Baby Doll Giveaway!!!!!

We have a super exciting giveaway for you friends! We would like to offer one lucky winner this BEAUTIFUL Baby (girl) Doll, Hazel.

A little bit about Hazel: She has sunkissed skin, hair is made with wool and mohair yarns in a multi-tonal light brown colour with brown nubby bits and she has green eyes. She is wearing a velour sleeper and a removable cloth diaper.

The limbs of our baby dolls are attached using teddy bear joints, and are reinforced inside the body to withstand years of childhood play. These dolls measure approximately 14″ in height. They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.

You have three chances to enter! You must post a comment on our blog below as your first entry, then you have a chance for two more if you ‘Like’ our Facebook page and also if you Tweet about it!!

Not only does the winner get this beautiful doll, but we are also offering free shipping on her…worldwide!!! Please review our terms and conditions. This doll is intended for personal use only…please, please don’t resell her  🙂

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The contest ends Tuesdat at 12:01am est. If you don’t see your comment right away that’s because we need to moderate them. Thank you everyone and good luck!


Team Bamboletta






948 responses to “Baby Doll Giveaway!!!!!”

  1. Claire Bennett Avatar
    Claire Bennett

    She is so beautiful! Here’s hoping I win! Claire

  2. Brandi Avatar

    Ohhh Savannah would love her!!

  3. Adrienne Avatar

    Love, love, love!!! Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone!

  4. Carlin Avatar

    She’s wonderful! My DD would love her own baby bambo!

  5. Kristin Avatar

    Love this little love!!!

  6. Holly Hoch Avatar
    Holly Hoch

    Hazel, please come home to our house! 🙂

  7. Aimee C Avatar
    Aimee C

    I know DD would love her! Fingers crossed!

  8. Andrea Halbig Avatar
    Andrea Halbig

    OH she is beautiful!! Crossing my fingers!

  9. brooke Avatar

    she’s so cute!! love her

  10. Kelsey Avatar

    So so cute! I’m so glad you guys are making baby dolls again

  11. Kelly Avatar

    Hazel is gorgeous! My little Ladybug would flip for this little cutie pie! Thanks for the opportunity!!! <3

  12. Rebecca J Avatar
    Rebecca J


  13. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    So Cute!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  14. Heather Avatar

    Oh, what a wonderful pick me up!

  15. Laura Avatar

    She’s adorable! We’d love to give her a home 🙂 So glad you’ve started making the baby dolls again!!!

  16. shay Avatar

    So cute

  17. Kate B Avatar
    Kate B

    Lovely Hazel – beautiful hair and green eyes. My DD would adore her

  18. carrie Avatar

    so sweet!

  19. Christina Avatar

    Sooo exciting. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I’ve been wanting a baby forever!

  20. Maureen Avatar

    love this little one!

  21. Sarah B Avatar
    Sarah B

    Would love little Hazel for my daughter with hazel eyes 🙂 Already liked Bamboletta on facebook years ago!

  22. Brittany T Avatar
    Brittany T

    She is too cute, I know both of my daughters would LOVE her! 🙂

  23. Angela P. Avatar
    Angela P.

    LOve your dolls!!!

  24. Nicole Avatar

    So cute!

  25. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    How sweet!

  26. Sarah Avatar

    So sweet!

  27. Sheila Waller-Kellen Avatar
    Sheila Waller-Kellen

    So cute

  28. Danielle Avatar

    What a beauty! Thank you for the chance!

  29. Chantel Hisko Avatar
    Chantel Hisko

    My daughter would love this baby! Thanks for the chance

  30. Nadxieli Avatar

    Beautiful baby girl!

  31. Jodi A Avatar
    Jodi A

    super nice of you to do a giveaway…she would have a great home here

  32. Amy F Avatar
    Amy F

    Woo hoo! SOOOO excited 🙂

  33. Chanel M Avatar
    Chanel M

    Kiava would love her!

  34. Mary Avatar

    She is so cute! Thanks for the chance. =)

  35. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    These baby dolls are just adorable!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  36. Helen and the fox Avatar
    Helen and the fox

    Count me in!!

  37. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W

    Beautiful girl!

  38. Rachael C. Avatar
    Rachael C.

    Just darling!

  39. Korin Avatar

    What a cutie! Thank you for the chance!

  40. Theresa D Avatar
    Theresa D

    She is adorable! My little one here at home would love her 😉

  41. Michelle Rosini Avatar
    Michelle Rosini

    Those green eyes are amazing!!

  42. Lea T Avatar
    Lea T

    I would LOVE to win this cutie pie!!! I’m dying for a Bamboletta baby 🙂

  43. janet Avatar

    LOVE her!!

  44. Katherine Avatar

    We’d LOVE her!

  45. Trisha Avatar

    I love these dolls. This would be our first! 🙂

  46. Emily C Avatar
    Emily C

    Adorable! Thank you for the opportunity!

  47. Linda Avatar

    Super sweet!

  48. Rachel Gagliano Avatar
    Rachel Gagliano

    She is just breath-taking! Gorgeous work! Love her 🙂

  49. Jennifer Avatar


  50. Barbara Avatar

    Baby dolls are just so adorable!

  51. Stacey P. Avatar
    Stacey P.

    Si cute!!

  52. Kim Giovannini Avatar

    Holy Toledo, this is a remarkable GiveAway! Thanks so much for being so generous Team Bamboletta and giving us all a chance!!

  53. Teddi L Avatar
    Teddi L

    she’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  54. Mia J Avatar
    Mia J

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance at this cutie!

  55. Libby Avatar

    We just brought a little girl home from Uganda who LOVES baby dolls! We would be thrilled to win your beautiful Hazel!

  56. felicia Avatar

    She is adorable!! I love this jointed style doll 🙂

  57. Sara Rennick Avatar
    Sara Rennick

    my daughter would love her to pieces <3 hope we win her

  58. Kandi Avatar

    Thank you for the chance!!!

  59. Marina Avatar

    My boys would love her!

  60. JoAnne Avatar

    I’d love to have her for my DD!

  61. Sherry L. Avatar
    Sherry L.

    love her! Thanks so much for the wonderful chance:) We love all your dolls <3

  62. Alanna George Avatar

    Oh, my little one would love her!! So precious, I love these new baby dolls.

  63. Tabatha Barker Avatar
    Tabatha Barker

    She is a little gem!! Would LOVE to have her!!

  64. makala barton Avatar
    makala barton

    love this sweet baby!

  65. Kristin Avatar

    Super sweet!

  66. Morgan L. Avatar
    Morgan L.

    We would love for Hazel to be our first Bambo! She is precious!

