Doll Giveaway – Lemon


Last time my mother was visiting we got to talking about my old dolls – specifically about my old Strawberry Shortcake collection. Anyhow, one thing led to another and before I knew it we were dyeing some boucle yellow, my mom washed it and then it was hung by the fire to dry. I knew exactly what I wanted this doll to look like .. Lemon Meringue! We made two up and I gave one to my mom and I have one in the studio but we managed to get a third one made with the yarn we dyed. This is a very special doll and I need to find her a home .. and what perfect way to find her a home than a giveaway!

blog2Lemon on the right with her sister , Sunshine, who lives at the studio with us. Lemon thinks it’s boring to hang out in the studio and listen to us gals chatting all day and really wants to go play with children!

One entry per household please. To enter leave a comment at the end of this blog post NOT on the picture! You may get a ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ message – don’t sweat it – it just means I have to manually approve your comment (it’s a spam prevent-er thing). Contest ends on Sunday March 25th at 8pm PDT. I’ll contact the winner via email and I’ll announce it on Facebook too!

blog3My mom ,Antonia, with the other doll. Triplets!

I have to add this in too – it would really, really break my heart if I ever found out that this doll was ever resold. Part of the reason why I’m giving her away is because I don’t want to see her on eBay or Spots. She’s a special doll and I want to find her a forever home ๐Ÿ™‚






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  1. PanosBaby Avatar


  2. Megan Avatar

    She is so adorable!

  3. Vanessa Avatar

    She is so sweet and would be loved here!

  4. Lisa Jennings Avatar
    Lisa Jennings

    She’s beautiful!

  5. Theresa Haas Avatar
    Theresa Haas

    soooo sweet! We would love to give her a home!

  6. AnaRamos Avatar

    She is a ray of sunshine! What a beautiful girl!

  7. Katie McLean Avatar
    Katie McLean


  8. Monica Avatar

    Holy COW! I love her…..she’s touching me. I did not realize we must be pretty close in age. โ™ฅ My mom still has my doll collection. I want to open the box and smell them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol….if she were to live here…I must admit…I’d find some lemon EO to add to her boucle from time to time. lololol

  9. rye Avatar

    oh my gosh, i would NEVER sell her!!!!! i would probably pass out if i won her for my baby girl!!! she is probably my most favourite bambo ever!

  10. Lori S Avatar
    Lori S

    for real Christina I don’t even know what to say about her cuteness ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love her

  11. Bj Ketterman Avatar
    Bj Ketterman

    Well, of course I love her and would give her an amazing home filled with love.

  12. Linsay Avatar

    We would absolutely give Mrs. Lemon a wonderful forever home! My daughters would love her forever!

  13. Jen Chesla Avatar
    Jen Chesla

    Love Lemon Meringue <3

  14. kara s. Avatar
    kara s.

    yes please!! LOVE lemon.

  15. Bri A Avatar
    Bri A

    We would love to give her a forever home here!

  16. Amber Avatar

    She’s like a yummy lemon meringue pie baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. karri michael Avatar
    karri michael

    My girls would love her!

  18. Ali Avatar

    I love this doll and would LOVE to win it for my daughter. She’s 4 and adores dolls and Strawberry Shortcake (makes me read the stories ALL the time!). She also has blonde curly hair – so they’d make a great pair ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Rene G Avatar
    Rene G

    So cute!!!!

  20. Kathleen Lester Avatar
    Kathleen Lester

    Oh, my goodness, this little sweetie stirs up memories of childhood. I would love to share her with my daughter!

  21. Holly Clark Avatar
    Holly Clark

    Lovely! So pretty with the bright sunny hair.

  22. Jeanne Avatar

    So adorable! Would be perfect for our first Bamboletta! Thanks for offering her up to share with someone lucky!!

  23. Vicki M Avatar
    Vicki M

    My two little girls would love, love, love to play with her!

  24. Tiphini I Avatar
    Tiphini I

    Oh man she is fantastic!! I love that cheerful head of hair!

  25. Cori & Shelby Avatar
    Cori & Shelby

    She is beautiful. She would have a forever home with us.

  26. Morgan Nahanee Avatar
    Morgan Nahanee

    Oh my goodness please pick me I think I love her so much it hurts!! I’m not even thinking my kid will get to play with it I just want her for myself!!

  27. carmen milner Avatar
    carmen milner

    I would love to win this special Lemon dolly! I love your dolls, and I have a little girl that will love her, too! Thank you for giving me the chance to get her!!

  28. Stephanie T Avatar
    Stephanie T

    I love her so much!

  29. Laura Ellis-Harry Avatar
    Laura Ellis-Harry

    We would love love love to give Lemon a forever home here in Sunny Sydney Australia! x

  30. Shana Avatar

    What a beauty

  31. Patricia Avatar

    Oh she would be so loved with my for my grand daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. heather Avatar

    so sweet!

  33. Tanya Thom Avatar

    She reminds me of my little sister… SO sweet! Rest assured, if we are the blessed to be the lucky winner, she will be very loved and will have found her Forever Home with us!! I grew up playing with Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue, too ~ so I feel your sentiment!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the exciting opportunity to win this little ray of sunshine!!!

  34. Delilah Pope Avatar
    Delilah Pope

    She is GORGEOUS!!! Dying to have her come live with us ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Felicia Avatar

    She is adorable! My 2.5 year old daughter is completely obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake. But the old one not the new one! So I know she would LOVE Lemon! She would make the perfect gift for Easter or her birthday. Thanks for the chance!

  36. Merinda Avatar

    She is precious and would be well-loved by my girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Vanessa Z Avatar

    I’d love her!

  38. Cris Avatar

    I had a strawberry shortcake and my sister had apple dumpling

  39. Ashley Russell Avatar
    Ashley Russell

    What a beauty! We’d live to give her a home ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Chris Avatar

    so adorable!

  41. Morgan Nahanee Avatar
    Morgan Nahanee

    Oh my goodness please pick me I think I love her so much it hurts!! I’m not even thinking my kid will get to play with it I just want her for myself!! Thanks for hosting another giveaway you are awesome!

  42. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    We would love to be this Dolly’s forever home. I have a little girl who would love her to peices and if I told her she was sisters with lemon merengue she would love that!!

  43. Kirsten Avatar

    Sunshine personified!

  44. Shannan Avatar

    Oh my goodness! One of my favorite Christmas memories was getting the Lemon Meringue doll that “blew lemony kisses” when I squeezed her tummy! We would love the opportunity to bring such a sweet doll into our home!

  45. Crystal Avatar

    She would find a forever home here! When a doll comes to live here my daughter finds a special spot for each one!

  46. michelle.c Avatar

    We would love to give Lemon her forever home in Australia! We have 3 children who would love to smother her in love! And Bamboletta ivory who needs a friend!

  47. Heather H Avatar
    Heather H

    I love your dolls. You’re amazing!

  48. Rowan J. Avatar
    Rowan J.

    I know a special little girl who would love to give her a home.

  49. Melissa Gillam Avatar
    Melissa Gillam

    Lemon-ilicious! She is too cute with those freckles! My girls would love her for sure.

  50. Rebecca Kolkow Avatar
    Rebecca Kolkow

    She is amazing!

  51. Elizabeth C. Avatar
    Elizabeth C.

    she’s beautiful!

  52. Stephanie Avatar

    I’m a fruity girl. Lemon wants to come live with me!

  53. Kim Avatar

    Love her freckles! (Blueberry Muffin was my favorite.)

  54. Bree Avatar

    What a lovely momento of childhood! I spent many hours playing “strawberry shortcake”. She would have a happy home at our house! Thank you

  55. Kristy Avatar

    I would love to enter, they are all so sweet!! Thank you!

  56. Melissa Avatar

    She is gorgeous!! I would love for her to be our first Bambo and she would be well loved here. Thanks so much for the chance!!

  57. Shannon Avatar

    She is soo friggin cute!! If she came to live with us she would play with children, model clothing, and never be sold!! I had all the Strawberry Shortcake dolls as a little girl, will never forget how cute they smelled!

  58. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    I LOVE her!!! My girls would love her too!

  59. Holly Hicks Avatar
    Holly Hicks

    This beauty would definitely find her forever home here but might get renamed to Daffodil to go with our other Bambo girls,Ivy and Zinnia.

  60. Whitney Avatar

    Lemon Meringue was my favorite Strawberry Shortcake pal too! I would love to have her company!

  61. April Avatar


  62. Sherry L. Avatar
    Sherry L.

    She is as sweet as can be! We would love to give her a forever home with us! I love that your mom has one:) Thanks so much!

  63. Stephanie G-D Avatar
    Stephanie G-D

    Awwww, I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake-I hope she smells yummy too! She is adorable and would be welcomed into our home.

  64. Jenn E. Avatar
    Jenn E.

    She is gorgeous! Whoever wins her will treasure her :). Thank you for an awesome giveaway :). Good luck everyone :).

  65. Melissa Romandy Avatar
    Melissa Romandy

    Super cute!

  66. genia Avatar

    Lemon hair and blue eyes…our kinda girl….LOVE!!!!!

  67. Emily Avatar

    This is our year for a doll of or own, I feel it!

  68. Dana Avatar

    Thank you so much…I would love to share with my daughter a doll I once loved as a child and still do love…she is very special…thank you for the opportunity!!

  69. Amanda Avatar

    We would live to love her!! Something so special would never be sold. She’s a keeper ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s so sweet! I’d love to give her a home!

