fun day in the c-hill

That’s slang for Cobble Hill. All the cool kids call Cobble Hill the C-Hill. No, not really- I just made that up.

We had the best time today at the Cobble Hill Country Fair. For the past few weeks everytime I’ve ventured to my local post office, grocery store, where ever people have been asking me if I’m going to the Fair. I didn’t go last year because Jasper was only a few weeks old. What a great time we had, I was totally surprised by what a big deal this was. All the 4-H kids were there showing off their livestock, these kids were just so wholesome looking- so proud of their cows! The best part of the fair had to be the poultry prizes, OMG those little bantam chickens are the cutest things alive! I met up with Constance and her whole family there. Her brother was with her and he’s been raising Bantam chickens for 39 years- same bloodline! He told me that he started the chickens by stealing eggs at Country Fair’s like this one and then tried hatching them. The eggs that hatched are the ancestors of the chickens he has today. So cool. Next spring we are starting up our chickens.

Here are some pictures of my day.


A real blacksmith! This man was very popular with Benjamin and Teo. He made them nails to take home (?). This is almost as good as this…

dsc_0106.jpg dsc_0126.jpg

Umm, yeah, note the ax by Ben’s foot.

Good times!






4 responses to “fun day in the c-hill”

  1. Christine Avatar

    I guess I’m too much of a city gal to understand this, but it does look interesting and I’m sure kids love it! That blacksmith looks a bit scary with the huge beard and the fire. 🙂


  2. Berrie Avatar

    Ha! We have a rinky dinky fair her too. Island County Fair. Everyone comes out for the fun. Lumberjack, good (and bad) music, loads of 4-H animals and the funniest little Home Arts displays.
    Ahhhh…good times in a small town.

    zo Berrie

  3. Monica Avatar

    A stolen chicken bloodline! LOL! That cracks me up!!!
    Looks like a fun time…we have a small fair like that too! I notice in your picture that there is a “mechanical cow milking” area. We had a goat milking display. My just turned 3 year old Emma studied those little goaties being milked then turned to me wide eyed (and loud) and said “Momma…that is just like you getting milk from your bobbies for Bear!” Um…I died a little. Everyone was looking to see who “momma” was. Clearly, it was I – the red faced momma. 😉 Silly girl. I’ll never pump in front of her again…though it may not matter. Her little steal trap mind held onto that one for a year or so! She’s only seen Bear nursed since I quit teaching! Who knows when (or what) she’ll share again! lol

  4. Leanna Avatar

    Thanks for the picture! Those Silkies are super chickens. WE had a couple of them that were older when we got them, and sadly they are gone. To funny about the stolen eggs! Good for him though. I really like the country fairs, and the kids with the 4 h animals are great. I don’t know if I could let Poppy do it, I would have to figure out how to keep the animal, I couldn’t let it go to auction!

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