  67. erika Avatar

    aw, what a sweet little baby doll!!

  68. april Avatar

    She is precious! The perfect baby sister for Bessie! We would love her!!!

  69. Lindsey C Avatar
    Lindsey C

    She is adorable! I don’t own a bamboletta yet, but I would love to get one for our baby girl due in Nov….you know, start her off early! And Hazel is on our short list of baby names, how perfect!

  70. kara Avatar

    I love her!

  71. Andrea Avatar


  72. Carla Hurley Avatar
    Carla Hurley

    Pick me!!! We would love to win!!!!

  73. Kelli M. Avatar
    Kelli M.

    We’d love to win her! I think the Bamboletta babies may just be our new favorites. <3

  74. susan Avatar


  75. Katherine P Avatar
    Katherine P

    What beauty, what star- I bet my kids would love her:)

  76. Shannon Avatar

    She’s super cute!

  77. Lydia Avatar

    Too Cute!

  78. Kimberly Avatar


  79. Katie E Avatar
    Katie E

    So sweet!

  80. Melanie C Avatar
    Melanie C


  81. Linda Avatar

    Ahe is absolutely beautiful with her blonde hair and green eyes!!

  82. Caroline Avatar

    How generous! I hope I’m lucky!

  83. Melanie C Avatar
    Melanie C

    I have been waiting forever for a baby!! I would love to have her 🙂

  84. Laura Avatar


  85. Kathy Pawelczyk Avatar
    Kathy Pawelczyk

    She is absolutely beautiful

  86. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I sure would love the chance to bring home a sweet baby doll for my girls. Thank for the chance!!!!

  87. Kristi Avatar

    Be still my heart – she is ridiculously sweet 🙂

  88. Jennifer Avatar

    would LOVE to have this doll 🙂

  89. Wendy Avatar

    Oh she is beautiful! Our first Bambo was a custom girl named Hazel. She would be a great sister for our Hazel!

  90. Jennifer Hernandez Avatar
    Jennifer Hernandez

    She’s precious! love her

  91. Lynne Avatar

    We would live to win!!

  92. Vanessa Avatar

    Crossing fingers, she is perfect!!!

  93. Desirae Bradbury Avatar
    Desirae Bradbury

    Oh, would love to have her. Me please! 🙂

  94. Angie S. Avatar
    Angie S.

    Oh what a beauty! We would love to give her tons of hugs & kisses! xo

  95. Kirsty C Avatar
    Kirsty C

    Eeek she’s adorable – crossing allllllll my fingers and toes 🙂 xx

  96. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    Love the babies! So cute!

  97. Lindsay D. Avatar
    Lindsay D.

    She is beautiful. My three year old would treasure her.

  98. Claire Hope Avatar
    Claire Hope

    This would be perfect for my grand-daughter. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. 🙂

  99. Kristine holland Avatar
    Kristine holland

    Love her!!

  100. Darcie Avatar

    Love love love

  101. Jenny S Avatar
    Jenny S

    My daughter, Hazel, would love her 🙂

  102. Sumer Avatar

    Thank you!!

  103. Christine Foley Avatar

    I would love this for my daughter!

  104. jennJK Avatar

    🙂 we’d love to have her live at our house!!

  105. liz Avatar

    How cute! I hope I win!

  106. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    We would love to bring her home! Perfect baby with hazel eyes- like me! 🙂

  107. Chelsea Avatar

    She is the sweetest <3

  108. jennJK Avatar

    i’m a “liker” already 🙂
    now i need to learn how to tweet…lol

  109. Michelle Avatar

    Thank you!

  110. kelly t garcia Avatar
    kelly t garcia

    Love her<3

  111. Shannon Avatar

    Always love the green eyed girls for my green eyed girl <3 Thanks for the chance!

  112. Lisa g Avatar
    Lisa g

    We would love to welcome hazel!

  113. Heather Avatar

    She’s adorable! fingers crossed xxoo

  114. Skye Copeland Avatar

    Thank you for this fantastic opportunity! She’s so precious! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  115. Lindsay Tovey Avatar
    Lindsay Tovey

    She is precious!! She would be very loved here <3

  116. Marina Avatar

    She is so cute!!

  117. Misty Thompson Avatar
    Misty Thompson

    My little gal has been asking for one of your dolls forever!

  118. Katina Hollman Avatar
    Katina Hollman

    Love her! Havel is an awesome name too!

  119. tanya siman Avatar
    tanya siman

    ohhhh my daughter would sooo love to snuggle this baby!

  120. Hannah Avatar

    So cute! Thanks for the chance!!

  121. Alicia S Avatar
    Alicia S

    My 18 month old daughter Lillian would love Hazel! She is obsessed with babies and loves to carry them around all day long. She would be well loved in our house 🙂

  122. Allison Avatar

    She is darling!

  123. Carrie Avatar

    My daughter would take SUCH good care of this baby!

  124. Carlie Avatar

    She’s so beautiful. We’d love to give her a new home. 😉

  125. Michelle Q Avatar
    Michelle Q

    So much sweetness!

  126. Nicole Crane Avatar
    Nicole Crane

    So cute! <3

  127. Heather Avatar

    I love this adorable little green eyed doll and one of my 2 little green eyed girls would love to get it!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Cris Avatar

    love, love, love giveaways (esp by Bamboletta)

  129. jessie Avatar

    Wow, your work is so amazing.! I hope one day, I can make a doll 1/2 as pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. sara Avatar

    she is precious!!!!!

  131. Linsay Avatar

    Too adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!

  132. Rebecca G Avatar
    Rebecca G

    She is amazing! <3

  133. Rachel Avatar

    Oh my goodness. This sweet little blonde haired green eyed baby would fit right in among my gaggle of girls~! Thanks for the chance.

  134. cheri rice Avatar
    cheri rice

    What a cutie. My daughter would love her first doll!! Such a great contest.

  135. Michelle Avatar

    So cute! Would love this little darling to be our first Bamboletta!

  136. Jennifer Hartman Avatar
    Jennifer Hartman

    Wow – thanks for the chance to win. She is amazing. 😉

  137. Kerri Learning Avatar
    Kerri Learning

    she’s so cute!

  138. Heather Avatar

    Oh my daughter would absolutely love her! It would be the perfect gift for an otherwise rotten school year.

  139. Diana Avatar

    She is adorable <3

  140. Tanya Avatar

    So cute!!

  141. Dawn U Avatar
    Dawn U

    What a cutie!

  142. Karen Avatar

    We would LOVE to have her!

