Baby Molly Auction ..


Baby Molly Auction is a GO! (but there are LOTS more listings coming) it’s on for a whole week!

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine sent me the story of Baby Molly – reading about this little one month baby and her family having to undergo this ordeal left me with a pit in my stomach. That evening I put a call out to my fans on my Facebook page .. within a week I started receiving packages from all around the world. Families from around the world resonated with Baby Molly’s story .. and we all so desperately want to help.  The last thing this family needs to worry about is mortgage payments.

I’ve done this auction quite differently then how I’ve run auctions before. In the past I’d group items together into packages – which were a lot of fun – but the finishing prices were often out of most people’s reach. I hope this way .. with lots of little bits to bid on – more people can feel part of this. That they had a hand in helping Baby Molly directly.

There are MORE item’s coming! Not everything came on time and we here at Bamboletta will be adding things throughout the week. There will also be items added that will be directly for sale .. this site will be lots of fun this week! So – not to worry if you don’t see an item you donated up .. I worked so hard all weekend on this but just ran out of time to put it all up – it’ll be soon!!

I want to thank each and every person who donated. The ‘Doll’ biz mamas – to the clothing makers the artists and all ladies who contributed something handcrafted from the goodness of their hearts. Please let me know if I’ve typo’d your name wrong or don’t have your info in right! I think some pictures are sized a bit differently too – not sure why it did it. And I want to thank John who basically had no wife this weekend and took care of everything .. best. husband. ever!

So – minus the paypal fees and shipping costs  and wages paid to a few of my gals to organize and pack this stuff up  (I am enlisting a lot of volunteer labour but  – well – my gals do know how to ship well!) all proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Baby Molly Trust. If you’d like to learn more about Baby Molly – please visit her website – her dad keeps a daily blog on Molly’s progress too.

Blessings to you and your families,
Christina, John and the crew at Bamboletta






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  1. Tina Avatar

    Yeah! I’m so happy this is on! Thanks so so much to you and your crew, C. What a lot of hard work and care going into this. Thank you! Molly, you’re lovely and beautiful. Thinking of you!

  2. Kim Steffen Avatar

    My heart feels for the family. I just prayed for the lil one in hopes that she feels little pain during her recovery. Seems so unfair to see a sick baby:( I hope for peace to be with the family during this very hard time.

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