Giveaway Doll – Jilly!


I said when I reached the 5000 fan mark I’d do another giveaway – they are sort of like a celebration .. I am really thankful of all of you that are part of Bamboletta.  So here she is – her name is Jilly and she’s a 15” doll. To enter please leave a comment at the end of this post (2 entries per household) If you see ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ please do not enter again – I have to manually approve the comment and it may take a few hours for your comment to show up. Also – please do not comment by clicking on the photo .. just at the end of the blog. This contest is open to everyone, everywhere – postage included.

Winner will be announced on the 20th at 8pm pst.






1,883 responses to “Giveaway Doll – Jilly!”

  1. Amber Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  2. Theresa Avatar

    Ohhh…our dream doll! 🙂

  3. Jill Avatar

    What a sweetie!

  4. julia Avatar

    oh… she is dreamy. please us!

  5. Lori S Avatar
    Lori S

    SWOON… love love her

  6. Daniela Avatar

    Oh, Ava would love her!

  7. Inbal Avatar

    We would love to have Jilly!

  8. Laura Avatar

    Love EVERYTHING about her. She is so cute! Congrats on hitting the 5000 fan mark. You have earned everyone of those fans through your hard work and beautiful talent. Hoping your business continues to be blessed.

  9. dawn dangelo Avatar
    dawn dangelo

    love her!

  10. Mel Avatar

    She’s adorable, my daughter would love her!

  11. Laura Avatar

    So cute!

  12. Jennifer Bohlen Avatar
    Jennifer Bohlen

    What a pretty girl! Thanks for the chance to win her.

  13. Sharon Avatar

    Love her!

  14. Jennifer Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  15. Sonia Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  16. Stephanie White Avatar
    Stephanie White

    WOW!!!! She is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. 🙂

  17. James B Avatar
    James B


  18. Marijke Avatar

    She is so super duper cute!! 😀

  19. Ceinwen Avatar

    Love her !!!! Purple is our favorite colour xxx

  20. Erin sauter Avatar
    Erin sauter

    Oh!!! My little girl LOVES pink and purple!!! Please pick us!!!

  21. Leslie Bunt Avatar

    Beautiful!!Love her hair!!!

  22. Alicia Avatar

    She is so gorgeous!! <3

  23. Jesse Crail Avatar
    Jesse Crail

    My daughter would love this doll!

  24. MikeBellasDaddy Avatar

    She is beautiful!!

  25. Linsay Avatar

    Love her!! Congrats on 5000!!!

  26. Leanne Cade Avatar
    Leanne Cade

    Jilly is so cute! Love the purple!

  27. Tom Avatar

    Congratulations and thank you from our family!

  28. Elizabeth Avatar


  29. Misty H Avatar
    Misty H

    Gorgeous! Would love to bring her home!

  30. Valery Huberts Avatar
    Valery Huberts

    Love the purple!!

  31. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    Send her my way!

  32. alison Avatar

    oh she’s darling, would love to win her for my daughter!

  33. Rosemary Martinson Avatar
    Rosemary Martinson

    I love her funky hair!

  34. Linda Avatar

    How very purple-icious!

  35. Dan Avatar

    Our daughter would love this doll.

  36. Stephen Avatar

    my wife would love this doll

  37. Paul Avatar

    She would be perfect for my daughter.

  38. Katherine Avatar

    she is “FAN”tastic !!! Love the hair! Hope I win her!

  39. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    She is soooooo beautiful!!!

  40. Nancy Morosin Avatar
    Nancy Morosin

    So beautiful! Would love a chance to bring her home!

  41. Elaine Avatar

    She’s perfect in every way!!!!

  42. Whitney Ebert Avatar
    Whitney Ebert

    Beautiful- would be a great birthday gift for my daughter!

  43. Todd Goodsell Avatar
    Todd Goodsell


  44. Carla Avatar

    Sooo cute!

  45. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    Oh my gosh she is a beauty, my girls would love her!

  46. Paige Avatar

    Oooh, we are huge purple fans here. Congrats to all of team bamboletta! Your hard work and talent are truly appreciated

  47. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Wow, she is a true beauty!

  48. Allison Avatar

    She is so beautiful! Love her and congrats on the 5000 FB Fans. We would love to have her in our home and she would be very much loved!

  49. Lora Prince Avatar
    Lora Prince

    Love love love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ani Avatar

    Love that purple hair!

  51. Christina Avatar

    Of course we’d LOVE to give this little girl a home!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  52. Alicia W. Avatar
    Alicia W.

    What a beautiful doll. We’d love to welcome her as our first Bamboletta 🙂

  53. megan c Avatar
    megan c

    So cute! Megancrose at gmail dot com

  54. Melissa Avatar

    Would love her!