  71. Michelle Quarterman Avatar

    I had all the characters! Would love to share this with my sweet little girl! <3

  72. Brenda Smith Avatar
    Brenda Smith

    My daughter, Madelyn would love her, she loves strawberry shortcake and watches her on television every day it is on and on the days it isn’t we have it recorded. Thanks for being so generous and wanting to give her a good home. It shows your love for your dolls and that it is not about the $$$.


  73. Linda J. Avatar
    Linda J.

    So cute!! My granddaughter would love her!

  74. Molly Avatar

    Amazingly adorable and such a fun memory for me as well. Love the story surrounding her and the picture of your mom with her doll. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  75. DeRae Avatar

    We’d love to give her a forever home!!! <3

  76. Mary Yuhas Avatar
    Mary Yuhas

    My two year old is in love with Strawberry Shortcake. (She calls her Strawberry Cupcake, though. Hasn’t quite gotten that part figured out.) She would ADORE this cutie. Thanks for the chance.

  77. Diana Avatar

    Adorable <3

  78. Rachelle Avatar

    What a sweet little face you have Lemon!!! We would <3 to give you a forever home here with two girls who will give you lots of hugs and kisses!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  79. Janet Abrams Avatar
    Janet Abrams

    Omg she is a ray of sunshine just like my granddaughter have been trying for over a yr to get her a doll like this but never seem to get anywere pleaseeeeeeeeee help me make her smile more

  80. Liana Avatar

    We’d love her, thank you!!!!!!

  81. Heather H. Avatar
    Heather H.

    We would love to have Lemon join our dear Sidney, they would be sisters always and never ever leave our home & family. But more importantly, your mom is adorable! I love that you shared her pic ๐Ÿ™‚ without Mama Antonia there would be no Christina and no Bamboletta! Hooray for Mama!

  82. Britta Avatar

    When I was little, my mom would always read strawberry shortcake books to us ~ and her favorite girl was Lemon Meringue. I love reading these books now to my girls. This doll would be so special because I lost my mom exactly 19 yrs ago this month when I was 9. Just knowing you and your mom have twin dolls and my daughters and I could feel a connection to my mom through hugging and loving this doll would be such a blessing. Thank you for your generosity and a chance to bring her home<3

  83. Veronica S. Avatar
    Veronica S.

    She is beautiful!! We would be honored to give her a forever home! Good Luck to everyone!

  84. Eden Davidson Avatar
    Eden Davidson

    She’d be very loved here with my Strawberry Shortcake obsessed girls!

  85. kerrie Avatar

    Pie! my favourite kind xxx thank you

  86. Amy Boose Avatar
    Amy Boose

    Oh my goodness! I want this for my neice!!

  87. Jenni Avatar

    She is beautiful!! I know a little birthday girl who would be thrilled to have her!

  88. Tressa Avatar

    Forever home indeed! June loves lemons, what a treat for her should we win this sweet giveaway. You’ve got an amazingly generous heart, Christina!

  89. Kirsten Avatar

    Beautiful!!! Fingers crossed because my daughter would love a doll but we could never afford one.

  90. Rebecca Brown Avatar
    Rebecca Brown

    Oh we love her!

  91. Paula M-B Avatar

    Oh, my daughters LOVE strawberry shortcake:) She totally reminds me of Lemon and would find a loving forever home here most definitely! Lemon would fit in here perfectly. Of course we’d then have to see about getting another one as I have two little girls here. They love to share but come on…your dolls are adorable!! Thanks for the great opportunity. I love imagining you and your mom dying the hair for these lovely ladies and letting it dry fireside.

  92. Kila Savoy Avatar
    Kila Savoy

    Would love to have her!

  93. Ann Power Avatar
    Ann Power

    I would love to have a Bamboletta doll. I have been trying for over two months to purchase one as a newbie and I keep missing out (not fast enough I guess). I would love to be the lucky person to receive Lemon. My daughter would get a kick out of her too. This would be my first Waldorf Doll.

  94. Mistyhon Avatar

    My soon to be 5 year old daughter would love the heck out of this cutie. She totally reminds me of my strawberry shortcake/rainbow brite dolls from the 80’s. I’m sure she’d get some squeezes from me too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Ally Avatar

    Lemony-licous! So sweet. We will take care of her!

  96. Dawn-Marie Wolsey Avatar
    Dawn-Marie Wolsey

    Lovely Lemon would be so very loved if this were to become her forever home. Thank you for such a kind give away.

  97. Alison Avatar

    Would love to gift her to a dear dear friend’s daughter!

  98. Jessica k Avatar
    Jessica k

    She could be my Kaylees very first bambo!

  99. Alysha Avatar

    Oh we would love Miss Lemon to come live with us! My daughter loves Strawbery shortcake.

  100. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    We would love the chance to have this beauty in our family forever!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Theresa Avatar

    our arms are wide open to welcome her to her forever and ever home!

  102. Amanda Avatar

    *love to love her.
    Darn autocorrect, lol

  103. Paula Avatar

    Oh! She is amazing! I hope I hope I hope….

  104. melissa Tanner Avatar
    melissa Tanner

    Omg we would love her I just purchased a vintage rainbow brite for my little girl (sad that toys i loved are now vintage) She would be very loved here i still have my original lemon meringue doll

  105. Amanda Andresen Avatar
    Amanda Andresen

    My 2 daughters would love her forever in our home! Thanks for sharing she’s so yummy!!

  106. Kimi Shibata Avatar
    Kimi Shibata

    I am 38 and still have my special dollies from my childhood. Lemon, come join my family! My 4 year old son is in love with blonds. I made some dolls for him with wild, colorful hair and he said he really just wanted yellow. Perfect match!

  107. Mandy Farnsworth Avatar
    Mandy Farnsworth

    I am completely in love with these dolls!!! This one is identical to my youngest daughter who is 5! We would LOVE her! I would also love to add two more dolls that are look alikes to my other girls! What a gift!!!!

  108. Melissa Knight Avatar
    Melissa Knight

    We love strawberry shortcake and would love to give Lemon a home where she will be loved.

  109. Wendy Avatar

    She is beautiful! We would love to welcome her into our home!

  110. Katherine Avatar

    Oh My Goodness! She is so perfect! I remember playing with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls when I was a child. I think my Mum still has some of them. I would love to bring Lemon home… and you know she would not end up on Spots or eBay if she were here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  111. Kim Avatar

    She’s so perfect!!! <3

  112. Beth Secrist Avatar
    Beth Secrist

    Oh my! What a bright sunshiney little lady! We would love to give her a forever home where she can bring sunshine to our family! Thanks for your sweetness and giving this chance!

  113. deborah Avatar

    i know i have about as much chance here as a pebble trying to climb mt everest, but lemon is incredible. she would make the most amazing birthday gift for one of my daughters. there is not a chance i would ever resell her, ever ever ever. how could anyone let go of that much sunlight? here’s hoping.

  114. Trudie Carberry Avatar
    Trudie Carberry

    All of your creations are just so adorable. You ladies do a fantastic job bringing them to life. My daughters would love to give this little cutie a forever home. She would fit just perfect with their hand me down Strawberry Shortcake dolls. <3<3

  115. Angela.L Avatar

    I Would love to give this to my son for his birthday at the end of the month.
    He is turning 3 and loves all things babies & dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Kathy Gandy Avatar
    Kathy Gandy

    Our empty nest needs this sweet little girl! She will be well-loved and shared with our six granddaughters when they visit us! (Our grandson may even think she is cute!)

  117. Vanessa Avatar

    Amazing ~ your dolls are second to none.

  118. Jen B. Avatar
    Jen B.

    What a sweetheart! My favorite Strawberry Shortcake dolly was Angel Cake. I had the one you squeeze her belly and she blew angel cake kisses. Wish I still had her today…

  119. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    Oh Sweetness this doll would be a PERFECT addition to my home in honor of my mother Sonshine <3 She lives far away from us and my children miss her very much! Thank you for the chance!!!

  120. Wendy Biel Avatar
    Wendy Biel

    OMGosh I love her. I had every Strawberry Shortcake Doll as a girl and Lemon Meringue was one of my favorites. I wish my mom would haved saved them for me for Kaymbria ๐Ÿ™ I have even looked on FeeBay to try to replace them. We would give her a great forever home here with years of love as all of my daughters dolls will be carefully stored for her children. Thanks for your generousity Christina! xoxo

  121. Emily Avatar

    She is perfect. My daughters would give her lots of love in our forever home

  122. Katie Melody Avatar
    Katie Melody

    This would be perfect for my daughter named Sunny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  123. Morgan Avatar

    She is so lovely!

  124. Shelly Avatar

    I would be thrilled to bring sweet lemon to our home. My daughter would love her forever. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  125. Maite Avatar

    I have so many memories of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls! I would love to welcome this sweetie into my home! Thanks for the chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Kate Avatar

    Bambo perfection! Come live with us x

  127. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    my daughter is obsessed with strawberry shortcake! i think she would flip out for a lemon baby. thank you so much for the chance to bring her home!

  128. Cheryl Avatar

    My daughters would love lemon to join us. She looks so happy.

  129. Karen Avatar

    She is so sweet!! We would love her to pieces and share our freezer full of Lemon Girl Scout cookies with her.

  130. Sandy Leonard Avatar
    Sandy Leonard

    I’d be so honored to have such a special doll live with us. Thank you for the chance. =)

  131. Jen Engel Avatar

    I understand supply and demand, however I don’t believe it’s right to make money off of someone else’s products. It hurts my heart when I see it happening. Rest assured…Lemon would find a forever home with us! Pinky swear! ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. Kristen P. Avatar
    Kristen P.

