her dress! I have two little girls who would take wonderful care of her. We will be crossing our fingers!

  434. Susan Avatar

    Delilah is beautiful. My daughter would be enamored!

  435. Kathy Avatar

    So very dear. We’d love to have her over for tea. 🙂

  436. sarah Avatar

    what a beautiful doll! i have a “niece” due in a couple of months. i’d LOVE to be able to give this to her mama for her. here’s hoping!

  437. Lindsey Wagner Avatar
    Lindsey Wagner

    Oh she is so perfect! My niece would love her and take wonderful care of her!

  438. Caryn Avatar

    I love her freckles. Somebody is going to be a very lucky mommy.

  439. Kate C. Avatar
    Kate C.

    Great doll!!!

  440. Lisa Avatar

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    Beautifull colours!

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    P.S. Mama needs to know where you get that fabulous fabric, that would make a perfect Garage sale skirt! Fingers crossed, Angela

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    molly jean

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    Lori Thacker

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    P.S.S Your dolls are exquisite! The expressions you give them are so friendly – but a bit whimsical as well. And the outfits are amazing!

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