  55. Scott Avatar

    I love her! Dancing Jilly!!

  56. Amanda Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! She would be a very happy addition to out home 🙂 Thanks so much for this Christina!

  57. Emily Avatar

    Wow! She is gorgeous!

  58. Katie rourke Avatar
    Katie rourke

    My niece would die for this!!!

  59. Tara B Avatar
    Tara B

    I love her hair!!!

  60. Trinity Avatar

    Oh my stars, she is beautiful! We would love a chance to welcome this gal to our home. <3

  61. Nicole Ritts Avatar

    Congratulations on hitting 5000 fans!!! Very exciting, just shows how much we all adore your work!

  62. Pietra Avatar

    Ahh, she’s gorgeous! Great give away!

  63. Gael Noel Avatar
    Gael Noel

    I would LOVE to welcome Jilly into our family

  64. jenn morgan Avatar
    jenn morgan

    I would love to be lucky enough to win her for my daughter! Beautiful!

  65. Katherine Avatar

    Wonderful colors.

  66. Michelle P Avatar
    Michelle P

    She is amazing….PINK and PURPLE are the girls favorite colors!!!

  67. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  68. Casey A Avatar
    Casey A

    Beautiful hair, purple is the the favorite color of our household!

  69. Tiffany B Avatar
    Tiffany B

    Oh please pick me! I would love to give this to my little girl!!!

  70. andrew c Avatar
    andrew c

    Entering for my wife

  71. Jenn Hayley Melanie Avatar
    Jenn Hayley Melanie

    She’s gorgeous! Would love to give her a home in Australia :). Thank you for the chance :).

  72. Dan Rourke Avatar
    Dan Rourke

    My sister in law wants one for my niece!!!

  73. Tara Avatar

    Camille & Leola introduced me to your beautiful dolls. I just showed my daughter Ava the doll and she said ” AWW I love her”. We would love to have Jilly as part of our family.

  74. Fred Avatar

    My daughter would love her to pieces. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Robyn Avatar

    She’s so cute. Would love for her to come and live at our house 🙂

  76. Jenny Avatar

    Ohhhh, my daughter would just love this sweet doll! Crossing all my fingers and toes…

  77. caly Avatar

    she’s is PERFECT & gorgeous. what an amazing prize. CONGRATS on your 5,225+ followers!!!! hope we win 🙂

  78. Laura Avatar

    what a pretty girl! Love her!

  79. Kimberly W. Avatar
    Kimberly W.

    Jilly is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I’m crossing my fingers, here, that my daughter may finally get a Wonderful Bamboletta Doll. ;o)
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! :O)

  80. Mindy Connor Avatar
    Mindy Connor

    SO ADORABLE! I love the purple hair!

  81. Kari Bennett Avatar
    Kari Bennett

    simply stunning. Congrats on the milestone!!

  82. Arick Avatar

    Would love to win her for my daughter who turns 3 next month.

    Thank you Team Bamboletta!

  83. Monique Lam Avatar
    Monique Lam

    I would LOVE to win Jilly for my niece Mila!

  84. Tiffany Hicks Avatar
    Tiffany Hicks

    Oh my goodness! She is PERFECT!! Love the purple! You & your team are so very talented!

  85. Alysha Avatar

    She would be the perfect doll for my little niece!

  86. Lori B Avatar

    She is a beauty!!

  87. kerrie Avatar

    she would make my sons birthday perfect

  88. Katie Avatar

    She is so lovely!

  89. Angelika Avatar

    Purple perfection!

  90. Suzy Avatar

    I am so in love with all of your precious babies. I have a 13month baby girl who is a true blessing to our family and we would love to give her a Bamboletta! I am always looking…at each an everyone of your babies hoping and wishing for one someday!

  91. deborah Avatar


    hello there, jilly! will you be my valentine? 🙂

  92. Bill Collins Avatar
    Bill Collins

    My granddaughter would love this pink and purple beauty!

  93. christopher g morgan Avatar
    christopher g morgan

    She is stunning….

  94. Kara Trimble Avatar

    I would cry with joy if I actually won this doll for my sweet little diva! Jilly is perfect in every way! Congrats on years of hard work, I hope you have found joy in every step that got you to 5,000 fans!!!

  95. Theresa Haas Avatar
    Theresa Haas


  96. Luke Avatar

    Hoping to be picked!

  97. Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    She’s gorgeous! We will give her a good home =)

  98. agnes Avatar

    Love her purple hair!

  99. Stacey B Avatar
    Stacey B

    Love Jilly’s hair! My Coco Rose would be so in love with her.

