Doll Giveaway – Meadow


This is Meadow – and she’s my doll giveaway this week. Meadow is extra special as she is wearing an adorable dress made by Julie over at ZoZoBugBaby and a super cute reversible doll purse made by Dana for ZoZo! To enter, leave a comment at the end of this post (don’t click the picture and leave a comment). This contest is open to everyone, everywhere with a limit of 2 entries per household please! Contest closes on the 24th of August at 8pm PDT. I’ll choose the winner via Random Number Generator and will announce it here and over on Facebook. Good luck ladies!

I’ve also chosen 24 photos that I will print up and display in my new studio. You can view the photos here. A HUGE thanks to all of you who sent in  your photos – I really, really wish I could have chosen them all… maybe one day * if*  I have a huge studio then there would be tonnes of wall space to put all the lovelies up on the wall. Not only do I have the best customers around – but my customers have THE cutest children around. It will probably take me some time to get prizes out – so please bear with me.. I’m waiting for clothing to arrive and I’m moving in these next few weeks and doing a lot of painting and re arranging, etc. Once things are set up I’ll make sure to take a picture of the space .. I can’t wait to get out of the basement!

Lots of love to all of you,






1,222 responses to “Doll Giveaway – Meadow”

  1. janice rieg Avatar
    janice rieg

    love her =0)

  2. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    Gorgeous! My girlie would LOVE her!

  3. PreschoolDoll Avatar

    I want that doll!

  4. Jamie Robinson Avatar
    Jamie Robinson

    She is beautiful. I love her blue eyes.

  5. Ashley J Avatar
    Ashley J

    Love, love, love her!

  6. Amanda SIdwell Avatar

    OMG she is beautiful, your dolls go so quick- I’ve been trying for months now.. dang- why are you so popular? 🙂

  7. Mandy Moore Avatar

    Oh my goodness she is just a little bit of heaven! We’d love the stiffing out of her! (not really, but…really)!

  8. Aaron J Avatar
    Aaron J

    My daughter (and wife) would give her a wonderful home!

  9. Kim Creasy Avatar
    Kim Creasy

    My granddaughter, Aurora, would love her to pieces!

  10. Nichole Jones Avatar
    Nichole Jones

    Her hair is so super cute! My neice would love her for her 5th birthday!

  11. Denise Stalvey Avatar
    Denise Stalvey

    Love her!

  12. Royce Avatar

    OK now I’m just pretending my wife makes me do this. Nice doll 😉

  13. Barbara Avatar

    Oh I love her and so would my daughter! (But if I win I’d be tempted to keep her for me) lol

  14. Lee L Avatar
    Lee L

    She looks so huggable!

  15. Chris Avatar

    Love her!

  16. Nancy Avatar

    What a beautiful girl and outfit! So kind of you to host another giveaway 🙂

  17. Charles Avatar

    Would love to win her for my wife…

  18. Mary Avatar

    Such a beautiful doll! 🙂

  19. ErycaTheGreat Avatar

    I love the blue streaks in her hair… perfect!

  20. Tabatha Greenwood Avatar
    Tabatha Greenwood

    We would love to have her as part of our family!!!

  21. Casey Avatar

    Oh my, LOVE her hair!!! She’s just gorgeous!

  22. Anna Avatar

    She’s beautiful. She looks like she might be Australian??

  23. Brittney T Avatar
    Brittney T

    We would love to give her a new home 🙂

  24. joan rieg Avatar
    joan rieg


  25. Stephen Avatar

    my daughter would love her

  26. Angel Avatar

    She is beautiful!!!

  27. Mia Price Avatar
    Mia Price

    Ahhh, I must have this, my dd’s name is Meadow and her first birthday was TODAY! How perfect is that? 🙂

  28. Melanie S. Avatar
    Melanie S.

    She is so cute. Love her dress!

  29. Alan Thomas Avatar
    Alan Thomas

    Hope we can win her!

  30. Green Baboon Designs Avatar

    Such a sweet, cheerful, and beautiful doll! We’d love her to join our house!

  31. Julie Turner Avatar
    Julie Turner

    My 3 year old would love to be her best friend 🙂

  32. Dominic Avatar

    My daughter would love her forever!! So would my wife 🙂

  33. Alocia Avatar

    Lovely little flower child, I adore all the colors.

  34. karina Avatar

    oh she is just divine! surely shes heading for Australia??? She would be so loved here
    thankyou for putting up some gorgeous gals as give aways… still saving for my own ( ahem, i mean my daughters own) but this still keeps me hopeful…

  35. Megan Avatar

    My daughter’s birthday is on Saturday and I would love to be able to give this to her as a late birthday gift. 🙂 Thank you Christina for putting her up for a giveaway.

  36. Julie Turner Avatar
    Julie Turner

    Couldn’t love her more!!

  37. Lisa R. Avatar
    Lisa R.

    She’s gorgeous! My niece would love her! Thanks for all the great giveaways Christina!

  38. Pippa Buxton Avatar

    We love her summery look especially on this cold wintery day and would love to welcome her into our family! Crossing our fingers x

  39. mary Avatar

    soooooo pretty!

  40. bonnie nassau Avatar
    bonnie nassau

    So cute! I love her little blue eyes!

  41. Glenda Avatar

    Want her

  42. Dana Avatar

    She is beautiful! Love her hair! Love her dress! She’d be so much fun to have over here!

  43. gretchen Avatar

    simply stunning!

  44. Gem Avatar

    Cool hair, love her!

  45. Natalie Avatar

    Love this funky chic!!! Sooooo adorable!