    We’d love to give her a home in sunny Texas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Kristy Avatar

    Oh, I would love for her to come to our home! She’s beautiful! Thanks so much for the opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Valerie Avatar

    My little Khloe will give her a forever home. She’s a curly blondie too ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. amanda Avatar


  136. kris Avatar

    oh so pretty, she would have a forever home here ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Heather D Avatar
    Heather D

    Lemon Meringue was my fave of the Strawberry Shortcakes. I still have all my original 1980’s collection and I promise if I won her, Lemon would be part of the forever collection. Thanks for the chance at this amazing give away!

  138. Allison E Avatar
    Allison E

    ****LEMON***** You remind me of my old Lemon Merigue doll and I loved her so ๐Ÿ™‚ We would love and be honored to have you in our home your forever home ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the Fab giveaway!!!!!!

  139. Melissa Janelle Avatar
    Melissa Janelle

    Strawberry shortcake was apart of my life growing up too! What a special giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Angie Avatar

    She’s absolutely beautiful!!! I will love her forever!!! Oops, I mean my daughter will!

  141. Molly mcfatridge Avatar
    Molly mcfatridge

    I love her!!!! My girls will too!

  142. Willow Avatar

    Oh please please please! What an ADORABLE doll!

  143. Tanya Apodaca Melby Avatar
    Tanya Apodaca Melby

    WOW she is soooo adorable!!! We would love her so much :)))

  144. Marie Avatar

    My two girls would love her!

  145. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    She would find a life time of love with my daughters….she is just sooooo sweet!!!!!

  146. sharilee Avatar

    She is so sweet! I have a little girl who would love to cuddle up with her! Infact I have 2 who would gladly do the job! No worries about rehoming or selling with us, we want a forever Bamboletta cutie!

  147. Tamara Avatar

    Absolutely adorable. I remember Lemon Meringue, I still have her and my daughters now play with her. She still even smells like lemons. This little sweetheart lemon reminds me so much of that doll.

  148. Jennifer M. Avatar
    Jennifer M.

    we would love to provide lemon with a forever home!

  149. Claire R Avatar
    Claire R

    OMGosh, she’s perfect and beautiful! We love Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue and the whole gang! We’d love to give this cutie pie a home…and it happens to end just a few days before my birthday, so that would make it doubly awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for the chance and for such a wonderful giveaway!!!

  150. Jenny Rosborough Avatar
    Jenny Rosborough

    Not only would we keep this doll, she would be close to home in Victoria! My son and two daughters would adore her!

  151. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane

    Forever with me!

  152. kerri Avatar

    she is just darling!

  153. Carrie Avatar

    I would love to be the lucky winner!

  154. Nichole B Avatar
    Nichole B

    She is stunning;) Best wishes to all who enter! Bamboletta you make beautiful,forever dolls!

  155. Anna bagley Avatar
    Anna bagley

    I have 3 kids that would love her and I would keep her forever and let my grand kids have her as I have done with their other toys

  156. Anita Avatar

    Little Lemon would be so loved in our house. I love dolls, and now that I have a daughter I cant wait to share that with her (and teach my son as well). I took great care of all my toys and so far, my children show the same love and affection towards their toys. Thank you for the chance to win!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. Brenda Way Avatar
    Brenda Way

    She is so precious and would be the perfect first baby for my new granddaughter due April 19, 2012! Baby Jayla will love her forever!

  158. Brooke snow Avatar
    Brooke snow

    She so pretty! My daughter would love love love her ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Roseanne Avatar

    We would love to have Miss Lemon join us here! =)

  160. Channey Avatar

    What a cheerful face, I know a little girl whos face would be just as cheerful if this lovely doll came to our house.

  161. Diane Avatar

    I love Lemon in her bubble dress!!! Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Regan Avatar

    I’d love to give her a forever home too! I remember my strawberry shortcake doll too. She smelled so good!

  163. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    She would be a perfect little ray of sunshine for a certain family member right now! Fingers doubly crossed ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you Christina and ladies for being so darn generous ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it comes full circle tenfold! Hugs

  164. Monique Avatar

    Love the sun-shiney yellow hair! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  165. michelle lyons Avatar
    michelle lyons

    My sister & I had Strawberry Shortcakes bedding on our bunkbeds! Soooooo cute!

  166. Tiffany O Avatar
    Tiffany O

    Would love to give this lemon drop to my daughter as my gift to her from my deployment. I love your babies so much!!

  167. Lisa Avatar

    We LOVE Lemon!

  168. Ashley Avatar

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am so excited by the chance to win one of your dolls. I am just in awe of the whole process and utterly impressed by your creations. This dolly just needs to come and live in my house ๐Ÿ™‚ She is beautiful and whoever wins her will be just so incredibly lucky. I hope I have the honor of her becoming part of our family ๐Ÿ™‚

  169. Theresa B. Avatar
    Theresa B.

    We would be SOOOO blessed to give Miss Lemon a home if we are picked! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a precious doll & maker! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  170. Amber Avatar

    I’ve never seen a sweet Lemon, which means she must be pretty special. Such a unique girl definitely deserves a forever home!

  171. Holly Avatar

    Oh! LOVE this story of the Lemon-haired beauty! Seeing her definitely brings back memories. The world of Strawberry Shortcake was such a HUGE part of my little world for a very long time. I thought they were all fabulous. Everyone around me seemed to have these little dolls of their own: my friends and even my sister. I did not have one of my own. Oh! I loved to play Strawberry Shortcake but never had any of my own dolls…..for a very long time. I finally received one of my own as a Christmas gift: Lemon Meringue.

  172. Laura Newell Avatar
    Laura Newell

    I LOVED Strawberry SHortcake! I tried to be her every year for halloween ๐Ÿ™‚ We would keep this sweetie forever… xo

  173. Vanessa Avatar

    Love her. Reminds me of my little sister!

  174. Jade Lyn Mathias Avatar
    Jade Lyn Mathias

    I Love Lemon she is so pretty i want her very badly cause i don’t have a bamboletta doll, i would give her a lovely home :)thanks for the doll giveaway your so kind

  175. Kristi Avatar

    Oh she’s simply lovely and would never ever, never, be re-sold. She would be loved thoroughly here between our 3 kids and she just makes me happy, totally reminding me of my blond, bouncy curled, blue eyed (almost) 2 year old ๐Ÿ™‚ Adore!

  176. Rachel Avatar

    She is AMAZING!!!! My two daughters would love her to pieces – we would definitely make a wonderful forever home for her.

  177. Marina Avatar

    I know what my son would say: Mine! He loves babies (real or not!) and takes very good care of them! She makes me smile. I know, I’ll trade you! I’ll give you one of the baby kittens we just rescued…they need a forever home too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  178. Jennifer Avatar

    WOWWWIE Thank you sooo much C for this most generous giveaway!! SO many reasons I love Team Bamboletta. We would LOVE LOVE to give sweet Lemon a home for a very big SS fan here at our house!

  179. susie Avatar

    Well, she is just about the cutest thing that I have ever seen:) Oh my, who couldn’t love that little face:)!!! What a sweet company!

  180. Ceinwen W Avatar
    Ceinwen W

    My girls would adore this little ray of sunshine … just gorgeous !!!

  181. Cara Avatar

    My daughters would LOVE her!

  182. Vanessa Avatar

    She is so lovely!!!

  183. Stacy Avatar

    How how we would love love love her in our home!!

  184. Anne Avatar

    I LOVED my Strawberry shortcake dolls! She is fantastic. Fingers crossed!!!!

  185. Lee Ann Murray Avatar
    Lee Ann Murray

    Squuuuuueeeeel!!!!!! My aunt adores our family of dolls and her birthday is rapidly approaching! She is currently in the hospital and I would LOVE to be able to share this Ray of Sunshine with her <3 She would bring her over to play with my girls and their dolls OFTEN ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. Jen Avatar


  187. Erica Kirkland-Weeks Avatar
    Erica Kirkland-Weeks

    She would be so loved here!!

  188. Susana Avatar

    We would love to give her a forever home! My daughter is just starting to really play with her dolls and Lemon would be such a tangy addition to her dollies! Here’s hoping ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Chandres Avatar

    Oh my, is she not the most adorable doll ever! My littlest love adores “babies”, and this is by far one of the cutest I’ve seen! (And the Strawberry Shortcake inspiration is just the icing on the cake… I can still remember the smell of my dolls!)

  190. Lisa Rogers Avatar
    Lisa Rogers

    Would love for my DD to have her first and forever bamboletta. She’s precious and would be loved ๐Ÿ˜‰

  191. Victoria Avatar

    Oh Cristina strawberry shortcake dolls were my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love love love

  192. Ashley Brown Avatar
    Ashley Brown

    She is lovely and would make a great triplet out my house with my twins ๐Ÿ™‚ I know my little Landry would love her to pieces!! Thank you for sharing this doll and good luck to everyone! -God bless- Ashbrown

  193. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    She is just super sweet! I also grew up with the Strawberry Shortcake dolls and now watch as Fiona has the same fascination with them as I did ๐Ÿ™‚ Lemon would be loved in our home forever ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for your amazing generosity as always.

  194. Kelsey F Avatar
    Kelsey F

    Love her beautiful blond hair and adorable outfit!

  195. Spencer Wiggins Avatar
    Spencer Wiggins

    Shes ADORABLE!! Your so sweet C <3 such a giving heart!