  100. Delicia Avatar

    I would love to make a home for Jilly!! So please pick me!!!

  101. Joni Avatar

    LOVE HER!!!! seriously! LOVE

  102. Jennifer Avatar

    Amazing…..I think I want her for myself! ha!

  103. Danielle Avatar

    We would just love Jilly to bits!

  104. Rebecca jennison Avatar
    Rebecca jennison

    We love her! And her colors are beautiful and my best friends nickname is Jily and I am still a newbie after months and months…..I can only pray that the planets or stars or moons align 😉

  105. christina hall Avatar
    christina hall

    I love Jilly! she is so cute. We have had a rough year between my health and my husband breaking his wrist. My daughter is begging me for one of these dolls and we just cant afford it right now. So pick me!!!!!! lol seriously though who ever wins it probably needs it more than my daughter. I will keep trying though. kisses and hugs! love all the dolls you create they are one of a kind!

  106. Alicia Avatar

    SSSWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN! Goodness, that is one fantastic looking dolly! I do hope she finds her way home to us 🙂

  107. Maenad Avatar

    She’s a lovely little lady. Granddaughter loves her too.

  108. Lou Avatar

    Heres to hoping we win…..

  109. Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    She is absolutely stunning!! Thank you for your ongoing generosity, and congratulations on the 5000 fan mark!

  110. Atarah Avatar

    She’s beautiful! Congrats on all the fans! thanks for being so very generous!

  111. Moni Sauter Avatar
    Moni Sauter

    My granddaughter would love this!!!

  112. Vanessa Wallace Avatar
    Vanessa Wallace

    Would love to win her for my Mia!

  113. Stephanie Avatar

    She is beautiful!! LOVE the purple hair!!

  114. Scott M. Avatar
    Scott M.

    OHHHH MYYYY she is so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    PURE BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Naomi S Avatar
    Naomi S

    Oh, she is so pretty!!

  116. Tracey Avatar

    Ooh, she is cute!!! My little girl would love her (she loves purple). Jilly would be the PERFECT gift to give to her once her baby brother is born 😉

  117. Patti P(Fluffs Enough) Avatar
    Patti P(Fluffs Enough)

    Oh, these dolls are so amazing!! I would love to win one!

  118. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    Awww, purpley yumminess! Thank you for the chance to win!!! <3

  119. Bree Scott Avatar
    Bree Scott

    Oh please let us win! We have no dollies in our house ( not for want of trying)
    We will give her a lovely home 🙂

  120. Melanie Catterson Avatar
    Melanie Catterson

    Wow, she is beautiful.

  121. Michele Avatar

    She is amazing!!!! Any girls dream doll, you sure know how to do them, too.

  122. Kristen Avatar

    Purple girl!

  123. Wendy Avatar

    She’s ADORABLE! would love her!!!

  124. Nicole Reitano Avatar
    Nicole Reitano

    Congrats on so many fans!!! Beautiful doll!

  125. Kevin C. Avatar
    Kevin C.

    My daughter would love her.

  126. Emily M. Avatar

    she’s adorable!

  127. Rafiq Avatar

    trying to win this doll for my kid

  128. Galagher J Avatar
    Galagher J

    She’s adorable!

  129. Bj Ketterman Avatar
    Bj Ketterman

    I want her so badly! I mean my daughter! My daughter wants her. 🙂

  130. Ed Bohlen Avatar
    Ed Bohlen

    Would love to win her for my daughter.

  131. Kelly Grande Avatar
    Kelly Grande

    Jilly is BEAUTIFUL…I’d love to win her for my little girl in honor of my BFF Jill, who’s fighting breast cancer now!

  132. Melissa Avatar

    We would love her here!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  133. Ryan Avatar

    Jilly is precious, our daughter would love her to bits!

  134. Rick Avatar

    My wife says my daughter needs her… 🙂

  135. Amy L Avatar
    Amy L

    Ooh…she’s a cutie!!!

  136. Brooke K Avatar
    Brooke K

    She’s beautiful!

  137. David the greek Avatar
    David the greek

    Thank-you for being such an amazing woman, for all you do for others!

  138. hillary s Avatar
    hillary s

    A girl can dream :)she is lovely!

  139. Elyse Avatar

    Beautiful girl! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  140. Aliana Avatar

    would love her to bits!

  141. Susan Avatar


  142. Lizabeth Avatar

    How beautiful!

  143. Jason Avatar

    My Hannah will love her dearly.