  143. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    What a sweetie! Thanks for the chance, C!

  144. Trinity Dawn Maura Avatar
    Trinity Dawn Maura

    I always wanted one of your babies, thanks for the chance. : )

  145. Athena Avatar

    She’s perfectly adorable!!!!

  146. Josefine Avatar

    What a sweet girl!

  147. Melissa Avatar

    Would love to have her join us at our home!

  148. amanda Avatar

    So snuggly! My baby neeeeeds her!: )

  149. allison n Avatar
    allison n

    totally adorable!

  150. NAT Avatar

    How sweet.

  151. Danielle Avatar

    Oh, how I have longed for a Bambo baby. We would love her so very much. <3

  152. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    oh my goodness…my daughter would absolutely LOVE this sweet little baby doll!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  153. Lee L Avatar
    Lee L

    What a cutie. WE would happily give her a loving home!

  154. Christina Avatar


  155. Ashlee M Avatar
    Ashlee M

    Such a sweet baby girl!! We would love to give her a home.

  156. Monica Goslin Avatar
    Monica Goslin

    I would be so honored to win this little gal!

  157. Nelly Avatar

    She is so sweet and would make my niece a very happy girl!

  158. Celeste JW Avatar
    Celeste JW

    Woah! In the “your dream doll” thread… this is VERY close to the doll I described! <3

  159. Stephanie Avatar

    She is darling!

  160. Marianne Avatar

    I’m so happy that they’re back!!! I have a 2 year old who would LOVE a Bambo baby.

  161. Cheryl Lynne Avatar
    Cheryl Lynne

    Mt younger daughter would loooovvveeee

  162. Jen A Avatar
    Jen A

    My youngest would love a baby!

  163. Margaret Avatar

    Love love love her!!!!!

  164. Katherine Avatar

    2nd entry for liking you guys on FB…am I supposed to comment a second time? Thanks!

  165. Kinda Avatar

    She is so super sweet! Thanks for the chance.

  166. april Avatar

    Love her!

  167. Catherine Avatar

    She’s beautiful, I especially love her eyes!

  168. Leona Avatar

    My granddaughter would absolutely love this cute baby. I’d be so shocked to have my name drawn as well.

  169. karalisa Avatar

    so cute!!!

  170. Jody Avatar

    She looks so cuddly!!

  171. Melissa Avatar

    Aww! Today is my little one’s birthday, too! We’d think it was a miracle if we won 🙂

  172. Franny Z Avatar

    I love her cute little jammies! She’d be a great little sister to our other Waldorf doll, Wren!

  173. Amy Avatar

    She is cute, cute, cute!

  174. Laura VMS Avatar
    Laura VMS

    This little one would be a perfect addition to give to my girls when this new baby arrives!

  175. Jennifer Bouvy Avatar
    Jennifer Bouvy

    This is so sweet of you! Thank you for the chance!!

  176. Claire R Avatar
    Claire R

    So adorable, we’d love to be Hazel’s new family! Thank you for the chance!! 🙂

  177. Dallas Ann Avatar

    Oh. my. gracious! She is darling and perfect! My littlest one is named Hazel and she would just love her.

  178. Carol White Avatar
    Carol White

    She is adorable! She would be the perfect Xmas gift for my youngest gr daughter!

  179. Cassandra Avatar

    Oh. My. Goodness. Hazel is STUNNING!

  180. Marie Avatar

    Oh yippee!

  181. Leann Avatar

    She is adorable! I would give her to my little girl and she would love her.

  182. wanda Avatar

    How wonderful would THIS be to bring home!! Super Bamboletta strikes again!! Thank you for this chance!!! =)

  183. Theresa Avatar


  184. Rebecca Kelly Avatar
    Rebecca Kelly

    Thank you for the chance. She is perfection!!! 🙂

  185. Lisa N Avatar
    Lisa N

    What a cutie. <3

  186. Nina H Avatar
    Nina H

    Ooh, a baby, my daughter would adore her.

  187. Ely Avatar

    Sooooo cute!

  188. Kara Avatar

    Eeek!! So precious!!!

  189. Rosalyn Avatar

    She’s so cute, I’d love to win!

  190. Laura Taylor Avatar
    Laura Taylor

    So sweet!

  191. Chantal Avatar

    We would love her to pieces here!

  192. Jaime Swan Avatar
    Jaime Swan

    Love her!!

  193. Stephanie E. Avatar
    Stephanie E.

    Oh my! What a cutie! This will gladly replace the creapy baby that my daughter just noticed this week. Please help me out before she bonds with it!!!

  194. Stefanie Turley Avatar
    Stefanie Turley

    Love these dolls and love that they are made in Canada.
    Thank you for all your hard work and love!

  195. Heather Y. Avatar
    Heather Y.

    So stinkin’ cute! Love her! My dd has yet to get one of your beautiful dolls. I know as soon as we get one, then we will want dozens more! LOL Thanks!

  196. Kinda Avatar

    We would love to have a Bambo baby at our house!

  197. Ceinwen Avatar

    What a cutie !!! She would be very loved here <3

  198. Alana Hermsen Avatar

    Gorgeous! My son would FLIP!!!

  199. Melanie Simard Avatar
    Melanie Simard

    So adorable… thanks again for the giveaway!

  200. Darice/Healing Gems Avatar
    Darice/Healing Gems

    Claire is beautiful. I would love to win her.

  201. Alicia Avatar

    Aww <3 I love, love, LOVE the babies!

  202. Erica Avatar

    Oh thank you for the chance! ♥

  203. DeRae M. Avatar
    DeRae M.

    Yay! Thank you so much for this opportunity! 🙂

  204. Christina Avatar

    Aw, what a sweetheart. Thanks Bamboletta! XOXOX

  205. Anne Avatar

    Hoping!!!!!! We would love to give a home to this cute baby!!!

  206. Laura Avatar

    Would love to win her, thanks!

  207. bindu Avatar

    thank you for the love …

  208. MH Avatar

    It would certainly make a great Christmas present!

  209. Becky T Avatar
    Becky T

    She is adorable.

  210. Kara Carter Avatar
    Kara Carter

    I know a little girl named Piper who would love this. Just found out she is going to be a big sister and she wants to practice 🙂

  211. Alye king Avatar
    Alye king


  212. Michelle P Avatar
    Michelle P

    I LOVE a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!! And I really want a sweet baby!!! She would be well loved in our house!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Mindy Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thank you for the chance!

  214. Robin Avatar

    Love the jointed dolls & especially this one with the little bob! I’m already a Facebook fan! Thank you!

