Doll Winner

And the winner of Jasmyn is Colleen! Congrats Colleen! I have to admit, I was quite excited when I saw Colleen’s name – she was one of my first customers on Etsy. I made her a doll for her daughter to mark the birth of her second child and now she is expecting her third any day. Here’s a great pic of the two of them back in August ’06!

ooohhhh…she is just beautifully perfect as are all of your creations! Would love to win her and would be perfect timing as we are due with our third babe any day now and my toddlers would adore her :)

Love and light

And, yes, the last doll contest doll was named Jasmyn too . I totally forgot that I did that – no special signifigance, I just really like the name Jasmyn!

Thanks everyone for entering! It was nice to see so many familiar names. I wish I could give all of you dolls – you are all so sweet.

I’ll be back with the Lucita update – I’m going to catch the last few minutes of the biography of CoCo Chanel.








5 responses to “Doll Winner”

  1. andrea Avatar

    Congratulations to you Colleen you lucky duck. I’m still holding out hope for a boy doll give away someday! My boy doll hair never comes out right.

  2. Monica Avatar

    That is *awesome*! Must have been meant to be!!

  3. Lauren T. Avatar
    Lauren T.

    Congrats to Colleen!! What a blessing to her and her girls! That’s terrific!

  4. cheryl Avatar

    Congratulations Colleen on winning Also on your third…you do know they outnumber you now.

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