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I’m starting their training early!

I’ve been making dolls for a while – it’s been over 7 years now – but it’s only been the past few weeks that I’ve had to think of what I do as a business. I’ve resisted the ‘business’ in my business for a long time – just plugging along and happy if I could pay my wool bill at the end of the month. In the past few months things have grown… and quickly! I’ve taken on a few more sewing mama’s, I have  Rachel here almost full time and Brandi part time so that we can create more dolls – but still in a way that suits my ‘vision’ – dolls are made with lots of love and with very skilled hands. I’ve also hired on an accountant to do my books and help me with the business side of things – the past 2 months have seen Johanna pouring over every receipt and transaction measuring my output against my input. I’m not going to bore you all with my business story – but to make a long story short – if we are to continue Bamboletta and to perhaps one day make it into our family business I have to raise my prices. I’ve known this was coming but to actually see it and have a professional tell you , well it kind of made me look at things realistically. I want Bamboletta to go on for a long time, I can’t imagine doing anything else and somehow feel that ‘this’ is really what I am supposed to do.

So, starting March 15th my 15″ Bamboletta with a sweater or jacket will sell for $155 ( from $145) and without a sweater/jacket $135 (up from $125- $130 depending on the hair). My Little Buddies will go up to $75 from $70. Small Babies will cost $115 for the 12″ and $145 for the 16″. Blankets will go up to $23 (from $20). There will be small increases in clothing but not by much.

Phew – now that’s out of the way – I’m sure most of you know about our new ‘Serendipity Dolls’.  I post dolls on the blog several times a week that are for sale, if you are interested in buying that doll then you simply leave a comment. After the ‘listing’ is up for 24 hours I then contact the buyer and arrange payment and delivery.. the buyer is chosen via a random number generator. I am loving this new way of getting dolls out there – it’s a lot of fun and gives buyers another chance at a doll. I wish we could make lots and lots of dolls so that you could just pop on the site and buy whatever you’d like , and, maybe one day it will be like that ( a flock of sewing mama’s!!) but for now we’re trying our best to make dolls available to as many people as possible – and not just by the posted upload times.

As for the Wait List – we are still undecided about this. We have about 20 more custom dolls to finish up and then we will have around 20 to 30 dolls available per week. I hoping that at this time many of you will find your doll. We have some great ideas about what to do around uploads as well .. we are thinking of doing theme weeks  – like all blondies or something so that if you are wanting a doll that looks like your little one then you’d have a chance then to score your brown eyed blonde gal (this idea was thought up by a fantastic lady over on Facebook!).

That’s it for now – sorry this was such a long one tonight…  Again, I can not believe how fortunate I am to have all of you as customers – thanks again for all your support and patience and kindness during all of this – it’s amazing! Thanks to all the sewing mama’s, Rachel and Brandi and Reggie , and of course John.. yeah ‘Team John!’!








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  1. Stacy Avatar

    Yay Team Bambo! You guys are the best!

  2. Jenifer Avatar

    Yay for Team John! Love the picture of the boys at work. I think your prices are more than reasonable. Thanks for keeping the comunication so open with all of your followers. Signed, Jenifer (one of many fans named Jenifer, as I noticed on the last blog listing)

  3. ingrid Avatar

    You are too cute. You know that even your increase is still going to be not enough for that new accountant of your:) Great idea and it’s about time. Now maybe you can take some of that hard earned money and spring for a VACATION!

  4. Wendie Avatar

    With all the quality materials and all the love and time you put into each doll, I figured your accountant was going to make you double the prices just to break even. 😉 You are a jewel, Christina…thank you for blessing us with your vision.

  5. Carrie Avatar

    You are so sweet to worry about your price increase! Your dolls are gorgeous and one of a kind you put so much love and effort into each of them. You also have to make a living!! I am sure that everyone will be understanding, and I think the increase is more than reasonable!! Thanks for being such a gem! Hopefully I will be lucky enough to bring one of them home soon!!

  6. jessica Avatar

    You deserve every penny!

  7. Alice Towery Avatar
    Alice Towery

    She is sooooo precious!!

  8. CanCan Avatar

    I don’t think you will lose any friends because of the new prices 🙂

  9. Stacey Avatar

    I think the price increase is definitely worth it! We all want Bamboletta to succeed!!

  10. Mery Avatar

    Christina your dolls are so beautiful and well made that any increase is more than reasonable, I made a couple of dolls myself and the supplies are so very expensive, I love your tricot , it is so thick and the fibers to make the hair are just beautiful, every time I buy good mohair, it is 12-15 dollars “per” skein, so it is expensive. Your dolls are special , don’t stop making them.

  11. Catherine Avatar

    I love seeing how Bamboletta is developing – I think it takes as much skill to work out the business end as it does to make the dolls! I’m just thrilled you are in it for the long haul.

  12. mannequin Avatar

    Go Team bamboletta! How nice to see how much love goes into each one. Thanks for the chance!

  13. casey Avatar

    A great way to celebrate the Olympics!