  215. Jamie Hicks Avatar
    Jamie Hicks

    squee, love her!

  216. Jane N. Avatar
    Jane N.

    She would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday!

  217. Michelle H. Clark Avatar
    Michelle H. Clark

    Thanks for the chance! She would make a little girl I know very happy! 🙂

  218. LisaS Avatar

    Oooooh and a blonde baby to boot!

  219. Connie Avatar

    Thanks for the chance! She’s adorable!!

  220. Traci Avatar

    Ok, this might be the cutest baby doll I’ve ever seen. Luv her.

  221. Vera Bóinn Avatar
    Vera Bóinn

    Awww. She’s such a cutie baby. And, with a change of clothes, she could even pass for a very wild haired baby boy. 🙂

  222. Leah Killian Avatar

    What a sweet giveaway! 🙂

  223. Lesley WHEELER Avatar
    Lesley WHEELER

    This is FANTASTIC!! THanks for the chance!!

  224. Christine Blanek Avatar
    Christine Blanek

    Oh such a cutie!!!! We would welcome her with open arms!!!

  225. Julie Avatar

    She is so cute – I’d love to win!

  226. Amanda Avatar

    Awesome!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  227. Becky Avatar

    I’ve always dreamed of having a Bamboletta doll in my home for my girls! 🙂 She’s lovely!! 🙂

  228. Jennie B Avatar
    Jennie B

    Love her!! <3

  229. Marcy Avatar

    So generous of you! Thank you for the chance to win her!!

  230. Gena Avatar

    Sweet baby! <3

  231. Kelly Avatar

    Love it!

  232. Kim C. Avatar
    Kim C.

    what a cutie!!

  233. Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P

    Wow what an incredible give away!!! Team Bamboletta rocks and I am loving the babies!!!

  234. Tanya O. Avatar
    Tanya O.

    I know a certain little girl who would LOVE this baby!

  235. Rachel Avatar

    She is sooo cute love the hair 🙂

  236. Delaney Avatar

    So cute!

  237. Diane Avatar

    What a cutie!! You have the best giveaways :), thanks for the chance to welcome this little girl into our home!!

  238. Genny Martin Avatar
    Genny Martin

    Sweet Hazel! I love her!!!!

  239. Lissa T Avatar
    Lissa T

    We would love sweet Baby Hazel. Thanks for the chance.

  240. Renee Avatar

    Our family would LOVE this little one!!

  241. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    She’s darling!
    Of course I’m a fb fan 😉

  242. Jackie Mowrey Avatar
    Jackie Mowrey

    She is adorale. She can come live with us.

  243. Angie Avatar

    I love her!!! We would love a Bamboletta doll to come live with us 🙂

  244. Jennifer I. Avatar
    Jennifer I.

    Would love her!

  245. genia Avatar

    she is freakin adorable!!

  246. Tabatha Avatar

    Would love her!!

  247. Heather Salmeron Avatar
    Heather Salmeron

    My baby’s 1st birthday is in 2 weeks. I’d love to win this cutie. 🙂

  248. Heather Avatar

    She’s precious! I’ve loved seeing the journey Bambos have taken in the last year since I discovered you all. Amazing!

  249. Stephanie R. Avatar
    Stephanie R.

    So cute!!

  250. Hope Carter Avatar
    Hope Carter

    My daughter would just love her. She is three and loves her dollies

  251. Erica Hall Avatar
    Erica Hall

    So adorable!

  252. Adriana Avatar

    Love, love, love your work Bamboletta, my little one would adore this little doll! Thank you!

  253. mark Avatar

    The babies are great!!

  254. Sarah Slavik Avatar
    Sarah Slavik

    Would LOVE!!!!! to win her for my girls they would give her lots of years of love <3 beautiful!

  255. Jamie M. W. Avatar
    Jamie M. W.

    Ohh.. She’s so cute! We’d love to play with Hazel!

  256. Ann Avatar

    She is a little pet and would be a perfect member of our Bamboletta family.

  257. Jessica Johnson Avatar
    Jessica Johnson

    This would be the best birthday present ever for my 2 yr old!!!!

  258. Melissa Romandy Avatar
    Melissa Romandy

    Love her!

  259. Britny Sirotak Avatar

    Thank you so much for a chance to win!!

  260. Liz Ripka Avatar
    Liz Ripka

    she is sooo beautiful my grand daughter will absolutely fall in love with her.I love her hair.

  261. Sarah Avatar

    What an awesome giveaway! We would love Hazel!

  262. Jenny Hay Avatar
    Jenny Hay

    I love her! Choose us 🙂

  263. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F

    She is adorable !!!

  264. Abi Crouch Avatar
    Abi Crouch

    She’s beautiful!

  265. Suzanne Avatar

    Would love her! Thank-you for the chance!

  266. Shana Avatar

    oh gosh is she adorable!! Would love this cuddle baby 🙂

  267. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz

    I am in love with your babies, this one is no exception!

  268. Kate P Avatar
    Kate P


  269. Breanne Kaiser Avatar
    Breanne Kaiser

    Gorgeous!! Here’s to hoping we can finally get one!

  270. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I have loved your page for years! Here is my “like” comment xoxo

  271. wendy ritchey Avatar
    wendy ritchey

    LOVE! sooo cute! thanks for the chance :c) My daughter would just adore her :c)

  272. Machella Avatar

    Oh, WOW!!! Thank you for the chance! <3

  273. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    Would love a baby for my baby!! Thanks for the chance.

  274. Ang Wilson Avatar
    Ang Wilson

    So so sweet! Brooke would love her!

  275. Shana Avatar

    So cute!

  276. lydia Avatar

    wow! what an amazing giveaway! she’s so beautiful! x

  277. Cyndi Avatar

    Thanks for all you girls do! Hazel’s beautiful!

  278. Yiu L Avatar
    Yiu L

    Would love her for our daughter!

  279. Rose P. Avatar
    Rose P.

    Really sweet 🙂

  280. Kristina Busenitz Avatar
    Kristina Busenitz

    Love the baby!

  281. Shannon Boyd Avatar
    Shannon Boyd

    So sweet! What a giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  282. anita o Avatar
    anita o

    so cute! love her face.

  283. kayley Avatar


  284. Shannon Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  285. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    I would love to win!

  286. Ashley Avatar

    So sweet and cute. Would bit right in with us!!!

  287. Susan Avatar

    So cute!

  288. Kyla Jardine Avatar
    Kyla Jardine

    Oh my she’s so adorable!

  289. tsva Avatar

    I know a baby girl that would be perfect for this doll!

