Brandi’s Sushi Spring Rolls

So the girls at the studio think I’m some kind of food guru or something.  I am nothing of the sort, but will admit that I am a little overly obsessive when it comes to food preparation.  At the studio, it’s sort of an unspoken rule that when an occasion arises, be it birthdays or getaways or holidays, I’ll be the one doing the organizing, shopping and prepping of what we’ll be eating.  I’ve learned a few things over the years about how certain foods should taste, how it’s cooked and most importantly, how it’s displayed.  Once in awhile I’ll give out a random tip related to something someone is making for lunch or something we’re discussing related to food and the girls will often burst into laughter.  Not because what I’ve said is funny, oh no, but because apparently I get very serious about the subject and my whole demeanour changes.  My voice and expression change and than I hear “Oh, here goes Bran again putting on her chef hat again.  She should have her on own show called ‘Bran’s Food Tips’! ”  Like I said, I’m a little obsessive! 

Anyway, here is a favourite recipe amongst us studio gals.

Sushi Spring Rolls:

Red Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Imitation Crab
Rice Paper Wrappers

Start by cutting the veggies as thin as you can.  For the carrots, I’ve used a julienne peeler that I found at a kitchen shop.

Tear the crab into smaller pieces and cut nor into four squares.
Soak rice papers (I usually do about 3 at a time) in luke warm water.
Place a square of nori on the wrapper and than place a small amount of all ingredients on top, making sure they’re in a sort of log so it is easy to wrap.  Squirt some wasabi/mayo on top if you wish and roll the wrap like a burrito.

Let set for at least an hour and than cut them through the middle on an angle.
Serve with a light dip.  I like to use soya sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, sesame oil, lime and sambel for some spice.










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  1. Marie-Claire Laliberte Avatar

    Wow, it looks so good! I’ll try it at home this week end with my family 🙂

  2. Monique L Avatar
    Monique L

    Looks yummy!

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