  196. nannette gauchat Avatar
    nannette gauchat

    would love this doll for my little granddaughter!!

  197. Sundee Avatar

    What? Another giveaway?? So sweet! ‘Sunshine’ was exactly what I thought of when I saw her face – so funny that was her sister’s name! I would love to be a part of this giveaway.

  198. Denise Stanley Avatar
    Denise Stanley

    I uxed to LOVe the strawberry shortcake dolls too! I had Strawberry shortcake and apricot. They were two of my favorites. This doll would make my innter 80s child come out and play!

  199. juana Avatar

    she’s so adorable!

  200. Vicki Avatar

    Love her!

  201. mandy huber Avatar
    mandy huber

    this would be perfect for my gracie she is just so cute <3 <3 <3

  202. Maia Avatar

    She’d be much loved here.

  203. Sharla Avatar

    Seriously, I am in love with her and I know my three girls would love her forever too! she would definitely have a forever home with our family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. Michelle PL Avatar
    Michelle PL

    My fave dessert and as we don’t have a Bambo yet she would be our fave Bambo too ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. Shannon Avatar

    She is incredible. I grew up with Strawberry Shortcake, this beauty has a sweet place in my heart.

  206. Carolyn Dunn Avatar

    My little Gretchyn would LOVE Lemon. I think Lemon and Hoppy would make great pals as well!

  207. Lyndsay Avatar


  208. Molly Avatar

    She reminds me of a Lemondrop; a favorite summer candy when I was growing up.

  209. Dorothy D Avatar
    Dorothy D

    She’s gorgeous!

  210. Ilene Avatar

    Oh, hoping for some luck as my dd has been asking for a doll for awhile and this one is perfect! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. Tonya Scarborough Avatar
    Tonya Scarborough

    She would be well loved in our home.

  212. Shawna Battaglia Avatar
    Shawna Battaglia

    She is one of my favorite dolls! Very cute! My two girlies would LOVE her!!!!

  213. Amanda Avatar

    She is adorable!! Would love to give her a home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  214. Mandy Avatar

    I look at her and it’s already a bright and sunny day. Love the colour yellow ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. Jessica Avatar

    We would give Lemon so much love, and would be so blessed to have her join our family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  216. April Avatar

    Our family would love to give Lemon a forever home! We are newbies and I just know my daughter would love her to bits, she’s adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Amanda Avatar

    My daughter loves Lemon Meringue! She would be so loved. We’ve been eyeing your dolls for years, and have tried to buy a few times, but have never been lucky.

  218. Melyssa C. Avatar
    Melyssa C.

    My two girls would love little miss Lemon! She’s perfect!!

  219. Heather Knobbe Avatar
    Heather Knobbe

    We would love to love her!

  220. Michelle L. Avatar
    Michelle L.

    I have the perfect little girl who’s waiting to play with Lemon ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. Sarah Waterston Avatar
    Sarah Waterston

    We would love to giver her a forever home with our blue eyed girl.

  222. Ashley Avatar

    She is adorable. She is so bright and happy that it makes your smile. Would love to give her a loving happy home!!!!

  223. Linda T. Avatar
    Linda T.

    She is so pretty. My daughter would love her. She makes me think of sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. CJ Avatar

    I have a VERY special little girl just waiting for a life long best friend. The two of them would make a perfect pair!

  225. Kristina Avatar

    Beautiful little doll! I am not sure if she would ever be put down at our house.

  226. Ann K. Avatar
    Ann K.

    Lemmon is indeed a special doll and I adore lemon meringue pie. Thanks C. for your generosity.

  227. Amy Avatar

    She’s sooooo darling. We would love to be her forever home.

  228. Allegra Avatar

    Oh, my 4 yo daughter and I would love this doll! My daughter has blonde curly hair, and this sweet doll reminds me of her.

  229. Silvia Avatar

    My girls would take wonderful care of her. She would get lots of love – be sure to let her know ๐Ÿ™‚

  230. natalie pola Avatar
    natalie pola

    oh please be mine for my daughter, she is to die for….LOVE that boucle hair!!!!

  231. Tiffany L. Avatar

    We could use some Lemon sunshine about now!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Thanks for the chance!!

  232. Autumn Cagle Avatar
    Autumn Cagle

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! My little girl would love this!! She is in love with Lemon Meringue and Strawberry Shortcake!!

  233. Brenda Fransisco Avatar
    Brenda Fransisco

    She’s adorable, and would have a special place in my home!

  234. Melissa Avatar

    She is so sweet! I can almost smell those little dolls from our childhoods!! She would have a great home here with a little girl who is such a good little mommy!

  235. Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    Oh my goodness, oh my GOODNESS! How I *LOVED* my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. MmmMmMMM – I can still remember how good they smelled! I remember so many happy happy days playing with a childhood friend I haven’t thought of in years – Meredith! We used to play with our yummy-smelling dolls for hours. SO MUCH FUN!Thank you, BamboMamas for bringing back such a lovely memory for me — I sure hope Lemon can come live at my house!!!!

  236. kathryn turner Avatar
    kathryn turner

    She’s absolutely beautiful!

  237. katharine Avatar

    HUGE Strawberry Shortcake fan as a little girl… ๐Ÿ™‚ I even had strawberry scented writing paper – which i loved.. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is so sweet.. my son is on a bit of a Strawberry kick, he knows all the names and it’s pretty darn cute! Thank you for the chance to win!

  238. angelica Avatar

    oh miss lovely lemon how we’d love to yak with you here ;).

  239. Danielle B Avatar
    Danielle B

    Miss Lemon has a forever home ready and waiting for her here!! She would be well loved, that’s for sure.

  240. Chrystel Avatar

    She would have a forever home with us, and many many children to love on her. She is so beautiful. You have a wonderful heart C. Love you.

  241. Jayne Kure Avatar
    Jayne Kure

    I’d love Lemon to come and stay with me. She would be my first Bamboletta!

  242. Shannon Avatar

    She would be so loved here! Please consider us, we love curly heads since we both are ๐Ÿ™‚

  243. Tasha Avatar

    Lemon meringue was my favorite! I can almost smell her hair from memory! I swear this will be her forever home!

  244. Lily Avatar

    We love to eat raw lemons.. We are also blondes and heaven help us after this week, my life has been noting but lemons. She would be perfect for us… <3 thanks for the gift as aways! <3

  245. Heather Benado Avatar
    Heather Benado

    She is beautiful, happy and fun. I would be so thankful If you let my daughter love her up!

  246. Candy Avatar


  247. elizabeth Avatar

    Oh she’s beautiful. I miss those old Strawberry Shortcakes. The new ones just aren’t as cute. Remember Angel Cakes and Sour Grapes. I grew up in a small town in Montana and the only place to admire and buy them was the True Value hardware.

  248. Keiran Shield Avatar
    Keiran Shield

    Come live in the Aussie sunshine Miss Lemon! xo

  249. Marinel Avatar

    What a precious doll!

  250. Lea T Avatar
    Lea T

    She is adorable! We’d love to bring her home!

  251. Gayle Lamb Avatar
    Gayle Lamb

    Oh, my great granddaughter would love to give her a home! She is adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. Jennifer Palmer Avatar
    Jennifer Palmer

    I can not believe how amazing she would be! My daughter has blonde curly hair and blue eyes and she would just die to be able to squeeze and love her forever!

  253. jennifer Avatar

    I LOVE her!!! So lemony!! I bet her hair is super soft!!

  254. linda Avatar

    Perfectly curly.

  255. Cindy Avatar

    She is very cute, and my 3 youngest kids would love her! I still have my Lemon Strawberry Shortcake doll and my girls are in awe of my vintage doll from when their Mom was a girl!

  256. Sarah M Avatar
    Sarah M

    Although my favorite character was Plum Puddin growing up, we would love to give Miss Lemon a forever home. Love the story of you and your Mom sharing memories together.

  257. Holly C Avatar
    Holly C

    What a precious doll! She is going to make someone VERY happy~

  258. regan Avatar

    I have the little plastic Meringue from the 80’s, love her!

  259. Becca P Avatar
    Becca P

    What a cutie!!

  260. adrianne Avatar

    We would love to be Lemon’s forever home!

  261. Kandi Avatar

    I am SUCH a MASSIVE SSC fan!I still have all my old sheets and curtains and toys from when I was a little girl that I plan on decorating her room in [when she gets big enough for it!!!] She’d be a fantastic addition!!! <3

  262. jenna Avatar

    we love lemon!!! thank you team bamboletta for a chance!

  263. amy Taylor Avatar
    amy Taylor

    Hi my 4 year old is all about babies and dolls. On February 17 my girls and I lost everything including our dog in ahouse fireand when I saw this doll I realized they don’t have their dolls any more. The doll is beautiful and deserves a good home. Wherever she ends up will be a lucky family

  264. Jennifer taylor Avatar
    Jennifer taylor

    Love her

  265. Rosemary Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  266. Angie Buckles Avatar
    Angie Buckles

    She is simply beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for the chance at having her as part of our family. :O)

  267. Amanda Catterall Avatar
    Amanda Catterall

    She is BEAUTIFUL! so generous with your giveaways!!

  268. Madie B. Avatar
    Madie B.

    oh that is so SWEET!!!, if she comes and lives with us she will have a FOREVER home!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  269. Kari Avatar

    She’s gorgeous, just like her sisters! My daughter would treasure her!