  46. Dan Avatar

    My wife is making me enter, hope we win.

  47. Abby Avatar

    Oh! LOVE her!

  48. Lisa W Avatar
    Lisa W

    Love her, and my birthday girl would love her too!!

  49. Jodi O. Avatar
    Jodi O.

    We would love to add Meadow to our family!

  50. Alysha Avatar

    She is possibly the most precious thing out and well i’m currently a self confessed Zozo addict!

  51. Amy-Jo Ward Avatar
    Amy-Jo Ward

    We would love her and give her a nice warm and cozy home with a couple babies to play with.

  52. Lindsay Avatar

    OMgosh, she is gorgeous! I hope she will come live with us 🙂

  53. Sally Osborn Avatar
    Sally Osborn

    Love her!!

  54. bonnie nassau Avatar
    bonnie nassau

    I just love your work!

  55. Nancy Avatar

    Darling hair and that dress is amazing. She is beautiful!

  56. Tanya Walery Avatar
    Tanya Walery

    Would love this dolly. Don’t have one yet.

  57. Jackie Avatar

    Pretty girl!

  58. abbie Avatar

    My daughter would go gaga over this! She is the definition of girly girl!

  59. Jill W. Avatar
    Jill W.

    Beautiful! Thank you for giving us all a chance to give her a home.

  60. Bob Metelka Avatar
    Bob Metelka

    My daughter would love this!

  61. Sonja Taylor Avatar
    Sonja Taylor

    I love her hair! So cute!

  62. Devon S. Avatar
    Devon S.

    I would love to give her to my little sister! Please

  63. Dustin Greenwood Avatar
    Dustin Greenwood

    My wife has been trying desperately to win our daughter one of your dolls. I know my lil girl would love her.

  64. Gina Avatar

    Would love to add her to our family! Love the blue!

  65. Cathy Osborn Avatar
    Cathy Osborn

    My grandbaby would love this!

  66. Taj (2) Avatar
    Taj (2)

    come home to us Meadow! we will share our stickers with you..

  67. Laura Avatar

    Meadow is so lovely! Congratulations on your wonderful new space and best of luck with the move. We are looking forward to having our very own Bambo to send you pictures of. 🙂

  68. Dawn Avatar

    Wonderful, thank you for your awesome dolls and awesome give a ways!

  69. Danny Avatar

    My niece would love Meadow.

  70. Ronald Osborn Avatar
    Ronald Osborn

    My daughter would love to have this!

  71. Erin McK Avatar
    Erin McK

    She is amazing!

  72. Haley Joiner Avatar
    Haley Joiner

    Please pick my little girl it looks just like, but with out the blue hair. She is only 3, but I am sure whe would want blue hair if she had this doll!

  73. Alesia Avatar

    Her hair and outfit are SO sweet!

  74. Jamie Hicks Avatar
    Jamie Hicks

    meadow is adorable! I can’t wait to see your studio, and of course no rush on prizes, it’s a prize just being chosen to be a part of the studio!!!!!!

  75. Jane B. Avatar
    Jane B.

    Wow! She looks like my little girl-even with the bonde/blue hair! My daughter had a blue streak, while painting one day : ) Just gorgeous!

  76. Jen Avatar

    She’s so pretty!

  77. Rebecca Avatar

    O.M.G. She is STUNNING!!! Fingers and toes crossed 😀

  78. Ann Avatar

    I would love to add Meadow to our Waldorf family.

  79. Jason Moore Avatar

    My daughter (and wife) would love her so much. They may even fight over her! She is cute.

  80. Ayesha Avatar

    I have never had a Bamboletta before.. Meadow is calling me.. She is cheery and perfect for my little girl <3

  81. Kerry Harris Avatar
    Kerry Harris

    Oh, she’s gorgeous!! LOVE her hair!!

  82. Kristen Avatar

    I LOVE this doll, it reminds me of the one my grandma made me as a little girl. She just passed away about one month ago. You are very talented!

  83. Sherri Avatar

    I would love her to complete our Bambo family!

  84. Michelle Avatar

    Wow, so love her. LOVE!!

  85. Gina Avatar

    She’s amazing!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pops of blue in her hair. She would be our first Bambo!!

  86. koneko Avatar

    blue!!! so much <3

  87. Beckie Hultman Avatar
    Beckie Hultman

    Oh, my goodness. I would love to be able to give this to a special little girl who just joined the family.

  88. Meredith Avatar

    I love Meadow. She is adorable!

  89. Mia Avatar

    8/24 is my Daughters birthday!! I would Love to share this doll with her!
    Thank you!!

  90. Heather Avatar

    She is precious!!! She is looking right at me and saying “mommy” (ahem, I mean “grandma”).

  91. Anne Avatar

    Please, Meadow! Come live with us!!!!! Christina – she is beyond cute!

  92. Maria Avatar

    oh please, oh please, oh please!!! She is gorgeous, we are still hoping for our first Bamboletta before Christmas, maybe she will be the one.

  93. Julie Avatar

    We would love to give her a good home!

  94. Heather Avatar

    Is this Charlotte’s doll? We’ll see!

  95. greg Avatar

    super cute!!!

  96. Judy C Avatar
    Judy C

    Would love to have her!!!!

  97. Cindy Avatar

    love her 🙂

  98. celine Avatar

    she is super-cute, as always! 🙂

  99. Laura D. Avatar
    Laura D.

    She is adorable. My daughter would love her. Thanks.

  100. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.

    Love her! Nothing better than bambo and zozobug especially when they are paired together.

