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My friend Tressa, the very talented lady behind Dress Me Up surprised me today by sending me a de-stash box of fabrics. A huge thank you to dear Tressa!  All sorts of lovely things in there, but I especially like these vintage napkins- I can’t wait to turn them into skirts for the dolls. I’m wanting to start using vintage fabrics, I love trolling thrift stores for good finds- and they are a-plenty where I live. The last batch of jeans that Constance made for the dolls were made from Johns old Gap jeans.. here’s a pic of the cute detailing.. distressed jeans! On a doll! (I am sure that the Bratz dolls have distressed jeans too)


I feel like I live in the Land o’ Plenty this month. We have been ridiculous ninja blackberry pickers.. trips out now usually include at least two stops when we see a bush just calling our name. We’ll just be driving along and John will stop the car, run out and come back with a few handfuls.  It’s not only blackberries that we are finding but today we found a farm that sells everbearing strawberries. I went a bit nuts on the strawberries in June as I always do, so by the end of the Spring berries, I was done. But today when we found these berries..mmm.. my love affair with strawberries has begun all over again. We ate a pint on the way home and a pint for desert with whip cream. The cream, BTW, is the top of my farm milk all whipped up and frothy. Heaven!


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  1. Meike Avatar

    The button doesn’t work in Firefox either, so I’ve resorting to *gasp* IE lately. A wholly new experience. 😉

    O, but those berries with whipped cream look SO yummy!! You just can’t do that to a girl first time in the morning!! 🙂 Hee hee, I can just see you now, all dressed up in black, wearing those Ninja Mutant Turtle (or was that Mutant Ninja Turtle? Too loooong ago) headbands (you know, with the slits in ’em), screeching tyres, running out to grab berries, dashing back in… LOL.

    *Drool*… New fabrics!! I myself just received a little box of De Witte Engel goodies… Now off to go rip it open!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Christine Avatar

    I’m one of those nerds who still uses IE all the time. 🙂
    I really love the prints on the fabric!! I always have bad luck with vintage fabrics, I only find the synthetic kind and I don’t want to use that.
    That dessert looks lovely! About the cream; you mean you used the fatty top layer of the milk? Did you put sugar in it?


  3. Sue Avatar

    Berry picking….I miss going out in the garden to pick our own raspberries, stawberries and Saskatoon berries. We always had tons… *sigh*

    I try to use the fabric I have and stay away from the fabric store for now. I still have containers full of fabric scraps…

  4. Leanna Avatar

    Funny, I thought of you guys jumping out of your car ninja style with face masks too! HI Ya! haha, I am really in need of some fresh berry goodness.

    I just hit an amazing fabric sample sale at a local quilting store and managed to get my hands on 118 fat quarter sized pieces. It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen, crazed women riping through piles of samples looking for treasures! I was the only one there with a baby attached to me!

    I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the Eckhart TOlle book on tape thing. I wanted to read it, but thought when? and then ran out and grabbed my own copy on CD too! Thanks!

  5. Monica Avatar

    Oh wow!! What a mail day!! Those fabrics are divine…oh, how I love vintage fabrics. My grandma said I can raid her stash…I can’t wait to get home to do so. 🙂
    So…Ninja is the way to do it, huh? We’re going berry picking sometime this week. It will be Emma’s first time. lol…I imagine she’ll be purple by the end! I can’t wait to fill my cupboards with fresh jam though. Hate to buy the store stuff. Your bowl of berries and cream looks divine…I’m drooling.
    Oh, and the button doesn’t work on firefox, but I’ve been “tabbing” over to it and pressing “enter” on my keyboard. 😉

  6. admin Avatar

    We got caught literally red handed last week picking berries, so now we are all ninja abou t it. We didn’t realize that bushes on the side of the road still might belong to someone, anyhow, this older woman yelled at us from inside her home to stop picking her berries. We totally apologised and then offered her the berries we picked. She replied “I don’t wan’t the berries your hands have touched”. Ouch.
    Yes, the cream is the yummy fatty bit from the top of the milk we get from a farm close by, mmmm- yes sugar goes in it 🙂

  7. Jennifer Avatar

    Wow! What I wouldn’t do for fresh strawberries in September! Love those vintage hankies!

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