  14. Joleen Avatar

    We can’t wait to get our 3 kids dolls for Christmas this year! Well done 😉

  15. Michelle Avatar

    Yeah team Bamboletta! I love the idea of “theme” weeks. Serendipity Selection is also really great!
    As always, good work – we love your dolls and the spirit behind them 🙂

  16. two_sweet_baby_girls Avatar

    Looks like Bamboletta is going for the gold with quality handmade materials to show little ones just how loved they are. The training in the picture touches my heart!

  17. Lilia Avatar

    Christina, I was wondering if there is a plan to have some Little Buddies as serendipity dolls? I’d love to get a small one next to the bigger boy doll we have, so my son can play with the big brother and the baby around the time our second kid is born.

  18. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Can’t wait for my chance to get another one!!!! The work you guys do is amazing and I am so excited about the new opportunities to try and get one since you are gracious enough to try and accomidate everyone with different times!!! Love to the Bamboletta Family.

  19. Jenn Christensen Avatar
    Jenn Christensen

    Wow! Another beautiful doll! I love the Olympics and this year my five and seven year old were excited to watch a lot of the events with me. What a wonderful treasure!

  20. Cristina Avatar

    I love the picture of your boys! I just love the thought of Bamboletta growing into a full-fledged family business!! Go Team John! 🙂

    I can hardly believe you would even think twice about such a minimal price increase. Your dolls already are underpriced, especially since prices for supplies are only inreasing!! I am sure many of us think they are priceless anyway…

    Looking forward to all of the surprises this year will bring!
    An FMN

  21. beth Avatar

    I just stumbled on your site a few weeks ago through another site. WHAT BEAUTIFUL DOLLS! And Spirit is too sweet. Best of luck with your business!!!

  22. Diana Avatar

    Don’t stress…..they are worth it!!

  23. Lori Avatar

    They are all fantastic!!

  24. Amy Ellis Avatar
    Amy Ellis

    Christina and family…….You always amaze me with all you do!! I can’t believe you even worried for a second about the price increase…..hardly an increase at all!!!……so much work, time, and LOVE goes into making these dolls. 2010 is already off to an amazing start for you!!!! Can’t wait to see what else is in store. Thank YOU for everything! Hugs!!!

  25. Jessica Avatar

    Go Bamboletta Go! Go Canada Go! Chrsitina, you and your team are amazing to continue bringing smiles to many families! Every time you post new dolls…I get the itch to buy another. One fine day! They are all so precious and I love the detail and hours you dedicate to each doll you create. Blessings to you and your team!

  26. Jacki Avatar

    Your dolls are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, Christina.

  27. Tanya Avatar

    Christina, your dolls are amazing!! The amount of love and creative effort you put into each of them is so evident. Last time I was at the Dr’s I met a mama and her two children in the waiting area with Bambos. Seeing them in person (especially in their well loved state…and I mean *well loved*!!) made me sure that we wanted to bid for a bambo for our little girl.(She’s only 18 months so we’ll wait a little while!) They were so well made and so sturdy and so gorgeous 🙂 So all this to say, I second the many people who have said that this price increase is hardly an increase at all and well worth it for such a quality product. Thank you for all you do and blessings 🙂

  28. Candace Avatar

    Christina, you know we all appreciate not only the beautiful dolls that you are creating, but also the opportunity to support a creative working mom endeavor and her family. That is part of what makes Bamboletta special! Well worth what you charge and more.

  29. Ella Gagnon Avatar
    Ella Gagnon

    We love your dolls!

  30. Chris Avatar

    I love your dolls and love your enthusiasm and dedication!!

  31. Catia Avatar

    I think that these dolls a beautiful. It is nice to see how much love and care goes into each ones of these dolls to make themextra special.

  32. Sarah Baldwin Avatar

    Love, love, love your dolls! The special edition Olympics doll is charming!

  33. Heather Janzen Avatar

    I believe! GO CANADA GO!! Your dolls are AMAZING!!! So precious and unique!! thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!!

  34. Megan Avatar

    You do know that your dolls are worth a significant amount more than what you have increased prices to I am sure. I will certainly not be complaining about your price increase. Thanks for letting everyone know…I don’t imagine most would have even noticed the price had increased as it is such a small amount. Thank you for doing what you do but more importantly how and what you are putting into what you do. Thanks lovely ladies (and John) that make Bamboletta dolls what it is. I’m excited support you and your business and labour of love. 🙂

  35. lisa Avatar

    WOW! you are the best doll maker around 🙂

  36. Amie Marshall Avatar
    Amie Marshall

    Your lovely creations are still worth every penny! I respect what you are doing for yourself and your family. The business side of things will work itself out. Congratulations on finding the right path for your continued growth. I haven’t even gotten a doll home yet (a custom is in the works! YEA!!!) but I plan on increasing our Bambo family with at least two more so I TOTALLY support every and anything you need to do to keep loving what you do.

  37. melissa Avatar

    i am so glad that your business is growing (it is sooooo well deserved!!) and it always impresses me how well you take it all in stride, keeping a balance between growing demand and staying true to what makes your dolls so amazing in the first place.
    we have been enjoying my daughter’s doll so much since she arrived in our family at christmas time.
    thank you for doing what you do!