  101. tiphini Avatar

    Oh I LOVE how her eyes just POP!!!

  102. Mari Avatar

    wow!! they keep getting cuter!!!

  103. Stephanie H Avatar
    Stephanie H

    She is SO precious!! We’d love to make her part of our family!

  104. jennifer barrowman Avatar

    My daughter would love a specail doll like this. She would love her like no other =)

  105. Lisa Avatar

    Love this wee lady for my wee ladies! Fingers crossed!

  106. Tracy Torres Avatar
    Tracy Torres

    She is just adorable!!!

  107. Tracey Avatar

    Meadow is absolutely beautiful!! Love the hair, Zozo dress and purse. Too cute 🙂

  108. Caitlin D Avatar
    Caitlin D

    She is SO, SO cute. I would love to play with her.

  109. Joe Avatar

    This doll would be a perfect Christmas gift for my daughter.

  110. Jennifer G Avatar
    Jennifer G

    She is another cutie.

  111. Ashli Adams Avatar
    Ashli Adams

    Super cute! 🙂

  112. Mel Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  113. Angel J Avatar
    Angel J

    Precious! She’s ready for a hug!

  114. Tawana Avatar

    She’s so beautiful and would definitely be welcomed in my home. Lol!

  115. Sharon Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  116. Valery Avatar

    So sweet!!

  117. Felicia McGowin Avatar
    Felicia McGowin

    Oh my goodness she is adorable!

  118. Susan Avatar

    August 24th is the day *after* my littlest’s birthday, still I’m sure she’d be willing to accept Meadow a little late. =)

  119. Tonya Avatar

    “Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?”

  120. Jessica N. Avatar

    What an adorable doll. Would love win our first one!

  121. Liz Rego Avatar
    Liz Rego

    Oh I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!! LOVE her. Thanks for the chance to win…

  122. Melissa Avatar

    What a lovely little lady! We would love for her to be our first Bambo.

  123. sara Avatar

    oh she is just gorgeous….my daughter would be in heaven to add her to our family

  124. Jeremy Avatar

    My wife needs a doll so she can stop stalking your website! 😀 I promise to make her share it with our daughter.

  125. Cari Avatar

    love the hair!

  126. Jennifer Avatar

    My daughter would snuggle her ALL day long!!!

  127. Gina Avatar

    totally precious!

  128. Joel Avatar

    My daughter(s) would love Meadow. Thanks.

  129. Kam Avatar

    Awwww….she is DELIGHTFUL, a sweetie~pie!! She would certainly be “loved” at our home!! Thanks so much for your generosity!! 🙂

  130. Holly Avatar

    Love her!

  131. dennis Avatar

    My daughter & wife would love her!

  132. Gina Avatar

    And I love her name! And that dress, that dress, that beautiful dress!

  133. Paula Avatar

    Sooo amazing! As always!

  134. Chris Cardinal Avatar
    Chris Cardinal

    She is lovely Christina!!

  135. Katharine Avatar

    Love her blue hair- so cute!!

  136. Chad McGowin Avatar
    Chad McGowin

    My wife really wants this for our daughter, so I am the second comment for our house. 🙂

  137. Curtis Avatar

    Too cute for my baby girl!

  138. Cassie Cardinal Avatar
    Cassie Cardinal

    I would love for her to come live here with us!!

  139. Claire Avatar

    Only thing cuter then the blue highlights are the fabrics in that dress!

  140. MamAmor Avatar

    OMG Christina! She is adorable!!! I would absolutely LOVE to win her for my youngest lady…she’ll adore her forever!

  141. Katherine Avatar


  142. Janna Dickey Avatar
    Janna Dickey

    My granddaughter would love this beatifull baby!

  143. Jennifer Avatar

    She is so cute! Love the outfit and dress!

  144. Luke Avatar

    Trying to win her for my wife & girls…they are crazy about her!

  145. Cheri Avatar

    Super cute! We would love her.

  146. Joanna Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!

  147. Tommy Dickey Avatar
    Tommy Dickey

    My wife wants this for our granddaughter. I’m the second comment for our house.

  148. Austin Avatar

    She is great!

  149. Lauren Avatar

    I love her!!

  150. Erika Avatar

    She is so very sweet, I just love her!!!

  151. Kristen warner Avatar
    Kristen warner

    She’s beautiful! My daughter would love her!

  152. Jean Avatar

    Love the doll. My granddaughter would love it!

  153. Amie Avatar

    She is so bright and beautiful! I love the blue hair and eyes!

  154. Kari Moroz Avatar
    Kari Moroz

    What a beauty! I hope I win!

  155. Rema-Lian Bell Avatar
    Rema-Lian Bell

    omg she is my absolute new favorite i love love love her 🙂

  156. Gabrielle Avatar

    Bamboletta and ZoZo combine for a win… As always! Love her. 🙂

  157. amy craft Avatar
    amy craft

    She is beautiful!!!!

  158. Michelle Avatar

    Bambo AND Zozo?!! Too good to be true!

  159. Rema-Lian Bell Avatar
    Rema-Lian Bell

    really i can enter twice?! did i mention how much i LOVR her hehee

  160. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    Oh my gosh she is fun and fabulous! My girls would love her to pieces and that zozo dress is super cute!!!

  161. Julie Avatar

    I would love to give her to my daughter!

  162. Jenn Shehata Avatar
    Jenn Shehata

    So cute as usual. Can’t wait to get one for my daughter and I just had another girl! So I guess I’ll be trying for a second if I ever get a first 🙂

  163. Marijke Avatar

    Amazingly cute!! 😀

  164. Julie Avatar

    she is beautiful!