  144. Caitlin G Avatar
    Caitlin G

    She’s a beauty. 🙂

  145. Heidi Avatar

    She is gorgeous! I would be in heaven if she would come join our household! We need another doll to go with Ava! I think Jilly would be perfect for my younger daughter! She looks like she has a lot of spunk! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  146. Kerry Harris Avatar
    Kerry Harris

    500 fans?? Congratulations!! Wow, I think I was in under 1000. Craziness, but oh, so awesome for your business. 🙂

  147. Jamie Coley Avatar

    What a sweet purple girl for Valentine’s Day! LOVE her!

  148. Sarah Martin Avatar
    Sarah Martin

    Shes too cute!! Thanks for the chance!!

  149. Jayj Avatar

    OOh, C she is too cute and would certainly get some serious lovin and hugs from our home! Congrats on 5000 FB fans…..and here’s to many more! xxxx

  150. Bob Avatar


  151. Angela W. Avatar
    Angela W.

    Thanks so much for the oppurtunity! My daughter loves the purple haired gals! Thanks so much!!

  152. pamelaG Avatar

    <3 practically perfect in every way..

  153. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    Holy CUTENESS! My little girl would flip out for her!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful doll!

  154. Tia Avatar

    Super Cutie 🙂

  155. Rhonda Avatar

    We would love to share Jilly with our daughters! She’s gorgeous!!

  156. Holly Tinklenberg Avatar
    Holly Tinklenberg

    Whoooo on the 5000 Fan Mark !!!!! Jilly is just amazing !

  157. Kira Avatar

    Please come be a cajun girl! <3

  158. Joel Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  159. Aiden Anderson Avatar
    Aiden Anderson

    My mummy would love this doll!

  160. denise Avatar

    purple purple, this is meant to be!!!!!Love you and your dolls and all you are to our community!

  161. EricaC Avatar

    Love love love the purple hair! Thank you for another giveaway!

  162. Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.

    Oh, lovely lavender locks with purplish pupils and pretty pink petunias! She is sweet. I think my little Lila would love to live with her 🙂 (Oh, my, who knew I had such aliteration in me tonight. ha!)

  163. Emily Crail Avatar
    Emily Crail

    She is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the opportunity : )

  164. Andrea Avatar

    She is perfect! My daughter would love her!!

  165. Devin Avatar

    She is precious!

  166. GrannyBroom Avatar

    I would be honored to have Jilly come to our home! She is adorably sweet and thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  167. Kathryn Avatar

    I am so in love with Jilly, and my 4 year old daughter will be too when she sees this. We would love her and take care of her and give her the best home! I’ve been having some (hopefully) minor health problems and nothing would cheer me up more than winning Jilly!

  168. Skylar Avatar


  169. jill s Avatar

    well i have to enter since my nickname is jilly!
    that would be too awesome!

    i love her sassy purple hair!

  170. Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful as always. I LOVE her hair.

  171. Brett Avatar

    For my sweetie 🙂

  172. Mandi Avatar

    Love your dolls! And my daughter would be over the moon for her!

  173. Liana Avatar

    We would love to welcome Jilly! She is adorable. 🙂

  174. danyelle Avatar

    sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!

  175. Shelley Avatar

    Beautiful little girl…..wish they were easier to purchase.

  176. Athena Avatar

    Oh my goodness – she is perfect in every way! please let this be my lucky day!

  177. Elizabeth Avatar

    love the fierce purple hair. beautiful dolls..

  178. jim scripps Avatar
    jim scripps

    I’d love to win this doll for my daughter!

  179. Sue L Avatar
    Sue L

    She’s beautiful. My dd would love her!!!

  180. Jason A Avatar
    Jason A

    My daughter would love her!

  181. Emma Hall Avatar
    Emma Hall

    I love these dolls alot!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 IM 10 years old and I really want one!! SO PICK ME!!!

    This entry is written by my daughter but is supervised by me. Which I have made another entry above.

  182. Christopher W Avatar
    Christopher W

    my daughter would love her.

  183. mari Avatar

    she is my personal dream doll! purple is my favorite! thank you for your generosity!

  184. Stacy Avatar

    Congrats Christina! Your hard work keeps paying off! You deserve all this success!

  185. Josh Avatar

    For my little girls!

  186. Andrea Atwood Avatar
    Andrea Atwood

    She is super-cute!!!

  187. Andrea Atwood Avatar
    Andrea Atwood

    She is super-cute!!!

  188. Lisa Macri Avatar
    Lisa Macri

    Happy 5000 Bamboletta! And thanks for the chance to win this lovely! xo Lisa, Sylvie and Olivia

  189. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    would love to win her 🙂

  190. Ashley Clark Avatar
    Ashley Clark

    She’s beautiful!

  191. Kim C. Avatar
    Kim C.

    I am in love. Oh I would love to bring her into my home.

