A while back I asked for everyone’s opinion on fabric ( I just mailed the winner her fabric winnings yesterday.. embarrasingly late!) With everyone’s opinions in mind I ended up choosing 5 different fabrics. Here are 2 of them all sewn up into new clothing. These 2 gals are going up on Etsy tomorrow.

calista6.JPG madeline2.JPG

I still think the owls are a bit freaky, but this doesn’t seem to phase the little ones. Benjamin fell in love with this fabric and demanded that I make him pants out of it. Hmm, we’ll see about that. Maybe I’ll do cords with the owls  on the bottom half of the pant. I just picked up a kids clothing pattern that I’m determined to use.

Just a few more days before the Win A Doll contest is over! I’m so excited about this one. Thanks so much for everyone that has entered, really! You gals are the best!








7 responses to “fabrics..”

  1. andrea Avatar

    oh you went with the owls! i LOVE those freaky little owls. and we think YOU are the best!

  2. Dayna Avatar

    I thought the owls a little strange when I saw the fabric swatches you showed us. Now that I see it made into something – big difference. They aren’t so creepy now. It’s actually a really sweet fabric. 🙂

    And as for creeping kids out… my husband and I took our 2 year old, Abbie, to a movie awhile back. “Tales of Desperaux” – with the little mouse. Part way through the movie he has to go into the sewers where the rats live, and there are all kinds of skulls etc down there (I think it was supposed to be in Paris, and those were the catacombs? I can’t remember). Anyway, another father had to leave IMMEDIATELY with his 2 girls, who appeared to be 4 and 6, because they were just terrified. Screaming, tears, the whole bit. He looked absolutely mortified, and I really felt bad for the girls.

    But my Abbie’s reaction? She screamed “YAY! MOMMA, PIRATES! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!”

    Different strokes, right? Some people will be like my Abbie, and just love creepy lookin’ owls. LOL.

    Great job on the new dolls, Christina and Co. 🙂 You totally rock.

  3. Tanya Avatar

    I’m so happy you went w/the owls. It is perfect!

  4. admin Avatar

    Thanks ladies! I really like the owls too – the scale works well with the dolls and it’s one of those easy to work with patterns that has things upside down and right side up. Okay -off to pack boxes!!

  5. Erica Hildebrand Avatar
    Erica Hildebrand

    Those owl’s are very adorable..maybe a bit freaky but I think that just makes them like it more.

  6. cheryl Avatar

    LOVE the hedgehogs, I want a dress like that!

  7. Monique Avatar

    super cute outfits christina!

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