dye envy

Just a quicky to add to yesterdays post. Check out these classes offered at Maiwa in Vancouver. I was too late for sign up but I’m on a wait list for the ‘Introduction to Dyes’ class.. how dreamy!

Here’s a quick pic to show you how the lady gnomes I’m making for Robert are progressing. We are going to make a tunic/legging outfit for them with coordinating pockets.







3 responses to “dye envy”

  1. Sue Avatar

    They are very cute!
    Love the hair.
    I think after I get the mohair wool share that I bought, I will try my hand on dying wool as well. :0)

  2. Paula Avatar

    I am going to have to have a lady gnome. I bought a gnome of yours from Robert quite some time ago and he needs a mate.
    Plus, I LOVE them already!

  3. admin Avatar

    You have to do it Sue! It’s so much fun!
    Paula, lol, it’s so cute, they could go on gnome dates in the forest collecting mushrooms!

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