  290. Mary Jane Pilgrim Avatar

    Thank you for this chance!

  291. Erika Teigland Avatar
    Erika Teigland

    She is so cute, we would love here here : )

  292. Pamela Avatar

    She is beautiful!!!

  293. Darci Avatar

    Just darling!!

  294. Jessica Avatar

    Beautiful!!! Too cute 🙂

  295. Merrina Zhang Avatar
    Merrina Zhang

    Love love love this little one!

  296. Dana Avatar

    Adorable we love baby dolls here!!!!

  297. Andrew Avatar

    I want to win…badly! Thanks for the draw.

  298. Elaine Avatar

    so sweet!

  299. Catherine Avatar

    She’s so sweet!!

  300. Alyssa Luna Avatar
    Alyssa Luna

    I ❤ Bamboletta!!

  301. Blair Avatar

    Woe she is so beautiful I would love to give Hazel a forever home! Thank you for this opportunity

  302. Melissa Avatar

    So very cute!

  303. Lin Avatar

    He’s a cutie!!

  304. Lisa F Avatar
    Lisa F

    Awww Baby Hazel is just the sweetest!!

  305. Matilda Avatar

    she’s so cute!

  306. kandis Avatar

    She’s a cutie!

  307. Holly H. Avatar
    Holly H.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  308. Susan Davis Avatar
    Susan Davis

    She is adorable as are all Bambolettas! I’d love to win her.

  309. Melina Avatar

    So cute, my girl loves baby dolls and would love her!

  310. Patsy Avatar

    Too gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  311. Shannon Stewart Avatar
    Shannon Stewart

    She is perfect!

  312. kathlin Avatar

    we would LOVE to win her

  313. Woolies Avatar

    Love her, fingers crossed. I’m already a fan on FB!

  314. Thalita Dol Avatar

    Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!
    Please, hazel, come to Brazil!!!

    (I already liked the fb page, but I don’t have twiter)

  315. Jennifer Avatar

    What a beauty! TY for the generous giveaway!!

  316. Rebecca Kolkow Avatar
    Rebecca Kolkow

    She is beautiful and would be very loved in our family 🙂

  317. Julie Avatar

    So sweet! Love that sleeper.

  318. Stephanie Koehler Avatar
    Stephanie Koehler

    So cute!

  319. jennifer Avatar

    From the first time I saw these little lovies I’ve wanted one for my own babies! I hope we win!!!!

  320. Joyce Avatar

    What a lovely little one

  321. Jessica Avatar

    She looks really soft and cuddly. My daughter would love her!

  322. Julie Vila Avatar
    Julie Vila

    Oh goodness we would love a baby!

  323. Melanie Ann SB Avatar
    Melanie Ann SB

    This is exactly what my little girl needs to welcome her new baby sibling in 3 weeks <3 <3

    You girls are so talented!

  324. Kathryn G Avatar
    Kathryn G

    Would love her for our baby girl on the way! Big sis already has her first bambo in the mail to us now! 🙂 only she’s for Christmas!!

  325. terra Avatar

    What a beauty!!! My little girl would <3 LOVE her!!!

  326. Jessica Munro Avatar
    Jessica Munro

    She is cute as could be! Thanks for the chance ladies!

  327. Lindsey B. Avatar
    Lindsey B.

    I never win anything, but I have a good feeling about this one..destined 🙂

  328. krista Avatar

    She is amazing…love the green eyes :)Thanks for the chance 🙂

  329. Molly McFatridge Avatar
    Molly McFatridge

    She’s beautiful !!!!

  330. Linda Greenwood Avatar
    Linda Greenwood

    Hope 66 years old is not too old for a baby doll because I would love her!

  331. Vanessa phillips Avatar
    Vanessa phillips

    Very nice!!!

  332. Regina Avatar

    Adorable girlie!

  333. Stacy Avatar


  334. tracy Avatar

    adorable ! We would love her to come live here!

  335. Christina D Avatar
    Christina D

    She is SO adorable!!

  336. lynette linton Avatar

    Would love to have her .

  337. kim Avatar

    thank you for the chance!!

  338. Tanya Wellburn Avatar
    Tanya Wellburn

    She’s beautiful! I love her hair 🙂 We’d love to welcome her to our family. Thanks so much for the chance!

  339. Casey U Avatar
    Casey U

    Oh my goodness I would just die. Baby #3 needs a baby, right?

  340. Kristen K Avatar
    Kristen K

    She looks soo snugly! Fingers crossed!

  341. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the chance C!

  342. tree Avatar

    She is adorable! We would love to give her a home!

  343. Cindy Avatar


  344. Addy Van Anne Avatar
    Addy Van Anne

    I love Hazel! Oh she is soooo cute! I would love for her to come and live with us, she would be loved forever! And I liked your facebook page very long ago. Good Luck to everyone. Thank you Bamboletta for your kindness.

  345. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke


  346. steph W. Avatar
    steph W.

    Awwwwwwwwww what a sweet snuggle bug!!! 🙂

  347. Donald C. Avatar
    Donald C.

    My daughter would love to have one of these for my grandson! I hope I win. 😉

  348. Laura Avatar

    happy dance!

  349. Joyce Hermans Avatar
    Joyce Hermans

    I love her hair. It’s just like my grandaughter’s. Love it.

  350. victoria Avatar

    these are adorable!!

  351. Johanna Phillips Avatar
    Johanna Phillips


  352. Serge B. Avatar
    Serge B.

    Our son would adore this. He is into all things plush nowadays.

  353. Amanda Avatar

    So enamored by those beautiful green eyes and nubby blonde hair. She is a precious baby…xoxo

  354. Tiffany Roberts Avatar
    Tiffany Roberts

    she is beuatiful! You’re an amazing company 🙂

  355. Susan D Avatar
    Susan D

    I love her fluffy hair and the very cute sleeper.

  356. Lindsey Avatar

    So cute!

  357. Shannon Avatar

    So adorable!! I love her sleeper 🙂

  358. Melinda Avatar

    So adorable!

  359. Mary S Avatar
    Mary S

    what a sweetie!

  360. Stephanie Avatar

    Love her!!! Want a baby so bad and Hazel is the most perfect name for one!!!

  361. Julie Avatar

    So sweet! We would love to take her home!!!

  362. Janice Avatar

    She’s perfection! I’d love to welcome one of your baby dolls home one day. Thank you so much for the chance!

  363. Amy Grossberg Avatar
    Amy Grossberg

    Absolutely adorable!

  364. Alexa Avatar

    She’s adorable! perfect for a long term dolly a girl can love!

