Dollies in the Closet and the Possiblity of ‘Meh’


I have a feeling that there are a lot of dollies hiding in closets all over the world just waiting to meet their new mommies (and daddies) this holiday season. I just wanted to give you storage ‘tips’ if you too have a dollie in the closet. I also wanted to throw in a few thoughts on opening ‘day’ and the possibility of the ‘Meh’ reaction.

First off please make sure that the doll is wrapped in the plastic that she came in. If you are storing the doll then wrapping her entirely in plastic will protect her in case something damp gets around her and prevents the tissue paper from sort of melting on to her skin. I’ve never, ever heard of this happening but these are the things I think about at 3am. So .. keep her in the plastic and keep her safe! Also, if you have some natural soap around (like lavender or something like that) it’s nice to break off a little piece and put it in the box with her (but not against her skin/hair in case of staining (?) ) then she’ll smell all lovely when she comes out. This may not be a good thing however if you have a smell sensitive child – so keep that in mind.

The Possibility of ‘Meh’

Months and months of trying each upload and ,finally, you got your child a doll! You have her hiding in a closet waiting for the ‘opening’ day .. the day comes and you are SO excited, anticipating your child’s excited response , your little one opens it and ‘Meh’ – NOT the reaction you anticipated! It’s hard not to feel a bit of disappointment, you tried SO hard to get this doll. You pictured it to be like all those dreamy pictures on Facebook of kids and their dolls – this reaction was not what you expected. If you are giving the doll at holiday time, with many other presents – well, it does happen. Bamboletta’s don’t come with flashy packaging or cool commercials and some kids just don’t get excited about  them. Holiday gift time can be overwhelming for kids and it’s usually the flashy toys that get played with first (I’m going by experience here with my 2 boys).  In my house, the Superhero factory whatever toy that my mom got them is what is torn open and played with while the gorgeous handcarved blocks get the ‘Meh’ reaction. But you know what? I don’t even know where the Superhero factory toys are anymore but the handcarved blocks are played with every. single. day. So – don’t be quick to rehome or sell your doll if you don’t get the reaction you are expecting. Wait a bit, give the relationship some time to develop because when it does – it’s magic to see the bond between a child and their doll . I’ve heard from countless moms the regret they feel after they quickly sell their child’s doll after the holidays because the reaction wasn’t what they wanted and they wish they had given it some time.

Even though this post is titled ‘Boys and Dolls’ I’ve put in some more thoughts  about how to introduce dolls.

Saying all this I can not WAIT for the kids and dolls pictures posted on Facebook on Christmas day .. last year was so awesome. There are few things I love more then children and their dolls pictures!!







29 responses to “Dollies in the Closet and the Possiblity of ‘Meh’”

  1. Grace Avatar

    I would loved one for mine grandbaby to win, so far trying 3 months and nothing….
    Those dolls reminde me of Europe…. I will be still trying to get one for Christmas !!!!
    Thanks for all special things you doing to help people around !!

  2. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    I forgot about all those happy Christmas morning pictures- I cant wait either 🙂
    btw I finally found a moment to read back on your old blog and it is so sweet and wonderful, love that gnome doll you made!!!

  3. Lori Gaston Avatar

    I so hope that I’ll get to give my baby girl a Bambo under the tree this year! I’m dreaming of a curly blonde LB girl like the one buried three rows in from the bottom in that picture! 😀 I can’t imagine I’ll get much reaction from a 17 month old, but I’m hoping, hoping, hoping!!! <3

  4. Cassandra Avatar

    Love this and how true!
    …….. ♟☦♟ ……………
    ………♟☦♟……Cannot wait for all the holiday season pictures too. Plus….flashy toys break…handmade is a lasting hit! 🙂

    1. admin Avatar

      I LOVE your amazing graphic ways – thank you Cassie!!

  5. Cassandra Avatar

    ^Poo….tree was not suppose to look like that. lol!


    I love this and cant wait to get the pics on christmas day !!! Im so excited ! I would be even more excited if I opened one 😉
    BUT i think most of all my son would be thrilled ! I however was unable to get him one bc I feel he needed one that was a good fit for a
    boy bc as you may have seen he only wants and loves the girls lol

  7. Linda Avatar

    @Cassandra – Your tree is awesome. Must be magic holding it up straight!! Christmas magic.

  8. melanie Avatar

    I cannot wait to see all the Christmas AM photos! What a thoughtful post, C.

  9. Tiffany O'Connor Avatar
    Tiffany O’Connor

    I love reading your blog. You are so right about the Meh, and I think I still love the dollies more! Thanks

  10. Christine Avatar

    I cheated and let my daughter catch me checking out our new-to-us Bambo. I wanted to get an idea of how she might react on Christmas. Ha! She grabbed her and tried to share her sippy. I think that we are going to have years of happiness with London. (Thank you again, Petra!! You truly found London’s forever home!)

  11. Michele Avatar

    Great tips! And we just so happen to have one of those pictured cuties in hiding. Thanks for the info!!

  12. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Can not wait to give Hallie her snuggle baby for Christmas! Thanks for all that you do Christina. Lots of love.

