bawk, bawk

In my last post I mentioned that John had quit his job.. many of you have congratulated us on our working togetherness. John did quit his job, a 14 hour a day management job that gave my husband too much stress but , alas, the dolls can’t pay the mortgage… yet. John is now working at a hardware store up the street . He comes home at 5pm and not 8pm, he’s not tied to his cell, he’s happy. I am so proud of him, I know how hard it is for men and their work and how much it’s tied into their identity. He’s had to check his ego at the door so to speak, taking a significant job change and pay ‘adjustment’. But this is our first step, one of many. We can’t go full on just yet, the kids are too little and there are other things that need to be in place first, but it’s a step.

So, in the evenings we work together- trying to figure out how all this will operate. Although I’ve been making dolls for years now and selling them, now it’s really for ‘reals’. John has set us up with a invoicing/shipping/ ordering system. He takes inventory. Mr. Organized now has the time and energy and love to really and truely be part of Bamboletta- it’s been a very cool past couple of weeks. It’s been so great to have so much of the admin stuff taken care of, I think that’s one thing that takes all of us crafters by surprise is how much time it takes to email, invoice, pack, do books, order stock, etc. Now that some of that is freed up I’m able to spend more time on sewing, what I love most. We have been butting he can not believe that I have spent the past 5 years sending out dolls with 1. no deposit and 2. before receiving payment (In all those years I’ve only ever had 2 non payments. I love my customers!). Well, that’s changed now- John won on that one!

So, we are almost there- we took a very big financial jump..but haven’t gone ‘all the way’ yet..still a little chicken. Bawk, bawk.







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  1. Holly Avatar

    This is very exciting for you! And for us watching on too. It’s so good of you to share your experiences as you take this new path, as I’m sure it’ll help all of us.

    And how lucky you are to have found such a supportive partner! It must be good to have someone to take charge of all of those tedious admin tasks too!

    Two Cheese Please

  2. Thalita Dol Avatar

    I bet all the changes happening in your life are for the best and for your happiness.
    Good luck to your husband in his new job! 🙂

    Kisses from Brazil!

  3. Monica Avatar

    This is so cool to watch…I love that the two of you are making this a go! And I hear ya on the time thing! I never realized how much time I would spend emailing with a customer, or prepping for shipping….it’s simply amazing! Though, I must admit, your packaging (down to the baby clothespin) has inspired me. 😉 Opening Emma’s doll was a thrill for me…almost as much as it was for her.
    So…Is John going to start blogging here too? 😉

  4. Sue Avatar

    Good for you guys!!!
    Changes are always a bit scary, but if you don’t make them you will always ask yourself later, “I wonder what would have happend if I’d made the change”
    I’m sure you do great !

  5. Christine Avatar

    You are not a chicken (the both of you aren’t!), but smart and responsible about your life as a family with financial obligations and two young children. There’s a goal and a plan to get there and I think it’s very inspiring and admirable how you and John do this.


  6. erin Avatar

    yay for you guys – yes, change is good! though sometimes tricky in the short term.
    sweet pic of your men!
    xx e.

  7. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    The practical side of things can be such a drag! I’m thankful my husband balances me in that way, too!

  8. April Avatar

    It’s so true. Everyone underestimates the time consumption of administrating even the smallest businesses. It eats up hours and hours and hours. Like you, we have phenomenal customers and give a lot of latitude in terms of trust – I still fundamentally believe that karma makes the world go around and you reap what you sew – two cliches, but we really do have the most wonderful group of families!

    It’s so hard to know what the ‘right’ direction is, particularly when your kids are small. I want to grow the business, but not at the expense of my children, and vice versa. It you find the balance, please let me know!

  9. admin Avatar

    Hi Holly- I am sooo lucky that he loves tedious. I kind of get overwhelmed by it and just end up reading everyone’s blog. LOVE that martha blooper clip on your blog funny! If any of you haven’t seen it, check out Holly’s blog and scroll down a bit- it’s a good thing.
    Thalita- thank you for your lovely words..
    Monica, John has mentioned wanting to blog. He wants to do a Sunday night recap of what happened that week in English Soccer. Really.
    Thanks Sue!
    Hey Christine! That’s one thing I try to be is financially responsible. We may be poor now, but I’d never take a gamble with our home or something like that. It will grow and I believe that opportunities will present themselves naturally. This thought process has served me very well so far, I’m just going with the flow..
    Hi Erin! thanks 🙂 Have a good weekend and we’ll see you next week.
    CanCan, we are fortunate ladies! If it were up to me we’d be living in South India 😉
    April, It TOTALLY works both ways. I’ve always been really trustful and it’s almost never backfired- I truly treat and think of my customers as friends. It sounds like a cliche but I feel such an honour to make their childrens dolls, like I’m allowed into their lives. Maybe I need to get out more 🙂 I think we try to balance day by day.

  10. Naomi Avatar

    Oh my goodness, look at your handsome boys!

    My Jasper is finally starting to walk. Time is going so quickly…

  11. nathalie Avatar

    this is wonderful news Christina! ohh i so can relate to you. my husband is married to his work. conference calls in the middle of the night, on weekends, you name it. but he too is stressed and he knows he doesn’t enjoy what he does. however, he isn’t quit ready to forget his ego. so we keep on going. but i think it will be soon when he realizes what he really needs. i’m just here to support. congrats on the thriving business as well. you deserve it!

  12. shawn Avatar

    beautiful boys! btw my son samuel loves his comfort doll. good luck and warm wishes as you make your lifestyle adjustments.

  13. Ella Avatar

    Christina, this is so fantastic. i’m so proud of you and your family.

  14. Paula Avatar

    ok – you are a truely gifted woman. I am in love with the dolls. I have not seen one that I would not adopt. I think that I seceretly want a doll for me. Sally is adorable and would make a great friend for Anna.
    Many Blessings!

  15. Wendi Gratz Avatar

    I just found you through the Junior Society post, entered your contest, signed up for your newsletter, and now I’m scrolling through previous blog posts when I should be working but. . .

    I wanted to congratulate you on this huge step! Six years ago, when my daughter was born, my husband quit his job to stay at home and work on being a writer. It was really tough financially but it was the best thing we ever did. Now he just had his third book come out and I recently quit my high-pressure/lots of travel corporate job to take a part time job at a wonderful place just three miles from our house and work on my own craft business. The finances are going to be tight again for a while, but nothing beats spending time with your family and doing what you love. Congratulations on all your success!

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