few of my favorite things…

I’m starting a new thing on Thursdays where I’ll list a few things that I’ve found while clicking around the internet. I love when other bloggers do these kinds of lists – almost as much as I love to see studio shots.


You know those things that you go through as a parent that you don’t know what you couldn’t do without? Mally’s Bibs is one of them. If you haven’t heard of these bibs, they are amazing. Made from leather – clean up couldn’t be easier and when you’re done with them they just stick on the fridge. We’ve used ours with Jasper since he started solids and have had the same one ever since. Mally’s Bibs is owned by  a mama named Nicole with whom I had the pleasure of working next to years ago at a Baby Fair  in Vancouver. Anyhow, this is a great product and I just had to share it with you all. Love it!  BTW – these make amazing shower presents – everyone loves them, I always make sure to bring a Mally bib when I get invited to one. Even the grandmas are impressed by it’s sheer cleverness.


These mugs by CircaCeramics are on my wishlist right now. John and I are BIG tea drinkers and no cup seems ever large enough. Now THIS is a  tea cup!! 20 oz and weighing in at over a pound (!) this is serious. I love the graphics. I want the sewing machine one and I’m going to get John the chainsaw mug. He’s always going on about how he wants a chainsaw – it’s kind of a joke in the house because he totally doesn’t need a chainsaw – I mean, really, for what? Unless he can start using it to carve eagles out of tree stumps, I don’t think its a necessity (yes, I have seen men carve eagles out of treestumps – I live in rural Canada, remember?)


The lovely Tressa from Dress Me Up is having a giveaway on True Cuddles that you need to check out. Her Teething BonBons were a staple at our home while Jasper was in the midst of teething times. We always had one in the freezer ready for him to suck and nibble on. He loved them.






7 responses to “few of my favorite things…”

  1. Monica Avatar

    Great post!! I want two bibs now. 😉

  2. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    I just got my Mally bib! We have the sushi motif. I meant to take pictures of it today actually but the sun went down too fast. You know how it goes.

  3. bethany Avatar

    I wish I had seen these things for the baby when mine were little!! I love the tea cups!!! My husband is the exact same way… but he got a chainsaw… now I fear for all the trees in my woods!!!! And for his life! If you can buy the teacup, stick with that!!

  4. Robyn Avatar

    I too have seen the men carve eagles out with chainsaws, it’s pretty incredible actually!

  5. dottyspots Avatar

    ROFL! Men and their ‘toys’ – really the number of not-necessary items my husband gets that then sit in the shed…

    They look like fab cups though.

  6. The Wool Fairy Avatar

    Love, love, love the cup!

    My hubby does own a chainsaw…..but the purchase was actually justified in my case. Sadly he’s not carving eagles for me, just firewood (: All I can say is that it scares the heck out of me!! I’d stick with the chainsaw cup for sure (:

  7. Cheryl Avatar

    We live in the middle of Calgary and my Hubby has a chainsaw. There was no stopping him. But he has used it to help a neighbour take down some trees. And now we have wood for the firepit this summer!

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