  270. Anna Avatar

    I would so love for Lemon to become part of our family. My two-year-old Charlotte loves to take care of babies-nursing them, changing their diapers, wearing them in baby carriers, and reading them stories. She especially loved looking at all the pictures of your dolls, but one won’t be in the budget for a long while unfortunately. We would love love love to be Lemon’s new family.

  271. Jennifer Avatar

    Such wonderful memories of playing dolls with my little sister you brought back for me! Lemon was her favorite character. You have created such an amazing likeness! She would be cherished forever here ๐Ÿ™‚

  272. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    We would LOVE to give her a forever home!!! <3
    Thanks for the chance, C! ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. Jessi Scherm Avatar
    Jessi Scherm

    She is SO adorable!! I can almost smell her! ๐Ÿ™‚
    She would be very much loved in our home with 2 little girls, 1 and 2 years old, who are just starting to love dolls!! She looks just like Petra (1 year old) and would probably be her birthday present!! We don’t have any Bamboletta dolls yet, but we do have a CC dress that would fit her! I actually bought it and took a picture of my daughters in it when they were just a few days old! How fun would it be to have a twin doll in a dress you wore as a newborn!!

    Thanks for offering to give her a loving home!

  274. Chelsea Avatar

    Love her!! She looks just like my little girl, Blond hair, blue eyes she would love this to be her 1st bamboletta doll!!! She will have a forever home with my Bree!!!

  275. Danielle K Avatar
    Danielle K

    She is absolutely adorable and would be forever loved in our home!

  276. Lisa Avatar

    I think Miss Lemon just melted my heart, she’s so darn cute! My 2 year old daughter would love her forever, that’s a promise. Thank you so much for your generosity and for this wonderful opportunity!

  277. Amy Bradford Avatar

    Oh wow, she is amazing and you can be sure she would get tons of hugs here at our house!! Thsnks so much for the opportunity!

  278. Bess Avatar

    Oh my gosh, you produced another beautiful friend. I admire your dolls so much! The love and tenderness that is put into each doll is amazing. I would love to win a doll for my ten month old daughter. She loves snuggly dolls, and I know she would adore her forever; passing it along to her little girl when she has a family of her own. You have such creativity and I admire your business so much. Thank you for the opportunity. =)

  279. Allie Q Avatar
    Allie Q

    She is so sweet!

  280. Kristen Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! And obviously very special :). Fingers crossed…

  281. Tabatha Avatar

    Would love her! She looks just like my daughter!

  282. Janet C. Avatar
    Janet C.

    That is so sweet. I love the story behind these three dolls.

  283. TulsiLeaf Avatar

    awww she is cute.

  284. Erin Avatar

    She is awesome!

  285. Fancy J. Avatar
    Fancy J.

    Total droolie! ๐Ÿ™‚ my Grace would FliP for her since she’s her fave color! Loooove. ๐Ÿ™‚ her’s would have a snuggawugly forever home here.

  286. Mai J Avatar
    Mai J

    They are adorable!

  287. Lee L Avatar
    Lee L

    I loved all my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and she does look like Lemon Meringue. She would be very welcome to have a forever home with my little girl.

  288. Krystal Newman Avatar
    Krystal Newman

    She is absolutely darling!! We would be so happy to “adopt” her into our family!!! I think her name is what really what puts her over the edge in cuteness!!!! Good luck everyone!!! I just know she’ll be in good hands with whatever family gets her!

  289. Nancy Avatar

    She brought tears to my eyes. Whomever gets her is very very lucky.

  290. Britne Avatar

    lovely <3 such a great story too ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. Virginia Williams Trice Avatar
    Virginia Williams Trice

    Thank you for the opportunity! She is adorable!

  292. Robynn Avatar

    Oh, lovely lovely girl. You remind me of my youth and the SS dolls I loved so dearly. I would feel very blessed if you came to join our home <3

  293. Kirstin Avatar

    We would love to give Lemon a forever home ๐Ÿ™‚

  294. katie Avatar

    awww… too cute!

  295. Amanda Avatar

    She is so adorable! She reminds me of myself as a little girl! I would love to give her to my daughter <3

  296. Carrie Avatar

    I’ve been waiting a LONG time to get a lemon meringue doll!

  297. Jennifer Avatar

    I would be honored to give Lemon a forever home here with my daughter. She is 21 months old and loves everything yellow. Lemon would be very well loved here. <3

  298. Vanessa Avatar

    Add our family to the long list of loving ones who’d love to give this wee one a home. My little girl’s nickname is Sunny Bear (her brother is Cubby Bear but usually Cubs) so Sunshine was particularly appealing. But of course all Bamboletta dolls are precious. We’d be delighted to meet any of them. Someday we know, we will. Thanks for all of your beautiful work and words!

  299. Adriana Avatar

    Oh my Lemon Meringue was my favorite Strawberry Shortcake character growing up!

  300. Ram Totter Avatar
    Ram Totter

    Woukd love to have her in our household <3

  301. Nithia T S Avatar
    Nithia T S

    Come to live with us Lemon. You’ll find a Home Sweet Home here in MA. Thanks for your kindness!

  302. Iris L. Avatar
    Iris L.

    What a cutie! We would give her lots of love here and promise to never ever sell her!!!

  303. Amanda Avatar

    Oh…I…er…my daughter…would love this doll!

  304. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    we would love to give her a forever home!

  305. Tanya Avatar

    Oh I would love to add her to our family!

  306. Lindsey Beran Avatar
    Lindsey Beran

    Cuteness Overload! I could shed a tear..Lemon is so cute! We will keep the name too! Lemon…I love it and her cute freckles! Forever and Ever and Ever home here. Lemon would be an heirloom.

  307. Angela Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! Love her freckles! I know a little one who needs this doll!

  308. Lori Riner Avatar
    Lori Riner

    What a precious dolly! My girlies would adore her I’m sure =)

  309. Audra H Avatar

    My daughter would LOVE her:)!

  310. Jacqueline Avatar

    She’s a little ray of sunshine that would be welcomed here.

  311. Nichole Miller Avatar
    Nichole Miller

    Would love her so much

  312. Korin Bourdo Avatar

    Oh my, my daughters both have blonde hair and blue eyes. We would love to snuggle her and play !!!!

  313. rachel weiss Avatar

    Oh my goodness gracious me. You just washed this mama with some ole fashioned lemon meringue love. I can feel her sunny heart and soul. What a beauty xx

  314. Samantha Avatar

    I love lemon meringue and so would my 3 yr old cousin!

  315. Vanessa Avatar

    She is the sweetest thing, love her gorgeous yellow hair, my daughter would LOVE her.

  316. Nikki Avatar

    Oh my what I cutie. Would love to win her for my little girl.

  317. Laura M. Avatar
    Laura M.

    She would definitely have a forever home here! LOVE her!!! <3

  318. Laura E. Avatar
    Laura E.

    She would have a forever home with us!

  319. Melissa Avatar

    she is just perfect! Thank you so much for the fun, fun things you do for your fans!

  320. Kristen Leclair Avatar
    Kristen Leclair

    We will be her forever home ๐Ÿ™‚

  321. chloe Marshall Avatar
    chloe Marshall

    Oh my! She is such a little beauty! Thank you for this wonderful chance Cristinia

  322. Melissa Avatar

    We would love her here and she would be in her forever home, she is gorgeous!!

  323. Angele Miller Avatar
    Angele Miller

    What a beautiful doll ~ LOVE lemon and so would our little one!

  324. Katie Avatar

    Lemon won’t you be lime? Ummm…I mean mine;)

  325. Shannon L Avatar
    Shannon L

    Sooooo cute!!!

  326. Lissa Avatar

    She is such a beautiful ray of sunshine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. Kim Sanchez Avatar
    Kim Sanchez

    She is so beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  328. Kate Avatar

    Oh, my daughter plays with my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls….scary how they still smell the same after so many years! We’d love to give Miss Lemon a home.

  329. Nancy Ragot Avatar
    Nancy Ragot

    I played with Strawberry Shortcake too! I promise we’d give her a forever home:) For generations! She can occasionally play with my Munchichies, Rainbow Bright, Smurfs, Holly Hobby, My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake… the whole gang from then and my Daughter’s now!

    The most special part is its a Mother Daughter connection which I cherish dearly…

    Thank you!

  330. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    LOVE her hair–a wonderful giveaway!

  331. Lindsay Avatar

    My daughter would love to give her a forever home filled with love, hugs, and tea parties! Such a beautiful doll<3

  332. Liz Ripka Avatar
    Liz Ripka

    so cute

  333. Kim Fotheringham Avatar
    Kim Fotheringham

    She is gorgeous! We would love a chance please ๐Ÿ™‚

  334. Gentry Avatar

    We would love her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. Beth m Avatar
    Beth m

    Oh she is cute! I loved strawberry shortcake and friends growing up. And we would love to give lemon a a happy forever home.

  336. Tena Avatar

    Oh, the cuteness! She wants to live with me. She told me so…LOL.

  337. Shannon Avatar

    She is a ray of sunshine, full of warmth and light…I can feel it ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. Melissa Avatar

    My strawberry shortcake loving girls would love to give her a forever home! Thank you so much for the opportunity and everything you and team bamboletta do!

  339. leanne watson Avatar

    She is a little piece of happiness!

  340. Amy Unrau Avatar
    Amy Unrau

    Shes so cute!

  341. Kimberley Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! My girls would love her. Hoping against hope… ๐Ÿ™‚

  342. Melissa Speegle Avatar

    I have a little girl who wouldn’t let her get bored! Thank you for the chance!

