Cheesecake and Dolls

These two things don’t mix. I was working on this beautiful doll while eating some cheesecake that my lovely husband had brought to me from my favorite cheesecake place and I had a little accident. I smeared a little bit on her chin and tried to clean it up using a smidge of bleach. Anyhow, the bleach left a tiny white spot on her chin..ahhhh! You can hardly notice it at all as she has very fair skin, but I can’t sell her through Natural Pod. Anyhow, I’m offering her for sale at $90..$20 off my usual price. The first one to email me at gets her. Good Lord, I can’t get my images to work..check her out here on Flickr  Sold -Thank You1






2 responses to “Cheesecake and Dolls”

  1. karen jones Avatar

    wowee, i love your dolls so much!! ive been looking into making a few steiner dolls for the kids i look after, im very in agreance with lots of the steiner ideas so im working on bringing them into the playroom. I love natural toys, there so beautiful, and love that they find imagination and creativity so important, as do i! and thanks to you i have many ideas:) ive realy enjoyed looking at your blog, your kids are gorgeous

  2. aspeteces Avatar

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