Care for Closet Bamboletta’s

shaunaShauna – packin’ and wrappin’!

We know there are a lot of dollies out there hiding in closets waiting for birthdays or some holiday before they make their big debut. I thought it would be a good thing to go over how to store the dolls so that they keep all lovely until the ‘reveal’.

There really is only one big thing to remember – keep your doll wrapped in the plastic it came with! I really hate packing the dolls with that piece of cellophane – it seems to be the opposite thing you’d expect when buying a natural doll but it’s a necessity. The plastic acts as a barrier from moisture. Do not put the tissue paper against the doll face! Plastic first and then paper .. think of the paper as merely there for the ‘surprise’ factor!

I think a little piece of natural soap is nice in the box too … gives the doll a good smell. Nothing overpowering though – I know my kids are very smell sensitive. Here, you can use your discretion.

Most importantly however is that the doll does get lonely in there so please take him or her out once in a while for a little squeeze!







2 responses to “Care for Closet Bamboletta’s”

  1. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    I think our closet dolls sometimes get more attention from me then some of Willow’s out of hiding dolls, lol. *blush*

  2. Leah Avatar

    Back when I had my daughter’s doll stashed for Christmas, she came out almost every other day for a hug! I just could NOT keep my hands off her lol!!!

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