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Most of this post is for us who do our own dyeing, I don’t think it will be that interesting for everyone else..so basically it’s for Berrie and me! Look at this shop, it’s Maiwa on Granville Island.  Everything you could imagine for dyeing, natural fibres to dye and books galore. I basically have the same route that I take each time I go into Vancouver and it usually starts here, then to Terra Breads for their amazing Apple Rosemary Bread delightful-ness which is located at the Granville Island market.



So, on the dolls, I’m working right now on a few dolls for Natural Pod. These two gals should be up in the next day and I’ll have two more up on there by weeks end. I’m also sending a few down to Robert , including LADY gnomes – OMG, so fun to make, and some other dolls to take to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Then I’ve got a sweet bunch of dolls to finish up for my window display at Birkeland Bros. coming up. I picked up my doll ‘props’  on Friday from Constances partner Mike, who is an amazing carpenter. He built me a table and 2 chairs and a swing that hangs from a branch. I will take pictures, I meant to today but my battery died. I am finishing up a bunch of custom orders as well. Phew, busy!







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  1. Monique Avatar

    Christina! I love reading your blogs- it keeps me up to date with what you’ve been up too. I was at that shop at Graville Island a few weeks ago and thought of you!

  2. Meike Avatar

    I think I could die very happily in that store. 🙂 Wow.

    And it’s just so much fun to see your dolls progress! I mean, they’re gorgeous to start with, of course, but they just keep on getting even more gorgeous! So if I don’t die of dye envy, I think I’ll die of sweetness. Or something. 🙂

    Happy dollmaking!

  3. Berrie Avatar

    Swooooon! Is there no end to the wonderful shops and events in your area? Will you just adopt me so I can live there too? We could work together, how about that? 🙂

  4. nathalie Avatar

    sounds like you will be busy for a few days to come!!!! aren’t you always? this store looks amazing!!!!! i bet you went nuts going through all of the things in there!

  5. admin Avatar

    Hey Monique! I hope you are well and your sister is having a good time with the new babe! Can you email me her home address? I want to send her a present 🙂
    Meike.. I dye everytime I go there, They are offering classes through the fall with dying, weaving, knitting, felting classes..OMG! They have one called Funk Shui Felting.. ack! I could explode with excitment over that one! Here is the link for the classes http://www.maiwa.com/symposium/workshops.html I put myself down for the waitlist for the ‘Introduction to Dyes’ I was too late to sign up.
    Berrie, they aren’t really in my area. It’s in Vancouver- about 4 hours ferry/car ride away. I moved from there about a year and a half ago to my sleepy Cobble Hill. I’m there every month though to visit my family and friends and get ‘supplies’. Really Berrie, if I win the lottery I’m setting us up! The studio that I had the pic of before is around the corner from this shop. I’ve talked to the council at Granville Island about having a studio there, they looked at me very dubiously when I said I was a dollmaker- not a serious craft in their eyes 😉 Little do they know the blood, sweat and tears that go into our dolls!
    Nathalie- I can’t not be busy, it’s my nature and I really just love doing the dolls so much! Anytime I have some time, very rarely.. I go to my workshop and sew- it is so satisfying and relaxing for me.
    xo Ladies!

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