Doll Buns!


I’ve been promising this tutorial for months now! I was going to have this as a section on my website which would mean that I’d have to ‘code’ it. Ugh. I have notes on how to do this but I’m really not into figuring it out right now. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have noticed my recent obsession with the Twilight audiobooks. Listening to teenage vampires and trying to write something in html just don’t jive. Anyhow, enough about that, here is the tutorial. It’s kind of the same as the Antennae Buns , just a tad different. *Before I forget – it really helps if you have the doll kind of squished between yourself and like a table – just to hold her in place.*


Gather the hair into a ponytail.


Keeping one hand close to the head around the ponytail, start twisting the the hair tightly – working from close to the head to the ends of the hair.


Twist, twist, twist – very tightly. Try to gather up the stray hair bits into your hair ‘rope. The hair will start to buckle on it’s own. You’ll get a round bun like this. Tuck under the end loose bits into the middle or underneath the bun part.


This is a bit of a tricky part. Take about a 24″ piece of ribbon and hold it under the bun. Keeping about 6″ in one hand, wrap the rest of the ribbon around and around the bun firmly  capturing all the bun and the bits sticking out. Tie into a bow  – I like the bow towards the front. Voila! Buns! See – that wasn’t so hard! But – I do have to say.. it does take a bit of practice. Sometimes I have to do the buns several times per doll to get it just right.

My next tutorial will be doll underpants. It’s so easy – you’ll be making your doll ‘day of the week’ underwear before you know it.

Have a great weekend friends!


P.S. I’m sorry about the small upload today with the dolls. I worked hard this week to get my custom order’s caught up.. lots of birthdays coming up at the beginning of August! All going well, it should be a big upload next week.







7 responses to “Doll Buns!”

  1. Petra Avatar

    Can’t wait to see our fairie! Little Miss Ivy made her debut two weeks ago and she’s so tiny she can wear Calliope’s kimonos… which Charlotte is delighted by. She also makes sure Ivy always has her blanket doll. I will send photos of both girls with their dolls soon.

  2. Lauren A Avatar

    Gonna try it on Polly tonight!

  3. Sandi Avatar

    Awesome pics! You sure make it look easy… can’t wait for my doll to get here and I can try it out 🙂

  4. stephanie Avatar

    Oh, thank you so much for the tutorial. Just in time because I see that Merry’s dolly shipped!!! I’m so excited to see her:))

  5. cheryl Avatar

    Love the buns, We really like styling the hair. And of course we cannot wait for the underwear pattern…everyday might not be enough maybe every hour or so.

  6. Patrcia DuBois Avatar
    Patrcia DuBois

    Love your dolls and would like to be able to give this to my Grandaughter, for Christmas it would be a very special gift. (Just too Cute)

  7. Joy Urquhart Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial. I have made what l call a grandma doll with glasses and wanted to give her buns on each side. Now l can with help from you. Thanks so much. Joy

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