‘…but I really think it’s for me’

I hear this expression from moms (and grannies, and aunties) at least once during almost every custom order I fill. Then there are the emails after the doll has arrived with ‘but, I secretly want to just keep it for me – I don’t know if I can give it to her/him’. These emails always make me smile. First, why not have a doll for yourself? I think about 20% of my orders are for adults – sweet husbands buying them for their wives, sisters giving gifts and even a few given to perhaps heal some childhood wounds. Having something that makes you smile and that is always ready for a hug isn’t a bad thing.

The other thing about the dolls that is special is the time in your little ones childhood that it represents. The dolls are usually custom made to have similar colouring as your child so they can act as a representation of your child during that time. Instead of a doll that propels your little one into adulthood, my dolls embody childhood and celebrate it. Chubby little bodies all squishy and warm to hug, cute, fun clothing and that simple and sweet face. The wool stuffing will absorbs the smell of home making this doll a comforting object to hold. This is a doll that you will keep forever and probably give to your grandchildren.

I feel as though I’ve just done a sales job there – lol, that isn’t my intent at all. I’m wanting to touch on a few things that come up during the doll process that I can refer back to – to refer my customers back to. My next little ‘essay’ is going to be for dads who sometimes say ‘… how much for a DOLL?!?’ I love that one!






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Lol, yeah, I hear you on that last one! It’s almost always the dads who object to the price, isn’t it?

  2. Lauren T. Avatar
    Lauren T.

    Laughing here…. We frequently drool over the dolls in my house, dreaming of the someday to come, and my youngest, sweet Ella will say “will you buy me one Mom?” and I say “sure, will you buy ME one?” and she says “OK, pick one out Mom, which one do you want?”…. I couldn’t agree more… what mother wouldn’t want one of these precious dolls! They are so gorgeous!

  3. Cate Avatar

    He he he! I am one of those mama’s that loves her Bamboletta as much as her babies. Big kisses to you sweet Christina.

  4. Naomi Avatar

    When I was under the weather a while back, Roo gave me her Bamboletta to sleep with and I must admit she hasn’t found her way back to the bunk bed yet! Sad but true. Roo comes upstairs and fixes her hair and loves on her but she says mommy needs the extra loving and “you can pretend you’re hugging me all night because she has my hair color and she looks like me.” Isn’t that sweet? Jasper points to her and goes “girl” which I also love.

  5. cheryl Avatar

    I do the shopping and it’s true about the dad’s, but I must say when he sees the love that goes into the making and the attention that my daughter gives. Then you know its worth every penny and more, to have that warm snuggly feeling in your heart.

  6. dottyspots Avatar

    I really enjoy knitting things for my children’s dolls, so in a way they are as much for me as for them, they always get a goodnight kiss too ;0)

  7. kiko Avatar

    I think most of the things I buy or make for my daughters are the reflection of what I would have loved as a little girl….and bamboletta would definitely make that list of things! One day, I would really love to get one custom made for ME and maybe I might share it with my 3 daughters, maybe.

  8. admin Avatar

    i have a very special doll made by a good friend that i have in my workshop – it’s one of my favorite things 🙂 thanks for the comments friends!

  9. andrea Avatar

    um, i slept with my son’s doll last night…ahem. of course, if he would have wanted to sleep with it i would have been elated! but i just couldn’t have her sleep alone. she is the closest thing i have to a daughter at this point-lol! she is a doll that i made for him-but who are we really kidding? it was a process and product that is equally enjoyed by both of us.

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  11. Michelle Avatar

    I am so getting one for myself! DH thinks Im nuts, but hes being cool about it.
    I didnt do dolls as a young girl. So Im making up for it now.

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