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I love reading blogs. Especially blogs of crafty mama’s like myself. I find it comforting to read about other mom’s juggling acts of life, kids and work. It’s cool to read about how they integrate everything, there is no seperation. Yesterday I was working on a doll and I had Jasper in the sling and Ben was on the floor of my studio cutting up scrap yarn and pieces of wool…a very important job! I especially like SouleMama and AmyCarol (aka Angry Chicken). Jeez they’ve both done it and they’ve written books!! My favorite though is Devon’s blog..not just because she’s my pal 🙂

I’ve almost finished 4 small babies and 1 14″ gal for sale on NaturalPod this week.






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  1. devon Avatar

    I love your blog too. Thanks for the props, but seriously not trying to turn his into a love fest. I love you! Hahahahaha… that was tongue in cheek… but I do love you… ok I’m going now.

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