Deer 2 – Platts 0

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you will know about my love/hate relationship with the deer in the ‘hood. We have lots of deer around, we live basically in the forest with farmland all around us. Last year we grew a garden that was demolished by the deer. Deer, 1 point. This year we thought we’d get smart and construct a fence around our garden. We only took it to 4 feet tall and then I planned to decorate the 2 feet above (the fence posts are 6 feet) with hanging bits of things that I collect- sea glass, get the idea. We had many locals look at our fence, shake their heads and say..’you best put on that extra 2 feet soon’. Thinking they were all being a bit dramatic, decorating the top 2 feet got put to 134 on the list of 543 things to do. While inspecting thegarden this morning, I noticed that my watermelon plant was were half of our bean plants and the peas! AND they left their ‘business’ in the garden..three times!!! Flippin’ deer! Deer- 2 points. Guess what moved up to the top of my list of things to do tomorrow?






3 responses to “Deer 2 – Platts 0”

  1. Monica Avatar

    Ugh…that’s horrid! We have an infestation of bunnies…but not deer.
    Try to have fun raising the height of your fence… 😉 Is there anything that can be grown to deter them naturally? I’m wishing you luck…and us too…we need those veggies this year!

  2. Christine Avatar

    So they just jump the fence? Good luck making it deer-proof! And I thought the plant lice on my blueberry bush was a problem. But then, I only have a balcony. 🙂

    Christine from the NL

  3. admin Avatar

    Yes, they just jump the fence. Isn’t that insane? They can do it from standing apparently.
    We started on the wire project this weekend, I’ll keep you posted.

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