  365. Tanya Avatar

    Would love this for my sweet Kayla.

  366. shala Avatar

    she’s adorable!!! I know a 4 year old that would LOVE her!!!

  367. Amanda W Avatar
    Amanda W

    Hoping to win for Baby T’s first birthday!!

  368. Dana Williams Avatar
    Dana Williams

    Super sweet baby! Thank you Bamboletta!

  369. Atarah Avatar

    What a sweet dollie! I know she will go to just the right home. 🙂

  370. Laurie Snow Avatar
    Laurie Snow

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to add her to my home! I don’t have a bamboletta doll yet, but have been admiring them for quite some time now!

  371. Heather Avatar

    Wow! A baby doll!!!!!

  372. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh my! We would LOVE for Hazel to come join our little family!

  373. Darien Allan Avatar
    Darien Allan

    What a generous giveaway! My daughter would LOVE this for her 3rd birthday!!!

  374. Candice Avatar

    So cute! <3

  375. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    Ella would love and appreciate her SO very much! Thank you for spreading the love team Bamboletta! <3

  376. Claire D Avatar
    Claire D

    She’s so sweet!

  377. Pam Kirkland Avatar

    We would love this sweet baby!

  378. Maria Avatar

    These babies are the perfect size for my 2 year old!

  379. Anne Avatar

    Cute little perfection!

  380. Anne Avatar

    Cutie pie!

  381. Kimi Shibata Avatar
    Kimi Shibata

    Wonderful stuff!

  382. Nancy K Avatar
    Nancy K

    The babies are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win this sweetie!

  383. Jill L. Avatar
    Jill L.

    She’s adorable!! You are so sweet.

  384. Paulette B. Avatar
    Paulette B.

    She is so cute. Would love to win her for my granddaughter.

  385. Kristen P Avatar
    Kristen P

    She is adorable! We would love to giver her a home in Texas! 🙂

  386. Chantelle Avatar

    My little one would be excited to have a baby bamboletta to cuddle and breastfeed 🙂 So fun to have a chance to win her!

  387. Deanne Avatar

    Absolutely precious! So adorable!

  388. Megan Maddox Avatar
    Megan Maddox

    Love the baby doll!

  389. Linda Avatar

    Love the doll and love the name! Hazel was my favourite aunt’s name. My grand-daughter would be thrilled to welcome her into her life and home.

  390. Katherine Avatar

    Loving her!

  391. Angela Saeki Avatar
    Angela Saeki

    Aww, what a cute baby doll! Crossing my fingers that I am chosen to take her into my home. Thanks for this awesome opportunity! xoxo

  392. Chrystel Avatar

    She is fabulous! Thank you SO much for the chance. xo

  393. Brenda pierce Avatar
    Brenda pierce


  394. Jen Avatar

    So cute!

  395. deborah b. Avatar
    deborah b.

    oh my gosh! i have been wanting a baby doll for our house for the longest time. here’s hoping! she’s perfect.

  396. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    We would LOVE her!!!

  397. Diane Avatar

    Exceptionally adorable!! Thanks for offering her 🙂

  398. kimberly w. Avatar
    kimberly w.

    Adorable!!!!!!! Crossing our fingers!!!!

  399. Dana Avatar

    She’s a beauty 🙂

  400. Barb C Avatar
    Barb C

    Love Hazel…she is so cute! There are a couple of girls in our house who would love to play with her.

  401. stacey Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to win this cutie!

  402. Carma Rearick Avatar
    Carma Rearick

    What an amazing giveaway! My daughter and I would love to have Hazel come live with us!

  403. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane


  404. Shanda Tegart Avatar
    Shanda Tegart

    I LOVE your sweet dolls!

  405. Linda JT Avatar
    Linda JT

    Hazel is a fave name around here–our beloved labradoodle is Hazel. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  406. Mindy Avatar

    We would love her!

  407. Linda JT Avatar
    Linda JT

    I’m a Facebook fan! Here’s Entry #2. (Hope I’m doing this right.)

  408. Brenna Avatar

    We’d love to have her come live with our family!!

  409. Maita m. Avatar
    Maita m.

    I would love love her!

  410. Susana Avatar

    Thank you for the chance – I know a little someone who would love Hazel to bits! Crossing fingers and toes….

  411. Sarah Avatar

    This is so so so cute. Thanks for the chance!

  412. Brenna Avatar

    Already a fan on facebook!

  413. Stephanie Avatar

    Oh how I would love to win her!!!

  414. Wendy Avatar

    she is a sweetie, and love the name! thanks for this chance!!!

  415. Kelly Hall Avatar
    Kelly Hall

    I love this little gal!

  416. Evonne Avatar

    My beautiful little granddaughter would love this baby!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  417. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  418. Liza Avatar

    We’re inso Lovewith the Babies!!

  419. Tam T. Avatar
    Tam T.

    Oh a baby girl! <3

  420. Dawn-Marie Avatar

    Too cute for words. Thanks for the opportunity.

  421. Lindsay N Avatar
    Lindsay N

    Thank you so much for this chance. She is so cute.

  422. Jenny C. Avatar
    Jenny C.

    Adorable! I would love to own her!

  423. Angela S. Avatar
    Angela S.

    My daughter would love this sweet little baby! Thanks for another great contest.

  424. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    So sweet, thanks for the chance!

  425. Kathleen Avatar

    She is so cute!!

  426. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    Squeal!! A baby!!!!!! How I would love to have a baby for my daughter for when new baby is born in 9 weeks!! Thank you for the chance!

  427. Nikki B Avatar
    Nikki B

    Oh she is too cute!

  428. Vicki Weston Avatar
    Vicki Weston

    Super cute!! Sugar n’Spice and everything nice!! Thats what little girls are made of!! xo

  429. Jaclynn Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  430. Michelle H Avatar
    Michelle H

    Awesome giveaway! My daughter would love love love her!

  431. Torry Avatar

    I’d love a jointed Bambo!

  432. Rene Avatar

    We would absolutely love a baby doll so the kids can play when their sister is born around Christmas!

  433. Bea Avatar

    Oh, what a sweety! Our house is so ready to adpopt her 🙂

  434. Annette Avatar

    Gorgeous! So huggable!

  435. Shana B. Avatar
    Shana B.

    Crossing my fingers! This would be our first Bamboletta, and she would be very loved in our house with two girls 🙂

  436. Jordan Avatar

    Super cute!

    Took forever to scroll to the bottom! 😉

  437. Jody Avatar

    I love your beautiful dolls.

  438. alison paige Avatar
    alison paige

    what a sweet, snuggly baby! thank you!