  343. Jill Mc Avatar
    Jill Mc

    I would love love love her (and so would my kids)

  344. Tanya S Avatar
    Tanya S

    Lemon reminds me of the good ole days of playing strawberry shortcake with my little sister

  345. Andrea Cohn Avatar
    Andrea Cohn

    we would love to welcome lemon into our house! she is beautiful!

  346. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    Pick me, please! Love her.

  347. Marianne Avatar

    Love her <3! We would give her a loving forever home for sure.

  348. Jacquie Stone Avatar
    Jacquie Stone

    Gorgeous – my nearly 4 year old has just started discovering strawberry shortcake – she would love Lemon. And she already talks about keeping her teddies for when she has kids, so I can see Lemon being in our family for generations to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. Kelly Z Avatar
    Kelly Z

    She is beyond adorable!

  350. Ami Avatar

    What an adorable doll! I remember playing Strawberry Shortcakes for hours! Loved each of them w/their little animals and their yummy scent. Especially loved Apricot and Hopsalot. My little one would love this sweet doll for her 3rd birthday, as they have matching hair! So thankful you are doing a giveaway, so appreciated! xoxo

  351. Erin O'Dowd Avatar
    Erin O’Dowd

    This doll is the incarnation of joy! If I had to draw a picture of how it feels to love a Bambo, it would look like her!!! She is gorgeous and we would love to love her!!!

  352. Vera Avatar

    She is just lovely. We have some serious strawberry shortcake fans here, and she will be well loved.

  353. Dria Avatar

    My daughters would love to have lemon to play with! Cross my fingers!

  354. Kimmy Avatar

    Super aDOLLable!

  355. melanie Avatar

    You always amaze me with your giveaways. Bless Bamboletta dolls! Your kharma is rich!

  356. Misty j Avatar
    Misty j

    She’s perfect! Love her story- makes her even more perfect! Thanks for this chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  357. Carolyn Avatar

    Pretty pretty please?!

  358. Kris Bayes Avatar
    Kris Bayes

    She’s just adorable. I have an equally adorable little girl turning 2 in a few weeks who would absolutely love to love her! She also has blond curly hair and porcelain skin… What a pair they’d make!

  359. Beatriz Avatar

    I have a little boy over here who fell in deep, deep love with Sunshine. Imagine his surprise and joy if Lemon came to live with him!

  360. Kim Avatar

    I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake! On my 3rd birthday, my mom made me a strawberry shortcake birthday cake and accidentally lit her hair on fire. So funny. Do you remember the peculiar purple pie man? Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! I am currently making my first Waldorf doll but it’s nowhere near ad pretty as yours!

  361. Twila Owen Avatar
    Twila Owen

    My daughter would adore this doll forever! Absolutely beautiful!

  362. Amanda W Avatar
    Amanda W

    This reminds me of strawberry shortcake dolls were my best friends. My mom remembers me playing with them for hours on end and for a small child, that was an accomplishment! Time has taken a few of my shortcake friends, but the few that have hung around are true treasures of childhood…the kind that cannot be replaced, the kind that hold memories within them. Thank you so much Christina and Team Bamboletta for the chance at this childhood friend!!

  363. Suzi C Avatar
    Suzi C

    She is gorgeous. My kids are ss mad and would love her.

  364. Amy Drissel Avatar
    Amy Drissel

    She would be safe at my house. my girls would never let her leave!

  365. Jodi Avatar

    Oh lemon. You do bing back memories. How I huffed her lemony head!

  366. Suzanne Avatar

    Love her! I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was small!

  367. Aliera Avatar

    Oh she is sooooo beautiful – she would be very very Loved at this house!!!!

  368. Leanne Avatar

    I loved loved loved my Strawberry Shortcake – and now my daughter has started watching the cartoons!!!

  369. Bernetta Avatar

    Gorgeous! She would NEVER be resold here

  370. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    Love this story and the doll. I use to play the Strawberry Shortcake game as a little girl. My daughters and I would love to add this to our little 3 little lady family.

  371. M.O. Avatar

    Strawberry Shortcake was my “doll obsession” when I was young. I’ve kept them all and am counting down the days until my daughter is old enough for me to pass them on to her. It would be an honour to have your Lemon Meringue join our family! Thank you!!

  372. Kari Avatar

    Very pretty!!!

  373. Tamara Batsn Avatar
    Tamara Batsn

    Would love her!

  374. Kim M. Avatar
    Kim M.

    3 girls and a Mommy that would love this cheerful girl!

  375. Liz Avatar

    She’s just lovely. Such spunk! You have a real talent for doll making. I’m sure she will be bundles of sweet memories wherever she goes! Keep up the excellent work! Always a joy to see what you’ve been up too.

  376. Laura Avatar

    She is adorable and we’d love her forever!!!

  377. Kimberly R. Avatar
    Kimberly R.

    She is amazing! Would love to give her to my “big” girl Strawberry Shortcake fan to take to college with her. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so much for the chance.

  378. Alison H Avatar
    Alison H

    oh wow, she’s cute

  379. amy larsen Avatar
    amy larsen

    Oh we would just melt if we could be her forever home!!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

  380. celine Avatar

    i will love her with all my heart if i ever win her, i promise! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your generosity!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  381. Jenny Avatar

    Your dolls are simply beautiful, and whether or not we’re chosen to win this special gal, I want to thank you most sincerely for creating something so lovely that my oldest daughter (8 in April) has taken a renewed interest in playing with dolls. My husband and I are thrilled that since seeing the photos of Bamboletta dolls about a month ago for the first time, both she and her younger sister have (seriously!) been carrying a doll with them every day. Its wonderful to see even “bigger girls” still enjoying their dolls. Strawberry Shortcake and her gang were my favourite growing up, and I have passed that love down to our girls. Since seeing your dolls, I have thought about them every day; plotting, planning, and dreaming about how I might make the girl’s “dream doll” (quote from 7 yr old) a reality. As a stay at home mom, the girls are aware that most of our toys come second hand. The very first day Abby saw your dolls, she said: “Mommy, do you think you would ever be able to find a Bamboletta Doll that was beat up, or dirty or broken, so we could buy her at the Thrift Shop and fix her all up”? The (happy) truth is that these dolls are so well loved by their owners, that scenario is HIGHLY unlikely. I am sure whomever gets this sweet doll will love her and care for her always. Thank you for your generosity, and for reading my long-winded post to the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

  382. Rebekah Tedder Avatar
    Rebekah Tedder

    What a great expression of love for your fans!! She is super duper cute!! We would love to give her a home here!! ((hugs))

  383. Jessica Avatar

    My 2 girls would love to give her a forever home here in Alaska ๐Ÿ™‚ I think she would feel at home! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  384. AmyT Avatar

    Love this bright sunshiny gal! I’m also a huge fan of boucle ๐Ÿ™‚

  385. *Tya* Avatar

    She is gorgeous! …And I know a little girl that would *love* a Lemon Meringue! ๐Ÿ™‚

  386. Lisa Avatar

    What a gorgeous girl. She would stay with us forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  387. Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.

    Love her! You guys truly are a wonderful company that takes care of their customers! Don’t ever change a thing!

  388. Amy Castellanos Avatar
    Amy Castellanos

    I am a new fan of these gorgeous dolls!!! Lemon is as cute as a button and reminds me of my strawberry shortcake days when I was a child…. I personally still have my strawberry shortcake dolls… Thank you for sharing your love of dolls and allowing our hearts to relive our fond childhood memories….. Just looking at your beautiful creations simply puts a smile on my face hope to be proud owner of a bamboletta doll soon!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  389. Natalia Petrova Avatar
    Natalia Petrova

    Shes is beautiful!!!

  390. Shannon Avatar

    I think she is beyond adorable. I know my daughter would give her an excellent ”forever” home ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  391. Katie F Avatar
    Katie F

    Beautiful doll! she looks like my girls! She would be loved and played with in our house by me and the girls! X

  392. Peggy Chandler Avatar
    Peggy Chandler

    They are both gorgeous :). Such a generous gift.

  393. Linda JT Avatar
    Linda JT

    What a little ball of happiness. We could use some sunshine here in grey and rainy Seattle! Thanks for the chance, C and team.

  394. laura Avatar

    Awwww she is adorable

  395. Terry Coriell Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable. I would love to have her come live with me.

  396. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    What a sweet giveaway doll! I grew up with lots of Strawberry Shortcake and friends dolls. It would be so reminiscent to win a doll like this for my girls.

  397. Emily R Avatar
    Emily R

    Oohh such a little lovey. My eledest daughter loves lemon, from the lemon slices in her water glass to her bright lemon yellow shorts (with tights underneath)!!! She would absolutely cherish this lemon doll as only an 8 year old big girl can.
    Thank-you, Emily
    Keep doing what you do, you are awesome!!

  398. Dacey O Avatar
    Dacey O

    What a cutie! My daughter would love her forever!

  399. Nikki hollett Avatar
    Nikki hollett

    My baby girl would love her forever!

  400. Lorrie Maier Avatar
    Lorrie Maier

    She is absolutely adorable! My girls would love her so much ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to have her come live with us!

  401. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    What a wonderful way to bring joy and sunshine to our house! She is beautiful and would be loved!

  402. Paula Avatar

    Lemon would find a forever home with us ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you

  403. Susanne T Avatar
    Susanne T

    Amazing – like you!!! Thank you!