  165. Rshmi Avatar

    She is beautiful. I have been trying for a while for a doll, but no luck so far. Maybe this time! My daughter would love love love her.

  166. Lorraine Avatar

    Way too cute!

  167. Lindsay Avatar

    I love her blue eyes and sundress. My daughter would love to give her a home!

  168. Nicole Avatar


  169. Angella Avatar

    Love the hair! She is so cute!!!

  170. Carol Avatar

    Pick me!

  171. Christina Dennis Avatar

    I LOVE her!! You do amazing work. My 19 month old daughter would adore this little doll – she’s really starting to get into dressing & undressing dollies these days. 🙂

  172. Sarah Avatar

    I love her dress so much! Great Job!

  173. Jon Avatar

    I have two little girls who would adore this doll!

  174. Meredith Speirs Avatar
    Meredith Speirs

    What a gorgeous girl. She would be very welcome in my house of princess’ and she looks so huggable.

  175. Ally Avatar

    This blue girl needs to live at our house!

  176. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    Oh my goodness- she is heavenly! She would be perfect as Willow’s first Bambo! And I am loving the little purse (and the zozo of course)!!! Gorgy!
    Fingers and toes crossed here! Thanks for the opportunity! ♥ & 🙂

  177. Ron Avatar

    love the dress! my granddaughter would love her!

  178. Kobi Avatar

    I love Meadow!!! She is soooooooooooooo CUTE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  179. Ann Avatar

    too cute!

  180. Shelley Avatar

    Love the blue! She is adorable!

  181. Kate Avatar


  182. Steve Avatar

    She’d be perfect for our daughter!

  183. Sarah Avatar

    She is sooooo pretty! My daughter would adore her!

  184. Kolleen Avatar

    My grand baby would lover her! She loves bright colors and funky prints!

  185. Tonya Avatar

    Would love to give her a home!

  186. Natasha Avatar

    Soooo cute! We’d give her a great home 🙂

  187. Aimee Avatar

    She is so lovely. My daughters would love her

  188. ann Avatar

    love her!

  189. Tonya Avatar

    Too cute! She and her ensemble are adorable!

  190. Nicole Avatar

    What a doll 😉 We could give her a good home and lotsa love!

  191. Penelope Avatar

    She is divine!

  192. Josh Avatar

    I think both my son and daughter would dig this doll! My son is 3 and turns his sister’s dolls into pirates, and this one comes with boy friendly blue!

  193. Whitney Avatar

    How do they keep getting sweeter?? Love love love every detail!

  194. Krista Avatar

    She is amazing!!! We would love to have her!

  195. serena Avatar

    Adorable as always!!! We’d love to have her come live with us.

  196. Chris Avatar

    Perfect name for a beautiful doll.

  197. Rachel Avatar

    Love her piercing blue eyes!!

  198. melissa Avatar

    oh man is she ever adorable!
    i would completely flip my lid if we actually won!!!

  199. Jenn Avatar

    LOVE her!!! SO hoping she’s our first Bambo!

  200. Annie Avatar

    she is stunning!

  201. Allison Avatar

    WHAT a cutie! YOu are so sweet, C, to do a giveaway! 🙂

  202. Corey Avatar

    The wife & girls would love her.

  203. Paul Avatar

    Trying for my wife – she would love her!

  204. Ana Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  205. Jeannine Avatar

    She is so, so beautiful, Christina. LOVE!!

  206. carey Avatar

    Adorable! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  207. janine Avatar

    Love her and her adorable outfit!!!

  208. Rachel Avatar

    What a cutie! Love her. <3

  209. Jason Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  210. Jennifer Avatar

    I love her hair!

  211. Adrienne S Avatar
    Adrienne S

    LOVE her!

  212. Jonathan Avatar

    My wife and daughter would love her to pieces! Thanks for the chance.

  213. Inga Avatar

    She is beautiful! You do great work!

  214. Alison Avatar

    Oh wow – I love the different yarns used in her hair!

  215. emily Avatar

    she is ADORABLE! love!

  216. Philip Sullivan Avatar
    Philip Sullivan

    My girls (wife and daughter) would love her

  217. Ana Ramos Avatar
    Ana Ramos

    Meadow is gorgeous! Thanks for giving us this chance to take a gorgeous Bambo home!

  218. Melissa Avatar

    She is SOO beautiful!!! As all your dolls:-)

  219. Michele Avatar

    Oh my, how cute! My daughter would love her 🙂

  220. John Avatar

    Beautiful work – thank you for the chance to win!

  221. Kimberly Sullivan Avatar
    Kimberly Sullivan

    She could live at our house happily ever after!


  222. Michael Avatar

    Meadow would be perfect for my daughter. Great job!

  223. Carol Avatar

    Ohhh 2 entries per household… entry#2 🙂 Meadow is beautiful and my little girl would love her.

  224. Ashley Avatar

    Ok….if we won I would probably just die….we would spoil this doll to the nth degree 🙂 thank you for the generous chance to maybe win a doll!

  225. Berrie Hamby Avatar
    Berrie Hamby

    Oh dear Cristina. So Beautiful!

  226. Wendy T Avatar
    Wendy T

    She is just AMAZING!!!

  227. Vira Avatar

    Please come live with us little beauty! We will love you forever!

  228. kiko Avatar

    yes please. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  229. Kim Wittry Avatar
    Kim Wittry

    This little one looks JUST like my 2 year old Camryn Ruth! She has platinum hair but no streaks – yet! LOL! We would LOVE to give her a happy home!