  439. Angie Avatar

    What an awesome giveaway!

  440. Heidi C. Avatar
    Heidi C.

    we would love to have baby Hazel join our family!
    whoo hoo! Thank you Team Bamboletta!!!!

  441. Bridget Boone Avatar
    Bridget Boone

    Love her!!! I would love for her to live with us in Oklahoma! Thanks so much for such a generous give-a-way!!!

  442. Maddi M Avatar
    Maddi M

    Would loooooooove her!

  443. Jen Avatar

    Omg…my baby would love her!

  444. Tiff Avatar

    So beautiful!

  445. Rickiann Avatar


  446. Phuong Avatar

    Eek! I would love to win her for one of my little girls!

  447. Courtney Scaggs Avatar
    Courtney Scaggs

    LOVE 🙂

  448. Cate Avatar

    Thankyou for the chance to win such a little cutie-pie x

  449. cheryl Avatar

    She looks to be a good tree climber, Thanks so much for all the Bambo love 🙂

  450. Samantha Avatar

    Oh my! Adorable <3

    Good luck everyone 😀

  451. Kim Avatar

    Our daughter would love this baby!

  452. Jennifer Avatar

    You just keep coming up with awesome ideas! People see how cute she is but the time involved is really not understandable (teddy bear joints! really you guys?! awesome!). She is beautiful. My daughter would adore her. What a amazing group of ladies.

  453. Amy H Avatar
    Amy H

    I have an almost 3 year old in my lap who said she just Looooves her! 🙂

  454. Linda Wolfe Avatar
    Linda Wolfe

    The jointed babies are adorable.

  455. Carrie Avatar

    Wow! You are amazing C!! We would love to have Hazel here with us xo

  456. Tara Geoffroy Avatar
    Tara Geoffroy

    She’s precious!

  457. Rebecca Avatar

    Keeping our fingers tightly crossed! Thanks for the chance 😀

  458. Ashley Avatar

    We would love her!

  459. Natalie Avatar

    Love the short hair on these baby dolls. Precious.

  460. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    My youngest age 3 would love this doll, thank you so much for the chance <3 Meredith K

  461. Anna C Avatar
    Anna C

    How sweet!

  462. Marissa Avatar

    So exciting! I hope I win!

  463. Anne Avatar

    Would love to have Hazel!

  464. Anne L W Avatar
    Anne L W

    So sweet!! Would love to give her a home here!

  465. Cassidy Avatar

    Love to give her a forever home 🙂

  466. andrea Dubois Avatar
    andrea Dubois

    I have been wishing for a baby Bamboletta for a long time. I hope I am lucky to win. Thank you so much for these fun giveaways!

  467. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    Adore her, thanks for the chance! <3

  468. Amanda Rae Smith Avatar
    Amanda Rae Smith

    Babydolls are sooooo sweet! Thanks for the chance!

  469. Jessica James Avatar
    Jessica James

    Cute lil baby!

  470. Beckie M Avatar
    Beckie M

    My daughter has been baby crazy since her little brother arrived. She would love to be baby Hazel’s mama!

  471. Jill Gustafson Avatar
    Jill Gustafson

    Wow!! Cute… everything is always cute. I have been a fan for a lonnnnnnnnng time.!

  472. Amy Avatar

    So beautiful!!! What a great give away! My daughter would love her!!!

  473. amber Avatar

    Love love the new babies!! Amazing giveaway. as they always are with Team Bamboletta!!

  474. Meghan Avatar

    LOVE, LOVE the babies!!! Thanks for the chance!

  475. Renae K Avatar
    Renae K

    Love love you guys

  476. Agnes Avatar

    What a sweet little doll. My daughter would love to have her as her first baby doll (her bigger dolls need a baby sister) 🙂 Thank you for this adorable giveaway!

  477. Nikki Avatar

    So cute! My daughter would love her

  478. Christina Avatar

    So adorable!

  479. Donna Avatar

    What a sweet baby, she would get a lot of love here. Thanks for the chance!

  480. celine Avatar

    thanks for the chance. 😉

  481. Darlene Avatar


  482. tracy Avatar

    How sweet! Thanks for the chance!

  483. Jasmine M. Avatar
    Jasmine M.

    Ooh! She’s lovely! I already like your page on FB, and I’ll head over and crack open my twitter account… Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  484. Diana Avatar

    Oh to be lucky enough to bring sweet little Hazel here … she’s a beauty for sure!

  485. Aubrey W Avatar
    Aubrey W

    what a sweetie!! I just love these babies!

  486. Lisa Avatar

    So pretty!!!

  487. AmeliaW Avatar

    Oh WOW! How much fun will my babies have with this ickle cutie!

  488. Dawn Avatar

    This nana would love to have this sweet little baby for my little angel girl grand daughter

  489. Alma Avatar

    Ever so adorable!

  490. Felicia Adkins Avatar
    Felicia Adkins

    We would love to have her.

  491. Lola Avatar

    Lovely!!! I’m crossing my fingers, thanks for the chance!

  492. Rebekah Avatar

    OH my goddess! What a little cutie pie!!

  493. Catherine Avatar

    Oh, we love her! How wonderful she is.

  494. Lily Avatar

    So sweet!

  495. Amber Avatar

    Darling! What a perfect way for my sweet boy to prepare to become a big brother in January!

  496. KG Avatar

    The baby dolls are too sweet!! I love her name too.

  497. Sheridan Bunch Avatar
    Sheridan Bunch

    She is adorable! She would be our very first Bambolleta!

  498. nikki Avatar

    i have always wanted one of your baby dolls. *fingers crossed*

  499. Rosemary Avatar

    Its a beautiful doll! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  500. Leyla hauser Avatar
    Leyla hauser


  501. Debby Avatar

    Would love this babe… Already have “liked” your page long ago as well, LOL.

  502. Tracy Avatar


  503. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    Adorable!! Just love these babies!! 🙂

  504. Heather Avatar

    Hinsweet hazel! We would love to have you come live with us!!!

  505. Mary Avatar

    What a cutie!

  506. Amanda M Avatar
    Amanda M

    So cute!

  507. Alyssa C Avatar
    Alyssa C

    What a cutie patootie! My daughter’s hair looked like Hazel’s style for awhile when she was little! Now, she’s totally in her “mothering” stage, caring for her baby dolls…she’s been hoping for a Bamboletta dolly for some time now!

  508. Emily S. Avatar
    Emily S.

    So Cute!

  509. Gina B Avatar
    Gina B

    LOVE her!

