Elizabeth is taking Piper home…

Congrats to our winner this month, Elizabeth, who will be receiving Piper in the mail soon!

Here is what Elizabeth left in her comment…

Piper would fit right in at our home, she is lovely and we would have so much fun with her……….

Congrats to you Elizabeth!!

Now on to our second prize – two wonderful books of snappy kids poems from the lovely author Tiffany Stone!

Heather, who left us this comment…

Oh, I love her! She would fit right into our family! And those books, they look wonderful! Happy Birthday!

Congrats to you too Heather!!

Stay tuned for another giveaway in about a months time. I’ll send out another Newsletter and yak about it on my Facebook.

Thanks for all  your entries,  lovely comments and birthday wishes! I have the BEST customers ever!

I’ll be blogging soon – seriously, I mean it this time! Summer and blogging just don’t mix well for me.








10 responses to “Elizabeth is taking Piper home…”

  1. CanCan Avatar

    Congrats Ladies!
    Enjoy your loot!

  2. Monica Avatar

    Congratulations Elizabeth and Heather! What lucky ladies!!

  3. Paula Avatar

    Congratulatins to the winners!!
    Also just a side comment – I love the order site – very organized (for someone who is not so organized and very visual)! I have not been to the order section since last Christmas and well it is that time again…..now I just need to make up my mind. Those babies are very cute!

  4. Heather Avatar

    I am so excited to win the books! Thanks so much!

  5. cheryl Avatar

    Congratulations! Happy snuggling and reading Elizabeth and Heather!

  6. mominco Avatar

    Dear Cristina,
    Your dolls are sooo beautiful.Do you have a store in Vancouver?We are coming to WA this month and plan on coming to Vancouver as well,If you do have a store I would love to bring my family.I found you when I was looking for unique places to see in Vancouver and somehow stumbled upon your site.I have seen a lot of fabric dolls somehow yours have a uniqueness to them,can’t pin point exactly but there is something special.
    I wish I was half as talented as you all.:-)Wishing you the very best.

    PS–My daughter wants to set her homepage to Bambolettadolls!

    1. admin Avatar

      Hello – Thanks for your inquiry! No, I don’t have a store in Vancouver. One day I dream to open a little workshop/storefront here – but that’s a ways away… If you are on Main Street though – Beansprouts may, and I mean may have a doll or two. I haven’t checked in with Angie the owner for a bit so I’m not sure. I don’t plan on stocking any stores in the future though – I just never have enough ‘extra’ to give to stores 🙂

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  8. Elizabeth Avatar

    Thank you again!!! I will send pictures of Piper in her new home once she arrives! You made our day! EB 🙂

  9. mominco Avatar

    Dear Christina,
    Thank you for the reply.I have been following you on FB and you new lil’doll looks awesome.
    I am sorry you don’t have a store,but happy for you that you don’t have extras to sell.
    That is a such a huge compliment to your craftmanship that your dolls are so popular.Yes,I will
    check Beansprouts!I am sooooo afraid if my Dd and I see your dolls we will have to bring it home.
    After all the $$ I put down on buying her American girl dolls this last year,I’m not sure I can afford any right now.One day soon!!!!!!!!:-D

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