  230. htink027 Avatar

    My DD would love love love to kiss all over Meadow for her 1st birthday !!!

  231. Catherine S. Avatar

    Adorable from head to toe! LOVE at first sight 😀 Thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful creations!

  232. Michelle Avatar

    Awww would love to have her as a friend for my little one before a big move.

  233. Alyson Avatar

    What a perfect birthday gift this little gal would make for my own little gal!

  234. Tina @ Squirrel Acorns Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable! i love her little sundress.

  235. Susie Avatar

    Oh my – I love that blue hair!! It’s just so happy – like the sun and the sky… she is perfect!

  236. Sara Avatar

    Pick me! Pick me!

  237. Greg Avatar

    My wife and daughter would love her!:)

  238. Tom Avatar

    I would love to win this doll for my wife and daughter – thank you!

  239. Jason Avatar

    Very cute.

  240. ChadH Avatar

    She’s sweet – my wife loves her

  241. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  242. Todd B. Avatar
    Todd B.


  243. Sarah Avatar

    I love the purse!

  244. Wendy Avatar

    she would make a GREAT 5th birthday present for my lil blonde gal!

  245. Blingbling Avatar

    eeps!!! I want her! Great job as always!!!

  246. Kara Avatar

    Oh Meadow you are just delicious, those stunning blue eyes are gorgeous.
    Wherever you go I know you will be very much loved.
    Good luck to all the mummies/daddies trying to win this little beauty.

  247. Twwly Avatar

    Super duper cute.

  248. Susan Avatar

    phew. as beautiful as the ocean blue. Lovely and thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy a Bamboletta….well if we win of course.

  249. Jamie Z. Avatar
    Jamie Z.

    She is gorgeous!! Perfect. And love the dress and bag!

  250. kolleen Avatar

    My daughter put blue streaks in her blonde hair as a teen….destiny!

  251. Dana Bivona Avatar
    Dana Bivona

    she is too precious, I (I mean, my daughter lol) would love to have her..

  252. Nichole Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! We’ll take her in and take the greatest care of her!

  253. joshua Avatar

    Would make a great present for my daughter’s second birthday!

  254. Jennifer Wiggins Avatar


  255. Caprice Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  256. Jennifer Avatar

    she is soooo pretty, love it — love it

  257. Mischa Avatar

    Would love to win this for my daughter!

  258. meredith Avatar

    Oh my..bestill my heart..she is lovely!

  259. Melissa Avatar

    I would live to win her for my daughter’s birthday!

  260. Regan B Avatar
    Regan B

    so stinkin cute!

  261. liz Avatar

    Love to bring her to the east coast!!

  262. Diana (Ladybug Limited) Avatar

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  263. Vanessa C Avatar
    Vanessa C

    Sooo pretty!!!!!!

  264. Shari Avatar

    She is so so adorable!!! Finley would love her and have her dressed as a fairy in no time 🙂

  265. Melissa Avatar

    I love her blue hair. She is so pretty!

  266. Rebecca Avatar


  267. Tam (hipmaman) Avatar
    Tam (hipmaman)

    Oh your dolls just get better and better and Meadow is a beauty!

  268. Laura Vollick Avatar
    Laura Vollick

    Pick me, pick me!

  269. Ross Avatar

    Our little girl will give Meadow lots of love if she were to win Meadow.

  270. Cindy Roberts Avatar
    Cindy Roberts

    She is so cute! I have a little great nieces who would love to give her a new home!

  271. Dana Avatar

    She is FAB!

  272. Janice Avatar

    Omigosh. I gasped when I saw her. She’s sooo beautiful, Christina! Love her!

  273. Rachel Avatar

    she is a beauty 🙂

  274. Ellen Avatar

    I am hoping to win Meadow for our granddaughter. Your work is beautiful!

  275. Kristy Avatar

    My gal would LOVE this (& she only has one little bamboletta fella, so this would be perfect!)

  276. Kim Ihle Avatar
    Kim Ihle

    She is sooo cute & I love her zozo dress!!

  277. Jennifer N. Avatar
    Jennifer N.

    so cute!

  278. Marty Mohler Avatar
    Marty Mohler

    Cute my little girl would love her

  279. Matt Vollick Avatar
    Matt Vollick

    my wife made me do this…pick me pick me!

  280. Maura Avatar


  281. andrea Avatar

    She is so sweet, as is her cool dress! i even love her name! Thanks Christina!

  282. Monica Avatar

    She is Perfection 🙂

  283. Lars Avatar

    my daughter would love this one

  284. Katherine Barrett Avatar
    Katherine Barrett

    i know a little girl who would be thrilled to play with this cute lil blue eyed meadow!

  285. kimberely beeli Avatar
    kimberely beeli

    beautiful doll!!!

  286. Jenn Avatar

    She’s precious! My daughter would just love her to pieces =)

  287. amy Avatar

    Too cute for words! crossing our fingers!!!!

  288. Chelsea Woolf Avatar

    We love your work and my little one would be thrilled to have this adorable companion. Much love & light. ♥

  289. Jenny Avatar

    I would love to give this beauty to my gal for her birthday 🙂

  290. Vanessa Avatar

    What a sweet doll! Great little outfit too 🙂 I would love to win her for my daughter. Thanks!

  291. Shayne Ostrowski Avatar
    Shayne Ostrowski

    So adorable!!! My daughter (and me) would LOVE her!

  292. Leann Avatar

    She is adorable. We would welcome her into our lives with open arms. <3

  293. carey Avatar

    So so cute. Got all my digits crossed. 😉

  294. Suzie Avatar

    Very cute!

