Cute to Cool

So my four year old daughter and I have been playing dress-up every morning for a few years now. In the beginning, I had free reign but as she’s grown and begins to understand and communicate more, the table has definitely turned. Now you will hear me saying “What do you think (or feel) about this outfit today?” Often there are multiple changes and or tweaks before walking out the door, and always the ” How do I look?” or “What do you think?” Of course without fail I respond with ” You look soooo cute!” This affirmation was always received with love until yesterday morning when she made it very clear that “Cool” was now the new “Cute”. Suppressing a giggle I assured her I agreed whole heartedly. And so in a blink of an eye our world had moved from “Cute” to “Cool”.









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  1. misty Avatar

    aaaaawe! I can’t wait till my little girl is at that stage!

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