cooking up a storm


I am loving this dying my own yarn thing. I’ve just been doing browns and I did one skein of black- it is so satisfying and fun.  I’ve been using natural dyes and experimenting with a low impact, no bad stuff dye from Maiwa that I got this weekend while visiting the ‘big city’.  Tomorrow I’m going to try red. I’ve always been after a really bright red-y orange, like a fire engine. I want to do a long haired gal with freckles of course and put her hair back in two really long braids a la Pippi Longstocking.

I’m working on a 8-10″ doll for little, little ones. I’ve noticed that Jasper loves this little mermaid that I made a while back. I think he likes the size and he always smiles when he sees her face. This doll’s hair would be sewn down, like in a permantent ponytail or long braid and I’d have a simple dress made with felt for her clothing ( I haven’t quite decided what to do about a boy doll). The size would be perfect for little hands and the simple clothing would be easy for them (and us) to manage. I’m working on prototype 2 and have to talk to Constance about clothing… hopefully I’ll have them up in about a month’s time.

John and I are talking about selling everything and moving to Cortes Island. Lol, our plan changes every week. The thought of moving to  an island with a couple of acres and a population of 1,000 really makes me happy. I’d make dolls and I’ve suggested to John that he could make really kick ass bird feeders and houses (I’m SO into these right now!) and that’s how we could make ends meet. One thing I keep wondering is about the kids. Could be so good, but it could be so bad.  As my friend told me ‘ They’ll either grow up to be brilliant or a stoner’.

Nothing really to say about the cherries, I’m just happy they’re here.






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  1. Christine Avatar

    Brilliant or a stoner, haha. Well, isn’t that the risk for all of our children, no matter where they grow up?
    How large is 8-10″ in centimeters? I’ve done two little dolls I call “pocketbabies” (can fit in a toddler pocket and are a bit smaller than my hand), they’re the favorites here because they can ride in cars and live in a wooden block house. 🙂 My daughter calls the big ones “doll”, but the small ones are always “baby”. Sewing the clothes was a nightmare, though.
    And are those cherries insanely big or did you do a close-up?
    I love cherries!

    Christine from the NL

  2. Lindsay Avatar

    oh I want a pippi doll! yes yes yes! When I was a child, she was my HERO! Ive even said I would name my daughter after her. My husband has preped his parents for this, because he knows there is no other choice 🙂

    I think that was why I bought your amelia, because she reminded me a bit of pippi 🙂

    I too have debated the rural vs. urban living situations. There are so many benefits to each!

  3. devon Avatar

    ok – the house is cool. but so are you. you can’t move… but if you did i would come visit:-)

  4. admin Avatar

    Hi Christine- I think they would be about 8 a bit taller then your hand. I’d make the clothing in one simple piece, probably from felt. Easy on and off. Lol, I know the threat of stoner children is anywhere you live. I just wonder if living on a small island would drive you insane. I’m already insane so I’d be in my element.
    Lindsay- when I make her I’ll email you pics 🙂 I LOVE the name Pippi, Pippa was one my shortlist for girl names.
    Devon, come on! I’ve got Erin and Tracey on board..we are thinking of buying a chunk of land together and raising livestock and tending crops. Seriously. All with Rocket Dogs and Betsey bags! Who says you can’t be a hippie and like nice bags? See you on the weekend 🙂

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