  192. Kris Newton Avatar
    Kris Newton

    She is absolutely adorable!!! She would have a good home here! 🙂

  193. Jordan Clark Avatar
    Jordan Clark

    My daughter would love this doll!

  194. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    She’s so PRETTY!!!!!

  195. Ben Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  196. Crystal Avatar

    Purple is my most favorite colour! I’m feeling lucky!

  197. James T Avatar
    James T

    My baby girl would love to have a bamboletta, I’d love to save my money and win one for her. 😉

  198. JOYCE Avatar

    ooooohhh, what a cutie!!

  199. Hope Avatar

    Super cutie pie!!! My daughter would be in heaven ♥♥♥

  200. Katie R Avatar
    Katie R

    Wow oh wow!!! She’s perfect for my girls!! Congrats C on hitting the 5K mark! That’s wonderful!

  201. Kelly Avatar

    Love her – she’s so cute!!

  202. Mike Avatar

    Would love to win her for my daughter. Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  203. Ryan Avatar

    Our daughter would love this doll. Thank you.

  204. Katherine Avatar

    So cute!

  205. Tam Totter Avatar
    Tam Totter

    I’d love to enter and have her coming home with us 🙂

  206. Eric Gudmunsen Avatar
    Eric Gudmunsen

    Thanks, Christina, for this chance!

  207. megsie Avatar

    oh my, She is delightful. She would be very well loved in my little household

  208. Nancy Avatar

    Oh my! She is precious. LOVE her.

  209. Charlotte Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  210. Ross Tran Avatar
    Ross Tran

    Thanks for the give-away.

  211. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    We love you, C!

  212. Melissa Avatar

    I would be more than thrilled to win this beauty!

  213. Theodore Avatar

    Such a cutie! I hope I win – my little brother would love it!

  214. John Rous Avatar
    John Rous


  215. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    What a cutie patootie!!!! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats again for reaching such a big milestone!!! 🙂

  216. Nathan F Avatar
    Nathan F

    LOVE her!!!!! 🙂

  217. nikki Avatar

    she is adorable! <3

  218. Meghan Schmidt Avatar
    Meghan Schmidt

    *swoon* she is so darn cute

  219. Valerie Avatar

    Jilly! I love you!

  220. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    ok, I have continually said that I wanted a crazy red headed fairy, but wow a this one is a beauty! I would love for Chloe and I to adopt a purple haired fairy!

  221. Aimee Avatar

    she is perfect – i love her:)

  222. becky Avatar

    oh my goodness, she is just divine. thank you so much for the chance, keep up the great work!

  223. Vicki Gomes Avatar

    Love, love, love her!!! My 6 year old grandaughter would be in heaven! 🙂

  224. Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.

    she’s a sweet little purplicious girl! we’d love to give her a home. thanks for the giveaway.

  225. Evette Avatar

    She’s so sweet! My purple-loving girls would adore her!!!

  226. Lisa F Avatar
    Lisa F

    She’s beyond gorgeous!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  227. Lorra Taylor Avatar
    Lorra Taylor

    Such a pretty girl! My daughter’s favorite color is purple & she would thoroughly enjoy this doll!

  228. Lexi Lucas Avatar
    Lexi Lucas

    Wow she is adorable! I hope my luck is in. Thank you for your generosity.

  229. Chris Avatar

    we would love to have this doll for a friend’s daughter!

  230. Cassandra Avatar

    YIPPEE SKIPPEE for Team Bambo! Fingers crossed and she is gorgy!

  231. Angie S. Avatar
    Angie S.

    Would LOVE this beautiful creation for my brand new baby girl!

  232. Toni Avatar

    GAH! I swear, it’s like she’s meant for us! I have a Jilly also (short for Jillian) who is 6 and LOVES purple! She’s too cute!

  233. Abby Avatar

    Love her!

  234. Lisa Hayes Avatar
    Lisa Hayes

    Beautiful doll!

  235. Sandy Avatar

    pick me please! thank you!!

  236. Kathi Weiss Avatar

    My granddaughter would love this doll. It’s beautiful.

  237. Kelly Otte Avatar
    Kelly Otte

    She’s gorgeous!!!! We’d love her to join our family! <3

  238. Michelle Lang Avatar
    Michelle Lang

    LOVE the pink and purple!

  239. Darlene Avatar


  240. Becky M. Avatar
    Becky M.

    OMGoodness! Absolutely STUNNING! I love her! <3

  241. Kate @ The Shopping Mama Avatar

    Happy 5000 fans! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  242. Sarah Avatar

    Purple is one of my favorite colors…I’d love to bring Jilly home.