  295. Jane Marsching Avatar
    Jane Marsching

    om my goodness… and that wasn’t a type. she’s lovely…

  296. Amelie Woolf Avatar

    Hi Meadow,

    I’m Amelie and my mom, Chelsea, just entered this contest hoping you might get to come live with me. The rules look like we get to enter two people per household — so I’m entering too. I sure hope I win… I promise to be a great mommy and take good care of you.


  297. Lily Avatar

    She’s beautiful! I love the all the blue!!

  298. Paige B. Avatar
    Paige B.

    She is perfection, and her outfit is adorable, reminds me of my deadhead days!

  299. Kate Avatar

    Love her name! We intend to give our next baby (if she is a girl, ahem) the name Meadow as her middle name, hoping to welcome this beauty into our grateful home!!

  300. Jeanette Avatar

    She is adorable! Love her hair, my daughter would adore her.

  301. Adrienne Cervenka Avatar
    Adrienne Cervenka

    What a beauty! As are all your dolls. Thanks for the chance:)

  302. Samantha Avatar

    Darling as always and love the Zozo… beautiful work ladies!!! Me me me!!!

  303. Candy Avatar

    So sweet.

  304. Erin Avatar

    She is a cutie! Love her dress.

  305. Marissa Avatar

    Love the colors!

  306. GrannyBroom Avatar

    Lovely and the colors are GREAT!

  307. Jeff Avatar

    We would love to have her.

  308. lark Avatar

    we’d love to welcome her as our first bamboletta! fingers crossed.

  309. Angelika Avatar

    Stunning! You are one amazing artist. 🙂

  310. Rachel Avatar

    So beautiful – she is going to go to one very lucky family!

  311. lou Avatar

    meadow in a tree – i love her!
    (fingers crossed)

  312. Ayrjia Avatar

    This little girl is soooo adorable! She’s gonna make someone very happy!

  313. Justin C Avatar
    Justin C

    My daughter Kate would make a good mommy to Meadow.

  314. WeeFolkMom Avatar

    I have two little girls who would adore this dolly… and want me to make them dresses to match hers. So sweet!

  315. Desha Avatar

    So lovely!!

  316. Brian Avatar


  317. Kristen Kean Avatar
    Kristen Kean

    WOULD LOVE to have her! She has beautiful blue eyes, just like my little Sophie has! 😀

  318. Alexis J Avatar
    Alexis J

    She is just so awesome! Love her dread’s!

  319. Bobby Avatar

    My daughter would love her!!!

  320. Wendie Avatar

    The new babies in our clan are increasing exponentially = so many homes that need a Bamboletta. 🙂

  321. Christina Myers Avatar
    Christina Myers

    ZOMG!! She is presh! I would LOVE to give her a good home!

  322. sarah Avatar

    Wow C and team, as usual this little doll is a beauty!

  323. Melissa Avatar

    Love her!! Very sweet.

  324. Kelly Avatar

    Love her!

  325. Amber Levinson Avatar
    Amber Levinson

    Love her! Beautiful!

  326. Shasta Avatar

    She’s absolutely beautiful! If we won, we would give her a great home — promise!

  327. kerrie Simes Avatar
    kerrie Simes

    She looks like my daughter 🙂 beautiful xx

  328. Lisa Avatar

    Very cute, love her!

  329. Erika Davison Avatar
    Erika Davison

    What a darling girl!!! She would be a great addition to our house!

  330. Whitney Port Avatar
    Whitney Port

    She is beautiful! I have just discoverd you ! =)

  331. sparkynfiesty Avatar

    SO freaking adorable!!!

  332. Stephen Avatar

    Perfect for my daughter!

  333. Heather Avatar

    Blue is my favorite color!!! She is gorgeous, Christina. My fingers AND toes are crossed. 😉

  334. Jilynn Bradshaw Avatar
    Jilynn Bradshaw

    Love her!

  335. Cassandra Avatar

    Fingers crossed!
    Stunning and perfect as always! xo

  336. Angie Neil Avatar

    She’s beautiful!! Serenity would LOVE to have her as a new friend! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  337. Nicole Goodsell Avatar
    Nicole Goodsell

    Please, please, please can I have her??

  338. Nancy Avatar


  339. Angie Neil Avatar

    This is my 2nd entry – maybe it’ll be the winner?!!

  340. victoria Avatar

    omg sooo cute!!! love her!

  341. Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.

    i know a little one who would love meadow!

  342. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    what a beauty! my little girl would love her!

  343. Tony Levinson Avatar
    Tony Levinson

    Our daughter would love her!

  344. Melissa Avatar

    She is just precious!!

  345. Jenny Chaney Avatar
    Jenny Chaney

    I would love to win her 🙂 Cute 🙂

  346. Jodie Avatar

    She is sooooo gorgeous! Love the handbag!

  347. Shelly Avatar

    You’ve done it again – she’s gorgeous! I really do like the outfit too; the colors are great. Thanks so much for having a giveaway!

  348. Jewel Natarajan Avatar
    Jewel Natarajan

    Lucky number….me? Cutie pie

  349. David Avatar

    My wife would love to have her. 🙂

  350. Carrie Avatar

    She is so sweet!! Such a happy looking girl!

  351. Rachel Avatar

    She’s so perfect! We loce her!

  352. Kristen C Avatar
    Kristen C

    Another great doll for a giveaway! Just beautiful!

  353. Megan Santora Avatar
    Megan Santora

    She’s awesome! My daughter would just love her!

