Every day a new outfit

How do I feel this morning, what is the plan for today?
Staring at the closet makes you go through the upcoming day again.
Do I feel a dress will do today, or jeans, or maybe both?
Should I get up a little earlier so I can take my time and look great every morning?
On my bike to work I have the time to show my clothing choice off.
I show it to the birds, cows, horses and swans, but no response.
The highlight of my trip to Bamboletta is crossing the highway. 4 rows of cars waiting, like an audience, till I make my way across!!
I hope I did a good job this morning? But no response.
Arriving at work I have the job of the world, forget about my outfit… I  can create an
outfit for the dolls to make them all shine! She will feel great and look her best in
the purple dress, he will go for a walk in his green shoes and hoody. The difference
between all our little Bamboletta friends and me, is that they get custom
outfits, specially made for them. Fabrics carefully put together. A bow and maybe
some ruffles. Friday is the big day, they show their outfits proudly and get tons of response.

Maybe it is time that I get up a little earlier every morning and make myself an outfit.

Our beautiful Thamar travels all the way from Holland to us.
Our beautiful Thamar travels all the way from Holland to us.

– Thamar






5 responses to “Every day a new outfit”

  1. Shauna Avatar


  2. Suzannah Avatar

    OH I’d beep my horn good morning to you as you crossed hwy 4 if I were sitting at that stop light!!! Lovely morning routine! You look great! Darn cow’s better mooooo at you tomorrow!!

  3. Kim Avatar

    Those un-noticing peeps are just jealous. HAHA! And it’s so nice to take-in and enjoy your trip to work… (if you can’t enjoy that then the work you’re doing isn’t worth it.) 😉

  4. Kinda Avatar

    Fantastic photo! And I love imagining you on your morning ride to work!

  5. rickiann Avatar

    Perfection ! HONK HONK ,,, thats if I were in a car ! You look great and I know you do everyday bc these dolls always look beautiful in the clothing they have on Im pretty sure your ideas of cute fashion rub off on what you wear :-)!
    Thank you for all the little touches ! The bows the ruffles all of it thank you

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