  404. Holly B Avatar
    Holly B

    She would be a very welcome addition to our dolly family ๐Ÿ™‚

  405. Alison haworth Avatar
    Alison haworth

    How beautiful. Your post made me think about my dolls as a child. I had a tote bag with a little Holly Hobby in the front pocket. I loved that doll. I found it recently and it now sits on my teenage Holly’s shelves.

  406. Lauren Johnson Avatar
    Lauren Johnson

    She is a cutie! Love the bright hair

  407. Karen Avatar

    She is perfect!

  408. Amanda Avatar

    I used to LOOOVE Lemon Meringue from Strawberry Shortcake and had the little plastic doll with the giant head back in the 80’s! In fact, I still have her (and a few of the other Shortcake girls) in a box of my favorite toys, ready to give to my daughter when she is old enough. This brings back so many fun memories….I would love for my daughter to have her very own Lemon Meringue Bamboletta to make her own memories with. It would definitely be a forever home ๐Ÿ™‚

  409. Beta Avatar

    Be sure that if she would choose our home she’ll stay here FOREVER! And will be LOVED like our kiddos ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s a beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

  410. Tracy Pearson Avatar
    Tracy Pearson

    Lovely idea for a give away, also putting my name into the hat!

  411. Tina Avatar

    You guys seem like the sweetest family! Thanks for this chance!

  412. Lisa Avatar

    So cute! Crossing my fingers!

  413. Helena Avatar

    I would love to win this doll for my sister. She was crazy about Strawberry Shortcake. And with 5 girls at her house, this doll would be very, very loved. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  414. Allison Avatar

    Lovely Lemon!

  415. Trinity Dawn Maura Avatar
    Trinity Dawn Maura

    We would love to welcome such a beautiful doll to our home. She is so happy and sunny looking. <3

  416. Pietra Avatar

    Aww, super cute!

  417. Monica Goslin Avatar
    Monica Goslin

    I would be honored to own one of these dolls!

  418. Jodi Avatar

    I love all things lemon and my daughter’s gave color is yellow so we’d love to have her!

  419. olya Avatar

    She’s perfect in every single way. I know you had giveaways before, but this is one time when I’ll be anxiously awaiting the results and hoping that Lemon will come live with us, because she reminds me so much of my second youngest daughter who will be turning 4 in just 3 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t think of a better birthday present for her!

  420. Nathanya Avatar

    This is sort of a long story but here goes. My daughter Nevaeh has been admiring your dolls when I see them on Facebook. I have been doing a workshop on chakras. Each week we do a new one. Last week was the belly chakra where our will is. It was also the week that wee took the potty plunge. Needless to say she was extremely resistant and taught me sooooo much about will. Today which was our last day on the belly chakra and our first day on heart chakra she got it. It totally clicked and she was never so proud. What struck me when I saw this doll and the reason for this big post is the colour. Yellow. Just like the solar plexus. Just like the sun. She would be loved like you would not believe!!

  421. Mary Avatar

    Oh my heavens! She would have a permanent spot here if we were so lucky to be chosen. I had a thing for Strawberry Shortcake dolls when I was younger. I still have them actually. Including Lemon Meringue ๐Ÿ™‚

  422. Janet Avatar

    Lemonishious!!! LOVE this doll!

  423. Nina Hudson Avatar
    Nina Hudson

    i don’t know a child who would not want that bright yellow hair, It’s beautiful! I know of one here who would love to play with her.

  424. Shala Avatar

    What a sweetie!

  425. Nova Avatar

    Awww she’s like a little drop of sunshine!!

  426. Lauralee L Avatar
    Lauralee L

    Lemon is just beyond adorable!! I love those freckles and her lemony blond hair! You put a lot of love into her and I would be honored to have her be a forever member of our family where she would be loved and adored!

  427. Kirsty C Avatar
    Kirsty C

    We’ve love to give her a home here in the UK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  428. Mina Avatar

    She is just beautiful !!

  429. Diana Avatar

    My sister and I had Strawberry and Lemon when we were small, and they were immensely loved. Unfortunately they were lost in a long ago house move.
    Decades on and I still find myself occasionally thinking about them. Now that I am grown however, I have an unabashed love of handmade, so I cannot think of a better combination of two things I love.
    You are right, she is VERY special no matter who she will live with.

  430. jamara Avatar

    Yes please! We would LOVE to give her a home and I envision her being passed through generations of parents and babes in our family. Down here in the South Island of New Zealand we are just hunkering down for Winter so a ray of sunshine Lemon would be perfect xx

  431. Cary Kornegay Avatar

    We would LOVE to be her forever home!!!!!

  432. Melissa Avatar

    I could use some sunshine! She’s beautiful!!

  433. Ashley L. Avatar
    Ashley L.

    She is adorable!! Love that lemon yellow hair! Thanks for the chance at such a sweetie!

  434. Rei Tsou Avatar
    Rei Tsou

    we desperately NEED Sunshine here in our home please!!! she will not only bring Sunshine to our home but lots of smiles and love as well! we are her one and only family! Please let her join our family where Sunshine’s ray, love and smile is most needed!!! Thank you so much for the chance! deeply appreciated!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  435. gidget Avatar

    Would love lemon for our family….she right in.with Mika and Matilda…
    she would be mine…My 34th birthday is March 18!th…this would be the best belated gift.:)

  436. Martha G Avatar
    Martha G

    She is the same color as lemon pie! My favorite dessert. She would be a welcomed lil companion for my grandaughter who I call my little lemon pop

  437. Belinda Avatar

    She would have a forever home here with my quilts Christina ๐Ÿ™‚

  438. Rhonda F Avatar
    Rhonda F

    She is lovely!

  439. Terri *A Avatar
    Terri *A

    We would be so honored to have more Lemon in our lives. Thank you for creating such beauties!

  440. Sarah Avatar

    Love her!

  441. Cheryl Avatar

    We would love to bring one of these home! I would love to be able to make our own dolls one day, but a handmade-with-such-love by another mama is the next best thing!

  442. Michelle C Avatar
    Michelle C

    She could stay with me forever.

  443. Christine B Avatar
    Christine B

    OMG we would love her….my daughter has recently found her love of Strawberry Shortcake and she would adore her!

  444. Bonnie Avatar

    What a lovely gesture! This little lady makes my heart happy!

  445. Nicole Phillips Avatar
    Nicole Phillips

    Oh she’s beautiful the freckles and blonde curly hair remind me of me when I was little. We have never owned a bamboletta and she would just be a perfect first friend for my little girl. I don’t know how anybody could even think about selling that precious face if I won she’d be with us forever because I’m sure she’ll have way to many great memories too even think of letting her go. Thank you for the giveaway!

  446. Julie Avatar

    She would be very well loved here by my two little girls (and me!) – she is gorgeous. Juliex

  447. Samantha Avatar

    Beautiful! So much sunshine and happiness ๐Ÿ˜€

  448. TheresaS Avatar

    Beyond words. You are so generous. Thank you for making waldorf world an incredibly fun, giving escape!

  449. Mallory Avatar

    Thanks for all you do. My little girls would love to have their first doll. I’ve never won anything before but always worth the shot.

  450. Jade Avatar

    I would love to give her a home! She looks adorable. What a lovely giveaway to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  451. Julie G Avatar
    Julie G

    She is adorable. My daughters would love her!!!

  452. Laura Avatar

    Too cute.

  453. sarah tarelli Avatar
    sarah tarelli

    How sweet! Looks like she is ready for a BIG HUG!

  454. Elisabeth Meyer Avatar
    Elisabeth Meyer

    Here comes the sun …

  455. Mel Avatar

    Oh my swoon! Little Lemon would be right at home with Oliver!

  456. Annie Avatar


  457. Starr Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!

  458. Helen Griffin Avatar
    Helen Griffin

    She is the one !

  459. Christine Avatar

    She is beautiful & would love to come play with us as Spring is Spring-ing here in Pennsylvania!

  460. Randi Avatar

    Love her would love to bring her home

  461. Lydia R Avatar
    Lydia R

    Ahe is adorable. She reminds me of myself when I was a little girl. My son would love her.

  462. Sherri Avatar

    Lemon would make the perfect playmate for Clover! The granddaughters will love to come over and play!!

  463. Jamie M Avatar
    Jamie M

    What a beauty!!

  464. Brandi Avatar

    We dont have a Bamboletta she would cherished forever in our home.

  465. Brenda Avatar

    What a treasure!!!

  466. Carol Avatar

    She is adorable ! and the story behind her creation, only makes her more special!! My granddaughter would love her!!! Many thanks for the chance.

  467. Tracy Avatar

    We would love to give her a home!

  468. Shelley Avatar

    We’d promise to give her the best home ever. She’d be a welcome friend for my littlest!

  469. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    We would love her!

  470. KateB Avatar

    I love little miss Lemon – with her cheerful face and freckles. My daughter (2yrs) saw her and asked “what Lemon doing?” I told her she was waiting to find a home….”waiting little girls? happy birthday doll” she would be forever treasured in this home.

  471. Gina Avatar

    AHHH!!!! I LOVE this doll! She’d be sure to find some love at our house!

  472. Felicia Adkins Avatar
    Felicia Adkins

    I was also a huge Strawberry Shortcake fan as a child. I’m sure this doll would be well loved by my 3 girls.

  473. Debbie Gorlewski Avatar
    Debbie Gorlewski

    My daughter, Kaitlyn, would love Lemon. She is adorable! You and your girls have quite a special talent…thank you for sharing it with us.

  474. Amber Avatar

    Lemon Meringue was my favorite too! If she were to come to live with us, I would NEVER let her go.