  354. Claudia Duellman Avatar
    Claudia Duellman

    What a sweet doll…can I get a dress like that? My granddaughters would love her.

  355. Audra Costello Avatar
    Audra Costello

    Meadow, what a breezy breath of summer you would be for my little ones as we all prepare to go back to school!

  356. Hannah Avatar

    I love Her 🙂 Every last funky bit of her 🙂

  357. deborah Avatar

    totally & utterly smitten with meadow! how generous of you and julie both — thank you for the chance to win. i hope i do– but whoever wins is gonna be super duper lucky!

  358. Peter Avatar

    For my girls.

  359. Jolene Avatar

    Pretty please!

  360. Autumn Ogletree Avatar
    Autumn Ogletree

    Love Her! She is gorgeous.

  361. Erin Avatar

    Ahh! Love, love, love her!

  362. Marilyn Avatar

    How beautiful! I just love her dress and her hair!

  363. Carmen Avatar

    Love her! Her hair, her eyes, her dress. So darn cute!

  364. jenny Avatar

    wonderful giveaway! somebody will be so thrilled! Meadow is also a lovely name!

  365. Jodi Avatar

    We would love to give her a home!!

  366. dad of two Avatar
    dad of two

    my kids would adore this doll!

  367. Sara Avatar

    Oh pick me pick me!!! She’s gorgeous!

  368. Aly Kantor Avatar
    Aly Kantor

    I took one look at her and LITERALLY gasped. The blue in her hair is absolutely to die for, and there’s something so, so precious about this one. Thank you so much for doing this!

  369. Heather Avatar

    Oh she is so cute, she would be a great addition to our family. I’m crossing my fingers!

  370. Alicia Vance Avatar
    Alicia Vance

    Adorable! I have to have her! : )

  371. Hillary Avatar

    She is my dream doll! She is sooo perfect!! Good Luck Everyone and crossing my fingers… if I don’t get her congrads to whomever does! WOW

  372. Karen Avatar

    Want her! My Grandgirls would love her. 🙂 So sweet.

  373. Danielle Avatar

    Oh, she is so perfect!! I love everything about her. My daughter would love her and I would too!! Please, please, please pick us! 🙂

  374. Matt Avatar

    Entering for my daughter and wife!

  375. Amber Lee Avatar

    Love her… And the outfit!

  376. Erin I Avatar
    Erin I

    Speechless. Amazing!

  377. Stacy Avatar

    Love her Christina! Another beautiful creation! You are so very talented and we are blessed to share! <3

  378. Carrieanne Avatar

    OMG she is PERFECT, this is the first fair skinned doll I have really REALLy loved! Someone is going to be a VERY lucky mama!! Thanks C!

  379. Briana Avatar

    I LOVE HER!!!!!

  380. Elizabeth Avatar

    Very pretty. I love the hair.

  381. Rhiann Avatar

    Oh please! Oh PLEASE! I love, love, LOVE her! And so would my daughter. She’s gorgeous!

  382. Steve Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful. Would love to have her.


  383. Erin Avatar

    Super cute! I love the purse!!!

  384. Lisa Avatar

    Wow, she’s a beauty 🙂

  385. Lori Avatar

    That purse!!!!…seriously adorable!

  386. Jesse Hook Avatar
    Jesse Hook

    So cute, she can come and live with us if she wants.

  387. Helen Avatar

    i love her hair and eyes. so sweet!

  388. David Avatar

    My kids would love her!

  389. Sophie Avatar


  390. Elisa Avatar

    Love her!!! And we ADORE ZoZoBugBaby!

  391. Danielle Avatar

    She is sooooo cute! I LOVE her! My fingers, toes, legs, and even my eyes are crossed….hmmmm. what else? Seriously though, I would LOVE to have her here!

  392. Irina W Avatar
    Irina W

    she is sooo cute 🙂

  393. Melissa Avatar

    Ack! She is incredible! Everything about her and her gorgeous outfit is so perfect, she just glows!!

  394. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    Those cheeks look so adorable – those eyes are amazing – and oh that hair makes me giddy!!! Love her to bits!

  395. natalie Avatar

    Would you like to come home with me Meadow??

  396. Ben Avatar

    Oh, I definitely know some girls who would love Meadow!

  397. Miss Carey Avatar

    Meadow, I absolutely love your hair and dress. 🙂

  398. Adam Avatar

    Adorable. She’d be well loved here!!

  399. Margaret Avatar

    What a really adorable doll — and what a sweet thing to do, this giveaway!

  400. Alicia Avatar

    I adore her! Seriously. She’s amazing!!

  401. Dawn Kruse Avatar

    So cute, we would love her 🙂

  402. Wendy Avatar

    I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter!

  403. Julie Vila Avatar
    Julie Vila

    Great Gravy she is cute!

  404. stephania Avatar

    We’d love to have her at our house!

  405. josh Avatar

    What my wife said.

  406. Marie-Helene Larocque Avatar
    Marie-Helene Larocque

    I’ ve been wanting one for my girls forever but I’m always late on the days they come up for sale… Hope I win!!! She is just too adorable!!!

  407. Kristin Avatar

    She is beautiful! My little girl would love her. We are from Cobble Hill too!

  408. Stefanie Avatar

    Oh! So sweet! Crossing my fingers!

  409. Christina Avatar

    Oh how my daughter would love this for her birthday!! She turns 7 in a little over two weeks. And -I- would like some of those blue streaks in my own hair! lol!

  410. Brett Avatar

    All for the girl I love 🙂

  411. Kristin Avatar

    We love Meadow…she is just adorable, precious & oh, what a sweet little face!