  510. Austina Avatar

    OH I LOVE her. It would be a dream come true to win her.
    Thank You so much for the chance.
    BIG HUGS to everyone..

  511. Sara Marinara Avatar
    Sara Marinara

    What a sweetie!

  512. Laura Woestenburg Avatar
    Laura Woestenburg

    I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter.

  513. katharine Avatar

    Little sweetheart.. A very dear friend of mine is named Hazel.. She’s a love!!

  514. Alysha Avatar

    She is super cute!

  515. Jeanne Avatar

    I want jammies like that in my size!!!! 🙂

  516. Michelle Avatar

    Absolutely adorable! She’s precious! Crossing my fingers she’ll be mine! <3

  517. Julie Avatar

    So very sweet.

  518. Nat Avatar

    Such a sweet gal 🙂

  519. Jenny Jackson Avatar
    Jenny Jackson

    She is so cute! My DD would love her bunches!!!

  520. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Love her and she has green eyes just like my girls <3

  521. Jennifer Dempsey Avatar
    Jennifer Dempsey

    What an AMAZING opportunity!!! Thank you for offering a chance to own one of your beautiful babies to those who can only dream of owning one. Hazel will bring such a smile to any little girl. Good luck everyone.

  522. Christy Hruska Avatar
    Christy Hruska

    We’ve been trying to get a sibling doll – this little baby girl is so perfect for us. We’d love to give her a forever home.

  523. Lindsey C. Avatar
    Lindsey C.

    Super sweet baby doll! We’d definitely give her a good home here. 🙂

  524. Barbara holloway Avatar
    Barbara holloway

    Oh how wonderful it would be to win. It would be a lovely first doll for my 4 year old.

  525. Lis Avatar

    Love her hair!

  526. Christine H. Avatar
    Christine H.

    Oooo….she’s just beautiful! Fingers crossed!

  527. Whitney Avatar

    we would Love a baby!

  528. JulieY Avatar

    Thank You for the chance. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  529. Jennifer Avatar

    We love her!

  530. Vanessa Avatar

    Would love her 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  531. Sara Rennick Avatar
    Sara Rennick

    my daughter would love to have her 🙂

  532. Madeleine C Avatar
    Madeleine C


  533. melissa Avatar

    How awesome, thanks for the chance!

  534. AnaR Avatar

    What a great chance! Thanks so much!

  535. anne Avatar


  536. Catherine Avatar

    Another Beautiful doll, brilliant idea! I’m so pleased to have found your blog.

  537. Katherine Summers Avatar
    Katherine Summers

    As much as I love the long haired dolls…..I think I might love this one more. She is adorable!

  538. Alison L. Avatar
    Alison L.

    She’s as cute as our new little guy, and about the same size too!! 🙂

  539. Barbarba Avatar

    Wow, she’s a cutie!! Thanks for the chance to win her.

  540. Brandon Avatar

    Thanks, we’d love to win her!

  541. Cass Avatar

    My little sweetie LOVES all babies and would flip if this baby came home to her! I can imagine the mother love this sweet doll would get from my dd!
    How wonderful and thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

  542. Holly Avatar

    Love her, happy to find the new blog : )

  543. Jamie Ann Avatar
    Jamie Ann

    She is so cute.

  544. Kristy Avatar

    Fingers crossed! She is beautiful!

  545. Theresa Avatar

    We wold love to give her a home!

  546. Olive Avatar


  547. Mandy Avatar

    Thanks for the chance.

  548. Theresa Avatar

    Oh we would love to have this baby in our home ♥ yes, please!

  549. Kristin Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  550. Lauren Avatar

    She is adorable – looks like she is waiting for a cuddle 🙂

  551. Ashley Avatar

    We would love to welcome her to our family!!!

  552. Lyndsey M. Avatar
    Lyndsey M.

    She is too cute 🙂

  553. Sharla Avatar

    Love her!! 🙂 so adorable!

  554. Keiran Avatar


  555. Ellen Avatar


  556. Rachel Avatar

    Love her, so cute!

  557. cecilia kozeny Avatar
    cecilia kozeny

    Crossing my fingers!!

  558. Candice Lewis Avatar
    Candice Lewis

    Would love to win and give to one of my grandkids!!!! Crossing my fingers!!!!!!!

  559. Lisa Frazer Avatar
    Lisa Frazer

    So sweet!

  560. Britta Nordean Avatar
    Britta Nordean

    Awww she is so sweet. She reminds me of my little Izzy who has a bday next month. Thank you so much for this chance Team Bambo xoxo Britta

  561. Brenda Mc Avatar
    Brenda Mc

    Pretty Girl!

  562. Megan Avatar

    That baby is so stinking cute, and I love the name Hazel!

  563. Vera Avatar

    Just lovely….wish we could snuggle her!

  564. Maya S Avatar
    Maya S

    We woukd love to give her a home! 🙂

  565. Maya S Avatar
    Maya S

    We woukd love to give her a home! 🙂

  566. Sarah Avatar

    Love to have her for my girls!

  567. Michelle Avatar

    Oh to be so lucky : )

  568. Angie Habermas Avatar
    Angie Habermas

    She’s gorgeous! We would love a chance to give her a good home. =)

  569. Maite Suppes Avatar
    Maite Suppes

    I would love to welcome her to my home!! 🙂

  570. Melissa Prescott Avatar
    Melissa Prescott

    we would love to give her a forever home with lots of cuddles from my 2 girls 🙂

  571. Brenda Mc Avatar
    Brenda Mc

    She’s lovely 🙂

  572. Juliana Avatar

    My girls would go CRAZY! Soooo cute!

  573. Susie Avatar

    She is just a cutie…fingers are crossed:) Thank you!!

  574. Cheri Avatar

    Baby needs to come to TX. 🙂

  575. Samantha Avatar

    Oh, she is just lovely!! Thank you so much for doing this, so very generous of you!

  576. Samantha Riddle Avatar
    Samantha Riddle

    She is gorgeous and whoever gets her is very lucky! 🙂

  577. Shannon Avatar

    Aw! So cute!! Love these dolls!! Very unique!

  578. Renee Avatar

    What a sweetie! Reminds me of my baby.

  579. Robyn Avatar

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  580. Julia Costanzo Avatar
    Julia Costanzo

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  581. Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.

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  582. Stacy Avatar

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  585. Nicole Avatar

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  586. Jenny M Avatar
    Jenny M

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  587. Beth Avatar

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  588. Tiffany U. Avatar

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  589. Yvette Avatar

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  590. Del Avatar

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  591. Nancy Ragot Avatar
    Nancy Ragot

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    Barbie Harwell

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