  13. Carma Rearick Avatar
    Carma Rearick

    I’m kinda hoping my daughter wouldn’t love her right away, then I can keep playing with her…LOL

  14. Lisa S Avatar
    Lisa S

    Personally, I am very nervous about giving my kids their dolls. I am almost debating holding them for their birthdays. My daughters would be easy… it’s three weeks after Christmas. Not sure. I am so excited for the long term relationship to build and there is no way I would ever give them away, but I also don’t want to be let down on Christmas by the competing presents that my parents are giving them. To my utter horror, the wish from Santa is for Disney princess barbies. Luckily, my kids don’t have tv so they don’t have any other requests. That has created the freedom to buy mostly high-quality toys. My son is only 18 mos at Christmas so we’ll see how he reacts. I know that they will love them in the long term so I have to remember that the ‘Meh’ will be short-lived, if experienced at all. I just love these dolls and want them to love them just as much. I am hoping that all the clothes and the wardrobe will help them to form a relationship through caring for them. Thanks Christina for the post.

  15. Bamboletta Helper Avatar
    Bamboletta Helper

    One of the best ways to avoid long term “Meh” is to foster the relationship. Include the doll in trips and play and bedtime, it really does help.

  16. Rebecca GM Avatar

    I love this post. I think it is such a great reminder that kids do not always react the way we would expect. There is something to be said for giving our kids and their dolls time to develop a relationship. We have been so fortunate that both kids instantly fell in love with their dolls. Despite love at first sight for them, it is still amazing to see how their relationships with their dolls have strengthened over time. We are so thankful to you and the Bamboletta team for providing such great dolls for our kids. I look forward to hearing about the new doll relationships that will form this holiday season. <3

    PS I also like how are vision of a "dream" doll can change over time. When I first began looking for a doll, I had a vision of hair color, eye color, etc. After seeing your dolls, I realized that there were so many different dolls I liked and that the kids would like. The kids really surprised me in their openness and acceptance of different dolls. It was so nice to see how their vision of their dream doll became the one that would be theirs, regardless of what they looked like! I wish everyone the best in finding their dream doll.

  17. Erika Avatar

    Wise words! My own girl had an “Oh, what else is there?” reaction. A friend had already prepared me for that possibility, so I was unfazed. Seeing them crazy in love and up to all kinds of antics now is no less precious for lack of any initial fireworks. Like a previous post said, it takes time to develop a friendship. Thank you for everything to all at Team Bamboletta.

  18. Jennifer Royster Avatar

    So excited and love what you do

  19. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    LOVE this post C! You know you will be seeing some Bambo love pics of Willow on Christmas! 😀

  20. Kara Carter Avatar
    Kara Carter

    Where is the like button? 😉

  21. Tracy Avatar

    Fortunately, we didn’t get the “Meh” with our first Dolly. And since she has been asking for a sister for Sapphire, I am sure she will bubble over when Dolly #2 “comes out of the closet. lol But I can just imagine…

  22. brooke Avatar

    OK..i totally let my girls play with their dolls (except for the 4 year old since she would remember her doll, my 2 year old played with hers though) and they were so cute with them. I also had an anity doll buying policy for the relatives so the girls could bond with their dollies. I have all intentions of doing what Bamboletta Helper said and including them in trips and playdates. They were so cute with the dolls though, hope that lasts!

  23. Amanda L Avatar
    Amanda L

    I’m hoping I can just GET a doll for my daughter for Christmas! Lol! I’d thought about the meh reaction too, but I’d imagine that it would be a long-term relationship 🙂 We’ve been holding out getting a ‘main’ present for Christmas, but it’s getting close now! Fingers crossed it will happen soon!

  24. Eileen P. Avatar
    Eileen P.


  25. Mary Avatar

    Darling !!!

  26. Madeleine C Avatar
    Madeleine C

    Great post! My 2.5 yr old daughter LOVED the brand-name princess doll with the awful smelling plastic hair and plastic shoes that she got as a Christmas present. We don’t watch TV at home, we try to be thoughtful about the toys and books we buy the kids etc, and yet the lure of the princess seemed irresistible. I was so sad. We gave her the Bambo for her birthday and her reaction was cool. Now, a year later, the plastic doll is all but forgotten (her appeal only lasted a week or so), and my daughter’s Bamboletta named “Princess Lili” (and another smaller and equally beautiful hand made doll) have become her steady companions, with their own personalities and histories. Thanks Christina for making the kinds of toys that enrich our children’s lives!

  27. Micaele Florendo Avatar
    Micaele Florendo

    After three years, my daughters live if her LB is still going strong. Baby Jane was treated to a showing of the nutcracker this week!

  28. Ilene Chalmers Avatar
    Ilene Chalmers

    I wish I could see my grandchildren open their gifts. Unfortunately, my twin grandsons and granddaughter live in Denver, Colorado 2000 miles from my home in Maryland. My granddaughter is getting her first Bamboletta this Christmas thanks to my nimble fingers and fast work computer. I do look forward to hearing all about it from my stepson and daughter-in-law. Meh or super excitement, I am so happy to be able to introduce Louisa to these gorgeous and darling sweeties. Happy Holidays to my favorite lovely ladies at Bamboletta who make this all possible. 🙂

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