  243. Melissa Avatar

    You are so generous!! We’d love her!!!

  244. Cassie Cardinal Avatar
    Cassie Cardinal

    Another beauty!!

  245. nathan Avatar

    my daughter (and wife would LOVE this doll.

  246. Carrie Avatar

    5000 fans! WOW! What an amazing job you do C! How fast the numbers have grown. I remember when it was just over 1000! Would love the chance to give her a home. She is gorgeous!

  247. Cynthia S Avatar
    Cynthia S

    Ashlyn’s 2 fav colors…pink and purple. LOVE IT!

  248. Kevin Avatar

    Can me entering this for my wife be my Valentine’s Day present? No? Well, winning would be a nice belated present!

  249. Jamie M Avatar
    Jamie M


  250. Kent Avatar

    My daughter would love her. Her favorite color is purple.

  251. Alison Avatar

    LOVE HER!!! Congrats on the milestone!!!

  252. melinda Avatar

    What a beauty Christina, she is just divine!

  253. Amanda Pope Avatar
    Amanda Pope

    Very cute doll. My daughter would love her.

  254. kathy Avatar

    she is my DREAM BAMBO! OHHH i so hope i win=) it would make the rest of my year=) thanks for the chance!!

  255. ZEIDA Avatar

    Gorgeous!! Thank you for an awesome opportunity!!

  256. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    I love her! Who wouldn’t want a purple/pink haired doll? Just beautiful!

  257. christina wise Avatar
    christina wise

    would love her shes perfect!

  258. Angela Y Avatar
    Angela Y

    I have been eying all the purple and pink gals 🙂 We would love Jilly!

  259. Shanna Avatar

    She’s beautiful! We’d love her – thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  260. Christine Avatar

    Much like you, I am a creative mom who is seeking to use my artwork to make others happy and help my family. I know bringing this beautiful girl home to us would make my daughter enormously happy!! I love what you do, keep up all your amazing work!

  261. Janice Avatar

    Eep! She’s gorgeous! Crossing everything I own…..

  262. ZEIDA Avatar

    2nd vote. 🙂 Thanks again!!

  263. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.

    Oh my, how lovely!

  264. Meghan Kohles Avatar
    Meghan Kohles

    Wow! What a sweet thing to do! She is lovely!

  265. Melissa Romandy Avatar
    Melissa Romandy

    Love her!

  266. Heather McMillan Avatar
    Heather McMillan

    Ooh! We love purple grape Jilly!!!

  267. Michelle D. Avatar
    Michelle D.

    Holly and Rosie would LOVE to have her come play with them!

  268. Michelle C Avatar
    Michelle C

    Oooh. Pretty gal! You are so awesome!!

  269. Jean W Avatar
    Jean W

    Yay Jilly! We’d love to welcome her into our home! xoxo Congratulations on reaching a very significant milestone!

  270. Tanya O. Avatar
    Tanya O.

    omg she is go gorgeous!

  271. Lance C Avatar
    Lance C

    She is very pretty.

  272. Sheri Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!

  273. Sarah Avatar

    She’s GORGEOUS!
    HUGE congrats on 5000!!

  274. Irene Avatar

    LOVE her hair, Christina!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  275. Brandon Y Avatar
    Brandon Y

    My daughter would love her!

  276. Shanlynn Bowman Avatar
    Shanlynn Bowman

    Congrats on 5000!:) She is beautiful and we <3 purple!!

  277. Jamie Avatar

    Reminds me of a doll my grandmom, Ethel Murtz, had long ago. My daughters would cherish her.

  278. Suzi Avatar

    My dd would love her, she is perfect.

  279. Chrystel Avatar


  280. Jenny H Avatar

    Congratulations! We’d love to have her:)

  281. Jennifer Whitehead Avatar
    Jennifer Whitehead

    I LOVE the funky hair girls!!! Send this purple goodness our way PLEASE!!! 🙂

  282. Reuben Avatar

    Wow! She’s perfect for my daughter

  283. Chris Avatar

    We would love for Jilly to join our family!

  284. Jean Avatar

    Love her!

  285. Thomas Pelham Avatar
    Thomas Pelham

    My daughter would love such a pretty doll! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  286. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh YES I hope it’s my lucky day. What a birthday gift this would be 🙂

  287. Amy R Avatar
    Amy R

    Oh so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Courtney Puhl Avatar
    Courtney Puhl

    What a beautiful doll!! Thanks for the chance!