  475. Pete Avatar

    What a happy girl for my happy girl!

  476. Amy Stewart Avatar
    Amy Stewart

    My favorite. Can’t afford one now- we are saving away!!!!! Hope this one wants a beautiful home with an adorable 5 year old begging for a doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  477. Crystal Avatar

    I have a little girl who would love her so much!

  478. Nancy Avatar

    What a darling piece of sunshine!

  479. Brenda Hallgren Avatar
    Brenda Hallgren

    My daughter would love her. SO cute!

  480. Shayna Avatar

    Lemon would be so very loved in our home! Thanks for the oppertunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  481. Talie Avatar

    Oh my! She is gorgeous!! I too loved strawberry shortcake when I was a kid–I still have my Apricot doll for my daughter to play with! We would love to be Lemon’s forever home! Thanks for doing a giveaway! Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  482. Kelly Avatar

    Love her! I was a big Strawberry Shortcake fan growing up so I definitely appreciate this!

  483. Lauren Avatar


  484. Sarah Avatar

    We would love her dearly! Thank you for continuing to share the magic!

  485. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the chance Christina! She would be a perfect gift for my Mom who will soon begin a new stage in her life!

  486. Lin Avatar

    Lemon is perfect! Love her freckles and boucle ๐Ÿ™‚

  487. Jenna L Avatar
    Jenna L

    Adorable from head to toe! Thanks for the opportunity!

  488. JJ Avatar

    Lemon would be perfect for my daughters second birthday! It’s citrus themed!!

  489. Whitney Avatar

    Oh let this be the one time I win!

  490. Janet Riffe Avatar
    Janet Riffe

    He is beautiful! Would love to be her forever home! Xoxoxo

  491. Ashley Brown Avatar
    Ashley Brown

    She is so damn cute!

  492. Janet Riffe Avatar
    Janet Riffe

    I meant SHE!!! Silly iPhone!

  493. Kimberly Y Avatar

    Oh she is cute!! My daughter loves lemon meringue!!

  494. Suzannah Avatar

    Lemon would fit perfect in our house of blonde little girls!!!

  495. Shelby J. Avatar
    Shelby J.

    I know a Strawberry fan who would just love to give Lemon a wonderful home!

  496. nat Avatar

    What a special little doll, packed full of sunshine.

  497. Carrie Avatar

    Lemon is going to help a lucky little girl make life long memories!

  498. Jen A Avatar
    Jen A

    She’d live here forever if we are chosen!

  499. Mel Avatar

    We LOVED our Strawberry Shortcake dolls….my sister and I played with them all the time. Great memories. She is gorgeous.

  500. Rachel Avatar

    Love her!

  501. Kim Z Avatar
    Kim Z

    Amazing little girl! My daughter would be so happy to play with her. Plus she looks just like my Mom(my daughters Nana) ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope she comes to our home!

  502. Carrie B Avatar
    Carrie B

    We would live a chance to win her!!! She would be a perfect addition to our family since. My daughter has decided she NEEDS a curly girl yesterday when we were looking over the preview :). Thank you for the chance!

  503. Christina Avatar

    LOVE her! Thank you for the opportunity!! :)!

  504. Jayme L. Avatar
    Jayme L.

    Lemon is beautiful! Such a bright spot during my grey, morning commute today. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  505. Lisa A. Avatar
    Lisa A.

    I hope you can come home with us. My sweet girl would love you!

  506. Priscilla Scheer Avatar
    Priscilla Scheer

    She is a cutie! Thanks for the chance!

  507. Stephanie Avatar

    Super cute!

  508. Rebecca Avatar

    She is precious! Would love her to join our kids’ Bambos for some play and adventure. Thanks for the chance!

  509. Molly C Avatar
    Molly C

    She is perfection! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVED Strawberry Shortcake growing up and my daughter loves them too!

  510. Debbie M Avatar
    Debbie M

    I never win anything! But if it is meant to be she will be loved more than you can imagine <3

  511. Jenny Avatar

    We’d love to give Lemon a good home with lots of tea parties and cuddles ๐Ÿ™‚

  512. Kristie Broom Avatar

    Like a breathe of sunshine!!!! Lovely…Thank you for the chance.

  513. Josefine Avatar

    She is amazing. We would love it if she came to live with us!

  514. jen snyder Avatar
    jen snyder

    I have 3 girls that would love her!!

  515. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    She is beautiful!!! And boucle is our favorite!!! Thank you SO much for the chance…she would be VERY well loved here!!!

  516. Mindy C Avatar
    Mindy C

    She is adorable!!!

  517. Corey Everett Avatar
    Corey Everett

    We would love her! She is adorable!

  518. Andrea Avatar

    She is beautiful!!! Thank you for making these gorgeous creations. We would love to welcome Lemon to our home!!!

  519. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    She is fantastic!! Thank you so much for the chance at such a generous giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  520. Andre M Avatar
    Andre M


  521. Kate Avatar

    Baby Scarlet would love to have this girl!

  522. Jule Avatar

    We would love to give her a forever home. She would be cherished.

  523. Laura Avatar

    Cute. Daughter-in-law really wants one!

  524. Courtney Brown Avatar
    Courtney Brown

    love her!!!

  525. Mendy J Avatar
    Mendy J

    We love her already. With three boys and one girl, I get excited to play dolls with my daughter any chance I get. I am beyond thrilled she loves to play them as much as I did when I was a child!! She would for sure have a forever home!

  526. Jackie DeJongh Avatar
    Jackie DeJongh

    Wow!!! What a beauty! Have two little girlies who would LOVE to welcome her to our home:)

  527. Cassandra Avatar

    We would LOVE to have her come live with us in the sunshine state!

  528. Lisa M Avatar
    Lisa M

    Lemon Meringue was my first Strawberry Shortcake doll back in the early 80s, my girls would be so happy to have this dolly <3

  529. Kseth Avatar

    What a bright and lovely doll!! Thanks for the chance!

  530. Becky T Avatar
    Becky T

    She is stunning!!

  531. Amy Freemon Avatar
    Amy Freemon

    I love love love her and would keep her forever, give her to my little girl to give to her little girl….. you are so sweet to give everyone this chance:)

  532. Mia Jones Avatar
    Mia Jones

    Awesomely cute! Thanks for the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  533. Jessica Avatar

    Would love this for my 3 month old to have as a life-long friend!

  534. Libbi Avatar

    LOVE her and Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon is my oldest daughter’s favorite too! She has super blonde hair, and is the only one in our family like that, so she loves anyone with blonde hair too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  535. Jennifer Spillane Avatar
    Jennifer Spillane

    We would be so happy to give your beautiful girl a great, loving home!!

  536. Michelle P Avatar
    Michelle P

    I STILL love strawberry shortcake!! My mom saved all my old dolls and I still have them! Thank you for the chance!!!!! She is adorable and we would love her here in our home.

  537. Amanda Haller Avatar
    Amanda Haller

    We would love to be her forever home! My daughter would love her!

  538. Sharon mcLellan Avatar
    Sharon mcLellan

    My daughter would love her!

  539. Erica Z Avatar
    Erica Z

    I have a lemon loving family ready to give Miss Lemon some love!! Thanks for the chance :).

  540. Adriana Bittner Avatar
    Adriana Bittner

    She has the sweetest face!! Thank you for the opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  541. Sheree Bolger Avatar
    Sheree Bolger

    She’s beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  542. Talisha Cunningham Avatar
    Talisha Cunningham

    She is precious I would love to give her to my daughter!

  543. Jenny Avatar

    Oh she is SO cute! Delaney would absolutely adore her and she’d be played with for years and years (if not by her, by me!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  544. Kara Avatar

    Love Lemon!

  545. Maureen Avatar

    Absolutely precious. We would love Lemon forever.
    So good of you to do this, Christina.

  546. Rachel Avatar

    She is beyond cute! Delicious in fact! I have a little girl without a doll who would be over the moon to give her a home!

  547. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F

    LOVE HER!!

  548. Brie Avatar

    SO wonderful! Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life!

  549. Cheryl R. Avatar
    Cheryl R.

    She could come and join her sisters here forever and enjoys day of much love and sunshine. Wonderful work as always.

  550. Yamie Avatar

    She is so gorgeous. We would love for her to come over to London to stay and she would be so wanted and loved.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Thank you Christina for your generousity

  551. Sara Avatar

    Beautiful! My little girl would love playing with her!

  552. Amy Avatar

    My three year old daughter has blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles! This little doll would be a perfect match!!

  553. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I would love to have the great chance to welcome Lemon into our home! The blonde haired blue eyed dolls get me every time cause they remind me of my sweet Evie. It would be a honor to have Sunshine’s sister live in our house. xoxo Thanks for all you do everyday Team Bamboletta!

  554. Kate Avatar

    Cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  555. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    LOVE Lemon and I would hand her straight out of the box to Willow if she came here to live- and you know she wouldn’t be going anywhere once Willow gets a hold of a doll, lol! Your mother is beautiful and I love her name! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  556. Carolyn O. Avatar
    Carolyn O.

    Oh my! She is gorgeous!!! I have a couple of little girls here who would love a freckly little sister! ๐Ÿ™‚

  557. Rebecca GM Avatar

    Lemon is absolutely gorgeous. She is really amazing! There is something extra special about the fact that she is a sister doll to your doll and your mom’s doll. I hope that Lemon finds a forever home where she will be treasured. Congratulations on all of your success! It is such a pleasure to see your journey. Thank you so much for the opportunity to b