  38. Wendy Avatar

    Your dolls are so lovely.

  39. Melinda Tamkin Avatar

    Still keeping my fingers crossed!

  40. Janine Avatar

    Sounds great. I love the idea of theme uploads!

  41. pixie Avatar

    This all sounds very good! I LOVE the idea of theme weeks, all blondes with different colored eyes etc? Often times in 1 upload there is only 1 I want anyway. A full little buddy update and a full baby update would be cool too, brilliant idea!!

  42. Miriam Avatar

    First of all you guys are doing a great job. Second of all you have a product that out matches any other. You need to make money (not trying to make you greedy) but to keep the business going and growing things must change. I feel personally you should be charging more. I would paid more for a once in a life time doll that is make by women that like what they are doing then a dumb store bought doll from china. Please keep the dolls, fun, and most of all the money coming in to support you and the other Mamas. (John too).

  43. Casey Avatar

    Honestly- you should raise your prices more. These lovely dolls are worth EVERY penny and we know you all work HARD. Keep smiling!

  44. Wesley Avatar

    Our little bamboletta is a great friend for my kids:) Thank you!

  45. Elle Avatar

    That sounds perfect. Thanks for all your effort. Like I have mentioned before I would like two dolls which will be a big investment for us. We are tight for cash right now but I’m saving away and hope to purchase two soon. Thanks for all the opportunities. You rock!

  46. Catharine McGregor Avatar
    Catharine McGregor

    Your Olympic doll is wonderful! Great way to celebrate the games 🙂 It beats the official mascots hands down!

  47. lisa Avatar

    Adorable. Sounds like a great plan.

  48. Dawn Kramer Avatar
    Dawn Kramer

    You are amazing and so creative.

  49. Meg Avatar

    I am so in to a shift in consciousness around what we are willing to pay for handmade goods. Christina, your dolls are exceptional. To provide my children with a lovingly made toy is so deeply satisfying. It is great when it is made by me, and I am immediately connected to the resources that went into it, both time and otherwise. But is it also amazing to be able to participate in supporting crafty folks like you spread the love far and wide. I look forward to one day giving your dolls to my loves. Thank you!

  50. Pam Avatar

    Great TEAM 🙂

  51. Claire Richter Avatar
    Claire Richter

    Go Canada Go!! We would love to win her!!

  52. Bridget Avatar

    Loved your new versions for getting a doll…I have been trying since last October and will continue for my granddaughters sake…I would love a first-time buyers roulette once a week maybe for awhile. Your “babies” are masterpieces and well worth every cent…after all who can put a price on perfection!

  53. Stephanie Avatar

    Well Said! Very clear and detailed – You have certainly had your share of realizations and creative ideas these past few weeks- your brain must be popping! xxxooo

  54. denise Avatar

    Golden just like Canada!

  55. Katie Avatar

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited that the custom dolls are almost done, that means mine will be on the way soon! I’m sure nobody will mind the price increase, you guys deserve it! Plus we all want the business to keep growing 😉

  56. Judy H Avatar
    Judy H

    Love the dolls! Yay for a chance to win a special one!

  57. DPeacey Avatar

    Oh so appreciate all your giveaways!

  58. cindy Avatar

    What a special one to win !

  59. Callie Avatar

    Lovely special theme !

  60. Julie Avatar

    We would love to win the chance to adopt this adorable doll.
    Thank You.

  61. Paula Avatar

    YOu handled the “business” part very well. With the quality of work you do I don’t think raising your prices will even create a speed bump with orders. We love the 2 dollies we have so far and are looking to add to our family in the future. Thank you for creating such beautiful works of art.
    P.S. the olympic dolly is a great end to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!

  62. Shaivite Avatar

    What a great way to celebrate the olympics! Thanks for the oppportuntity to win! You rock!

  63. Kelly Strine Avatar
    Kelly Strine

    Wait list? Does that mean I should get in line for a custom doll?

  64. Nancy Morosin Avatar
    Nancy Morosin

    Love this idea!! Love this doll!!

  65. Debbie Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! I love your work. You are so gifted!!


  66. barbara andriolo Avatar
    barbara andriolo

    wow she is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
    love to give here a lovely home
    ciao regards from the Netherlands
    barbara andriolo

  67. nathalie Avatar

    ciao, love your handmade dolls hope to win one day

  68. Tasha Avatar

    That doll is supercute and I love it that your boys are getting involved!

  69. Robin Avatar

    there’s not a thing yet that we don’t ADORE about the Bambo families … even when we’ve not come anywhere close to getting a dollie for ourselves. The idea of a wait-list is appealing but, I think I like the “them weeks” even better … we’d wait for the red-head night so that daddy can have THREE auburn girls to contend with. Hee hee.

    Keep up the fantabulous work, you HAVE what makes the world a brighter place to be in.

  70. Delphina Avatar

    I was surprised you were able to make the dolls for the prices you had before. The new prices are def. fair. As far as theme weeks, I vote for Fairy:). Also, I am sure people on your waiting list do not mind the wait. I would easily wait for one of your dolls.

  71. Carla Valverde Avatar

    I really think you deserve! That`s it! One day I will buy one!

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