  412. Crystal Avatar

    So beautiful!

  413. Nyckie Albert Avatar
    Nyckie Albert

    Omg!! She is too cute!!! Hope I’m the winner!! Good luck to everyone!!

  414. Erin W. Avatar

    Fingers crossed, she is so beautiful!!

  415. Chris Wallace Avatar
    Chris Wallace

    hopefully for this household.

  416. Arkay Avatar

    I would love to win this doll!

  417. Julie Avatar

    Oh….oh…..oh….she is stunning! To be so lucky as to have our number chosen would be a dream come true!! Fingers crossed!

  418. Tony Avatar

    My wife would love that!!

  419. Chantal Perron Avatar
    Chantal Perron

    My daughter would just go crazy if we won!!! I really hope I win this doll, she’s simply amazing!!!

  420. Nick Avatar

    we would love to win this doll for our daughter

  421. Dorothy Avatar

    Maybe THIS will be the doll I win for my girls. She’s gorgeous and I love that dress.

  422. Amy R Avatar
    Amy R

    She’s adorable!!!

  423. Stephanie Avatar

    Meadow is such a cutie. My Abby bean would treasure her. Thanks for the opportunity!

  424. kelvin Avatar

    i would love this doll for my dolly girl!

  425. Evelyn Clementine - Age 1 Avatar

    She’s so cute, I would LOVE to have her as my friend! 🙂

  426. Theresa B. Avatar
    Theresa B.

    We would LOVE to have this cute blondie w/ blue hair! 😉

  427. eryn Avatar

    this doll is so cute i would love to have her!

  428. jenn morgan Avatar
    jenn morgan

    She is perfect…I just love her!

  429. Jacqueline Avatar

    She’s so cheerful and adorable! And you are absolutely wonderful for all that you do.

  430. Beau Davidson Avatar
    Beau Davidson

    My little girls would love that doll 🙂

  431. Jan Avatar

    Oh! Oh! Oh! she’s stunning! Oooops- I just realised someone has said that exact same thing a few above me.
    With a name like Meadow, she would go well with Forrest, but if I win her she will be Lillies for Christmas.

  432. Eden Davidson Avatar
    Eden Davidson

    Gorgeous girl!

  433. Amy Avatar

    My DD would love her!!!

  434. Tuan Avatar

    Meadow will be perfect for my niece!

  435. Trina Simonson Avatar
    Trina Simonson

    She’s so cute I just want to eat her!!!

  436. Maria Jones Avatar
    Maria Jones

    Our family would love it if Meadow came home to us!

  437. denise Avatar

    Amazing as always, need a little luck these days, fingers crossed!

  438. Theresa Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  439. Bill Avatar

    Cute doll

  440. Kori Avatar


  441. Amy Avatar

    Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

  442. Sarah Avatar


  443. Kelli Avatar

    She’s adorable! Hope to win. 🙂

  444. D.Jerome Avatar

    Oh so pretty.

  445. Richard Avatar

    A pretty Bamboletta doll to give my bambolina granddaughter.

  446. Donna Avatar

    She’s lovely! We would welcome her with loving arms.

  447. Kim Steffen Avatar

    feeling lucky!!!

  448. TabithaFJ Avatar

    Adorable! Love the ZoZoBugBaby dress too!

  449. Emily Avatar


  450. Sam Avatar

    My daughter would love this …

  451. Gena Avatar

    This is the cutest doll I have ever seen! I would love to get one for myself….I niece, ya, my niece!! (is it wrong to want one for myself? 😉

  452. Jeremey Avatar


  453. Judy Avatar

    Referred here by ZoZoBugBaby (I’ve visited before) – I’ve loved seeing your dolls in her photos and I know my two young granddaughters would love to have Meadow in their family.

  454. Mike Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  455. Jeff Avatar

    My daughter would love her.

  456. LeilaniJ Avatar

    She is so adorable!

  457. Maria Avatar

    I could just pinch those cheeks!

  458. Cynthia Avatar

    She looks just like my daughter! She would love her!!! I mean lover her!!

  459. Melinda Tamkin Avatar

    I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. xoxo

  460. Raina Avatar

    So pretty!

  461. Gena Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing!

  462. michelle Avatar

    she is so cheery!

  463. Sue Avatar

    So very cute!! I have a granddaughter who would LOVE her!

  464. Melissa Avatar

    I love her C!! She is one version I would have picked and we have no blondes!! I know Ca’Mya would love her!!

  465. Carlin Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  466. Aimee B. Avatar
    Aimee B.

    What a sweet little blue girl! She is adorable!

  467. Jen Avatar

    As usual, she’s a masterpiece. You are such a wonderful artist Christina!

  468. big daddy Avatar
    big daddy

    cute very cute

  469. Linda Johnson Avatar
    Linda Johnson

    She is so cute!!!! Thank you so much for your kind generosity.

  470. ...t. Avatar

    *sigh* I SO want one of these dolls for my youngest. Here’s hoping my upcoming birthday brings me a little luck o’ the draw!

  471. Simone W Avatar
    Simone W

    Gorgeous as always!

  472. Kim R Avatar
    Kim R

    I actually gasped when I first laid eyes on Meadow! I’ve never seen anything like her, so unique!! LOVE

  473. Serena Avatar

    Love the blue highlights!

  474. David Avatar

    Sure my girls at home would love to have this cutie

  475. Rachael Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! My daughters would love her!

  476. Jane Little Avatar

    Your photo gallery is so amazing. The dolls and the children match each other so perfectly. Hard to believe that could be done with just fabric, yarn and love. Just amazing.