Buns – Redux!

I can’t upload pictures for some reason.. imagine a picture of a doll with buns!

So one of the things we get requests for again and again is  ‘How do you get those cute messy buns?’ Well – I have a tutorial over here – but Jennifer has taken it to the next level .. a video! Click this link to see the video. Have I told you lately that I have the best customers EVER!!

Okay – gotta go and pack up boxes. I’ll be sure to blog again soon!







3 responses to “Buns – Redux!”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    Love the how to video, what a wonderful idea. Now we can make more “The Adventures of Bambolettas”

  2. Kara Merriman Avatar
    Kara Merriman

    This is the first time I have seen your dolls and I have to say, they are quite amazing! My mom is very crafty and when we were young we couldn’t afford the real Cabbage Patch dolls. I so wanted one…but at the time, it wasn’t possible. However my mom made “homemade” dolls. I recently went up to visit my parents and happened to find my doll. It was a great stroll down memory lane. I see your dolls and am amazed at the love and care that goes into each one. It totally shows. I have two daughters now…one is two and a half, Tori, and the other is 6 months, Devyn. I myself am nowhere near crafty, but would love my daughters to have a doll as beautifully made and loved as yours. It is great to see that handcrafted art for kids is still alive and kicking:)

    I read yor description about this doll and although a picture isn’t there, I was intrigued by the “buns” title. I LOVE buns on little girls and can’t wait for my girls to have hair long enough to create Swedish buns like my mom did for me.

  3. Natasha Avatar

    I am so grateful that this has been posted! I can see me using this info in the very near future. 😀

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