Brandi and a New Little Something


If you’ve been following Bamboletta for some time you have probably heard me talk about Brandi. Brandi has been with Bamboletta for over 4 years now, working part time  – coming into the shop around lunchtime after other job at the post office.  Everyone lights up when she comes in .. she’s such a ray of sunshine. For years I’ve been begging her to work with me full time – I LOVE Brandi and she loves Bamboletta. She’s seen Bamboletta grow and grow and understands what it is I’m trying to accomplish, she gets it. Anyhow – I am so excited because as of September 1st Brandi is joining us FULL TIME! Whoo!! So – in ‘house’ there will be me, Brandi, Rachel,  Nicole and Shauna (Jessica will be working from home on dolls as of September – she’s trying homeschooling – amazing lady!) It’s all worked out so well 🙂

Brandi will be in charge of customer service and shipping. I’ve been the one dealing with most of the emails (as well as all the faces, dyeing yarn and running things – phew) I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed now with how much there is I have to do. I’ve been reluctant to hand this job to anyone because I’m so picky about customer service. That being said I feel like sometimes emails come in so fast that it may take me days to respond or something get’s buried. Then I lay awake at night thinking ‘OMG – did I totally forget to reply to so and so?’. I’m also so incredibly sensitive to things – an innocent email like ‘I’m missing the care instructions from my doll I just got’ gives me a pit in the stomach – I shouldn’t have this sort of response/feeling to something like that but I do – I just feel so bad. It’s the worst when I’m  getting ready in the morning and grab my phone and check emails and something comes in about a doll taking too long to arrive (or whatever)- and bam – my stomach lurches. And of course customers will email asking questions – and people are nice – it’s just me!  You know, when I was a kid my mom would write notes to my teachers at the start of the school year about how sensitive I was .. I don’t think things have changed much. So – creating a little ‘space’ where Brandi will deal with customer service questions and it will free up some of my time so I’m not feeling panic-y if I don’t check my email for a few hours. Long story short – there is no one more perfect for doing this job than Brandi – seriously ladies, when we talked about this happening I felt like pinching myself.


Also in the fall we will be setting up a separate clothing Big Cartel shop called ‘Bamboletta Frocks’ and I just had to share the illustration done by the amazing Melissa Contreras.  Big Cartel only lets you have so many listings at a time so we find with having just the one ‘shop’ we are always deleting and then recreating the same sort of listing every single time – annoying. LOL. This way it will all be in one place and easier to manage. We aren’t planning to expand clothing more then what we are doing now – these once a week uploads are perfect for us. I do know that Thamar has been working on a few bits at home that she may want to put up .. but she’s keeping it a secret from me. Crazy lady! More info on this when we have it up and running – few weeks yet…

Thanks for listening to the ramble!






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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Congratulations on the new and exciting changes! I’m glad you will have some of the weight lifted from your shoulders with Brandi taking on customer service.

  2. Kinda Avatar

    Wow! Fantastic changes for you. How wonderful to have such a capable person to help with this side of your business. Brandi has the best smile! (Love the new drawing too!) xo

  3. Marie-Claire Avatar

    I’m really happy for you, working with the right peoples help a lot, it’s a blessing. I’m lucky to because I work with my sister that I love very much and it makes me like my job even more 🙂 And by the way, I love the new Bamboletta frocks illustration!
    P.S Have you ever listen to Lori Henriques music? So cute 🙂

  4. Chrystel Avatar

    Yay! I am so happy for you and Brandi!

  5. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    I am so very happy for both of you–a match made in heaven!

  6. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    What great news! I heart Brandi and I’m so glad that she’ll be handling the bulk of the emails from now on. I’ve always hoped that you could find a way to still provide such excellent custom service but somehow be a bit less ‘in the thick of it’, so to speak. I know how serious and dedicated you are, C, and I’ve always felt so bad when I heard that you were upset from an insensitive buyer or that you’d have trouble sleeping after a particularly hairy upload, etc. Brandi rocks so she’ll be perfect for the job! Yipee! Bamboletta just keeps getting better and better.

  7. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    PS Bring on those jointed girls! I will be waiting very patiently for my turn to give one of those little ladies a good home.

  8. Kelly Avatar

    Yay for you and Brandi! That’s great! And the illustration for Bamboletta Frocks is amazing!!!

  9. kAREN Avatar


  10. Melinda Avatar

    Yay! Brandi, I am so jealous of your new ‘job’ I could not imagine spending all day in the Bamboletta headquarters being ‘work’

  11. Fatmah Benkaram Avatar
    Fatmah Benkaram

    Congratulations 🙂

  12. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    So happy for you..I think it must me a wonderful place to work!

  13. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    Oops. Must be a wonderful place to work!

  14. Alison R. Avatar

    Congrats Brandi (and Christina)….

    Brandi I am so glad you are there to have a bigger role…. make sure Christina takes a vacation now ok 😉 Congrats again!

  15. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Yeah for Brandi helping you out full time! Also, the new site for the clothing sounds wonderful.

  16. Joyce L. Avatar
    Joyce L.

    Sounds like a fantastic work environment over there. I bet you gals have a lot of fun. Love the Bamboletta Frocks concept….now I will stalk this site more than I already do. *grins* These Bambos gotta have rad clothes though…..right????

  17. Tina Avatar

    She really does seem like the perfect gal for the job! So happy for such lovely, positive energy at the heart of Bamboletta. It really does shine through! Awesome, Brandi!!!

  18. Ingrid Avatar

    Seriously best news eva! I

  19. Jessica mathias Avatar
    Jessica mathias


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