  289. Kelly Fewins Avatar
    Kelly Fewins

    Congratulations on 5000 fans!!! I would love to win your beautiful Jilly doll. My daughter would LOVE her!! Thanks so much for the chance to have her!! Warmest wishes:)

  290. Rachel Avatar

    I adore your dolls. I would love for my little girl to have a doll that is made of beautiful materials that I can trust her to be safe playing with. I am tired of all of the cheap plastic dolls that are sold in stores. Your dolls are just perfect. Today is her 1.5 birthday! 🙂

  291. Mark Avatar

    My daughter would love this little gal!

  292. Christine Avatar

    She is adorable!!

  293. Tori Piercy Avatar

    OMGosh, wow she is perfection! My little girl would just adore her!

  294. Emma Avatar

    She has the most beautiful hair – please pick me!

  295. Kevin Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  296. Rowan Avatar

    I love her!

  297. Ron Puhl Avatar
    Ron Puhl

    Thanks for the chance to win for my daughter!

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  299. Sarah Avatar

    Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! She would be well loved here by us all. 🙂

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    She’s gorgeous!

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  302. Laura M. Avatar
    Laura M.

    Congrats on 5000!!! Jilly is adorable! I would love to give her to my daughter for her 1st birthday. 🙂

  303. Justin Avatar

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  304. Cat Avatar

    She is adorable!!

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    Pick me please!

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    my niece would love this doll.

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  311. Dawn Iozzo Avatar
    Dawn Iozzo

    She is amazing! I have a beautiful new Great niece named Jillian and…. I think she needs her!Love. Love, Love her!!

  312. Whylil Avatar

    Pick me please… again….!

  313. alicia wohler Avatar
    alicia wohler

    I would so love her for my daughters birthday next month. This would be the perfect gift for her!!! I will cross my fingers for her!!!!!!

  314. Katie L. Avatar

    I’m feeling lucky today! I promise, if I win her, I’ll share her with my 7 year old daughter. They can sleep together, but during the day, she’s all mine! Lol. Ok, a girl can dream. Even a big girl like me. She’s beautiful, as always.

  315. tara Avatar

    Adorable! Would love to win this girl! Thank you for the chance!

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    My daughter would absolutely fall in love with this little girl! It would make her upcoming birthday so very special!

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    Ronda Zeigler

    adorable! perfect for my collection!

  319. Tan L. Avatar
    Tan L.

    <3 lovvvve!

  320. Boon Avatar

    what a perfect little girl… would love to give her to my perfect little girl!

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    Nancy K

    What a beauty!!! Congrats on reaching another milestone!

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    Mary E.

    She is a beauty!!! We would loooove to win!

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    Kenneth Whitehead

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    Craig B

    We would love her!

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    my little granddaughter has a birthday coming up. what a great gift!

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  329. Julia B. Avatar
    Julia B.

    What a cutie!

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    Meredith Speirs

    Oh she is positively pinky purpley perfect.
    My girls would love her every minute of every day and me too! he he.

  331. Danielle Avatar

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    thanks for the chance

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    Lisa W

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  341. Ashley L Avatar
    Ashley L

    She is just beautiful!

    Congrats to you on 5000 facebooks fans…though we all know in the world outside of facebook there are even more! =)

  342. Aart andriessen Avatar
    Aart andriessen

    I know a precious little girl that would just love to have this doll

  343. Rachel Seltzer Avatar

    This would be for my best friends sweet angel girl Gracie, who I saw come into this world and I love her like my own..She loves baby dolls and would LOVE Jilly!!!!!

  344. Christina A Avatar
    Christina A

    What a beautiful purplicious girl!

  345. Debbie Avatar

    Ohhhh I would just fall to pieces for this lovely little lady!! Congrats on 5000!!

  346. Rachel Seltzer Avatar

    Gracie would love Jilly so much! And to know I made that happen would be pretty special

  347. Michelle Helfrich Avatar
    Michelle Helfrich

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    Cassie T

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  349. Jackie dejongh Avatar
    Jackie dejongh

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    kristen hebert

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    This is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! I am going to be an aunt for the first time in a few weeks. I’d love to give this to my niece!

  358. charles Avatar

    Would love for my daughter!

  359. Jessica egerton Avatar
    Jessica egerton

    My little ones favorite color is purple!! This one is perfect for her!

  360. Matt Avatar

    Because my wife wants her!

  361. Travis Avatar

    Generous and hoping for my family!

  362. Carol Avatar

    She is just beautiful 🙂

  363. Kate in NOLA Avatar
    Kate in NOLA

    So Sweet!Perfect colors for Valentines Day!

  364. Jamie Avatar

    Such beautiful hair- what a treasure!

  365. Julie Avatar

    oh she is perfect! we’ve been trying for a purple/ pink gal for a very long time!! She is totally my daughter’s dream! Thanks for the chance!!

