I wrote in my last post about this doll and how it I was told to make her. Anyhow, here she is. She’s up on Etsy today.

And about Etsy- I PROMISE that I will have more dolls up very soon. I have a bunch of gals and boys waiting to be listed but no sweaters. Nonna has been working like a fiend trying to get some more sweaters made, sweet Nonna!ย  So there will be a big doll upload next Friday and more dolls on Natural Pod as well.






8 responses to “Angel”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hehe, making Nona work like a fiend. Sweat-shop sweaters! :p

    I think it’s great that your whole family is a part of the process.

  2. Leanna Avatar

    Having the sun shining behind the angel doll makes her look very etherial and very pretty. A beautiful sunny blonde baby!

  3. admin Avatar

    Holly, I do get pangs of guilt about sweat shop Nonna, but I swear she loves doing it! My mom says it’s such a great thing for her to occupy her time and she loves knowing that her handwork is going to children around the world. She has hands that can never be idle..hmmm.. I wonder where I get it from?
    Leanna, thanks! It’s exactly the look I was going for ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Meike Avatar

    O wow. Leanna is right – she does truly look like an angel! I love the soft curly hair.

  5. Christine Avatar

    She’s lovely! And I love that wooden sewing machine next to yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ So you work during the day then? I try to do a little bit now and then, but I never get much done with my two around. It’s mostly evenings for me.


  6. admin Avatar

    Christine, I have a sitter come in for 4 hours each morning, Monday through Friday. Without this I could get nothing done. I was without a sitter for about a month and managed to get about 4 dolls made in that time. If my littlest napped and went down at a decent hour, I think I could do more- but he does not like to nap (yesterday he went 11 hours through the day with NO nap) and he will only sleep if attached to me making it very difficult to get anything done ๐Ÿ™‚ I think right now the sitter actually makes a bit more money then I do, but the dolls are such a big part of me and what I love- I have to keep making them ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Christine Avatar

    Of course you have to keep making them, not just for your own creative outlet but for the kids who get them too! Sounds wonderful, a sitter every day, heehee. I couldn’t get away with that now (for myself and DH), but it’s a real business for you and the stuff I make is a hobby, but who knows what might happen?

  8. Monica Avatar

    Christina…totally off topic…but will you post here?
    I’m still working on my post…but I find you and your work inspirational!!!

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