Behind the Scenes

I just thought I’d share a few pictures of ‘behind the scenes’ here at Bamboletta workshop aka our house..


Are you impressed or what?!? This is what I usually photograph my dolls against when I’m taking pics of them for Etsy. Fancy.


Those are all odd socks. Laundry gets embarrassing here. And Devon – I did end up finding the other Betsey sock! Hurray!


Before and After..


Not related, but it’s a little priest doll that I did for a customer as a custom order.

Have a great night friends! I’m getting dolls ready for a BIG UPLOAD tomorrow on Etsy at noon PST 🙂






6 responses to “Behind the Scenes”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    I just love your fancy photography studio, but the best pictures come from the simple things don’t they. I also like the hair cut but I cannot show the kids as they like to cut almost everything just once with the scissors.

  2. tressa Avatar

    okay, totally love the cindy lauper do, you should sell them like that – with a black sweater. 😉

    and the priest! oh my, he’s a dream boat. i love him!

  3. devon Avatar

    when I saw the sock I thought – “not bestsey too”. So glad to read the happy ending:-)

  4. Lisa Z Avatar

    Love the haircut! And a priest, cool!

  5. admin Avatar

    thanks ladies!!

  6. Monica Avatar

    Your white box is just like mine! lol!!
    I love the mid haircut shot….he looks lots like Gracon!
    And, I’m in LOVE with Silver….I want her…..

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