  366. Kathleen L Avatar
    Kathleen L

    So very sweet! <3

  367. Tracy Avatar

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  368. Hardy Avatar

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  374. Jasmine's Mommy Avatar
    Jasmine’s Mommy

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    Nick Thomas

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  384. David C. Avatar
    David C.


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    Lacy R

    What a pretty gal. Congrats on 5000 fans!

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    Sarah M

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    Morgan Nahanee

    She would be oh so welcomed into our home!

  389. Laura Lou Avatar
    Laura Lou

    Oh she is delightful! We would love to have her come live with us here in Australia!
    Rest assured she would be loved and adored!

  390. Kimmie Avatar

    What a Little Princess in Purple and Pink 🙂 My daughter would LOVE her!!!!

  391. Steph C Avatar
    Steph C

    She is perfect!

  392. rose Avatar

    she’s cute!

  393. Stephanie M Avatar
    Stephanie M

    Crossing my fingers and toes!!! Thanks C!!

  394. Jenny Avatar

    Love her! And to win a doll, that would be AMAZING! Thanks for doing a give away 🙂

  395. Steve Avatar

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  398. Sara Avatar

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    Heather H

    Just precious! Thank you for the opportunity. <3

  400. Shay Avatar

    *crossing fingers* 🙂

  401. Debbie Bracken Avatar
    Debbie Bracken

    My Grandaughter would absolutly love this doll!!!! I would love to be able to get it for her! It is beautiful!

  402. Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Oh my! Hoping to bring her home to us.

  403. krista Avatar

    what a cutie! thanks so much for the opportunity!

  404. Andrew Avatar

    I think Jilly and my daughter would be fast friends.

  405. amy Avatar

    So cute. Fingers crossed.

  406. Jonathan Avatar

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  407. Tanya Avatar

    WOW what a great give away!!!! Congrats on reaching 5000!!!!

  408. Elaine Avatar

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    Nicole m

    Here’s hoping 5000 is my lucky number 😉

  410. Victoria Lee Avatar
    Victoria Lee

    Purple is our favorite color! 🙂

  411. Mike Avatar

    Congrats on your 5000 fans! Well deserved.

  412. Kelli Avatar

    She is absolutely beautiful! We would be very blessed to have her and would love if you would consider us :c)

  413. Jennifer G Avatar
    Jennifer G

    Wow, she is stunning. Congrats on reaching 5000 fans.

  414. Rebecca Harvey Avatar
    Rebecca Harvey

    Oh she is perfect. I would love to welcome Jilly into our home.

  415. Lindsay Avatar

    Adorable as always. We would be happy to have her!

  416. Paul P Avatar
    Paul P

    The ladies in my house would love this doll!

  417. Eva Dorman Avatar
    Eva Dorman

    Hoping for the Jilly! 🙂

  418. Danita Avatar

    Please let her come to live at our house.

  419. Eileen Avatar

    What a beautiful girl! She would make a lovely donation to a children’s charity.

  420. Chelsea Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks!! I hope I win her 😉

  421. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  422. .Libbi Avatar

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!!! My 4 daughters would give her a lovely home!!

  423. genia Avatar

    YAY!!! Congrats on 5000+ fans…you def deserve it:-) and Jilly is a cutie!!!!

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    She is amazing!! My daughter would LOVE her!! Congrats on your beautiful business 🙂

  425. Cristen Avatar

    She is precious!

  426. Craig Avatar

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  427. Megan Avatar

    She has the most wonderful hair! My daughter would LOVE her!

  428. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  429. Tanya Avatar

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  430. Tony Avatar

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  432. SAra Avatar

    Pure. Purple. Pleasure.

  433. Kristina Avatar


  434. Jon Avatar

    I love this doll. My little girl went crazy when she saw her. (Hope we win!)

  435. mandy huber Avatar
    mandy huber

    oh she is so beautiful!! She would be a perfect baby for our baby girl 🙂

  436. Jason Avatar


  437. Jill Avatar

    That’s my name! We’d love to have her!

  438. Nan Avatar

    Very nice of you to do this! And fun. Good luck to everyone!

  439. cheryel swisher Avatar
    cheryel swisher

    Abby would love her …its her favorite color..she is three:) Thank you!

  440. kathy shay-shapiro Avatar
    kathy shay-shapiro

    Oh my granddaughter would love her – so pink and purple. We can’t get enough of those colors.

  441. Arden F Avatar
    Arden F

    She’s very cute!

  442. Misty Avatar

    Oh what a pretty little lady. My little lady would love her purple “fairy” hair (as she would call it.)

  443. Carlin Avatar

    beautiful as always!

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  445. Hallie Garrett Avatar


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