best husband..ever..

I love my hubby. Look at this fantastic pic of him and Ben ice skating today, so cute. I’m not quite sure where all this mushy love has come from but I thought I’d just write it down. He works so hard for us and still has time at night to make doll heads. Now that’s love. We had such a nice day today skating and hanging out with some great friends.


On the doll front, I’ve been working on a few fairies recently. It’s so great to get back into them. I’ll be doing a series of Spring Fairies, maybe 5 of them all together. I want to do a set of 5 fairies each season. So this Spring it will be Daffodile, Crocus, Tulip, Snowdrop and Hellebore. I’m working on Tulip right now, she has some amazing pink hair. I really should be doing Hellebore or Snowdrop right now..they are the first ones out, I just couldn’t wait to use this cool pink hair.

I’m also doing a custom order (well, several custom orders) this week that is really interesting. I’ve never done dimples before and was asked to do some on this particular doll. I tested it out on a ‘spare head’ I have lying around and am in LOVE with the cute! This is one of the reasons I love custom work, you get so many new ideas.

I just finished up 5 new dolls for Natural Pod and they should be up by the end of the week.






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