And this is …. Timothy

These doll blog uploads have been met with a great response – so – I’m going to do more, like LOTS more!


This is Timothy – he is today’s little one that is up for ‘adoption’. If you are interested in purchasing this little guy please leave a comment below (do not click on the picture and then leave a comment, just go to the end of this post and leave a comment there!) He costs $130 (USD) plus shipping and ,if you are Canadian, taxes. One ‘entry’ per person please. The new family will be chosen by a random number generator. This listing is open for 24 hours and will close at 8pm PST. I will then contact the buyer and arrange payment details with them (don’t worry if you in a different timezone and aren’t awake at 8pm PST – I’ll give you some time to respond). The buyer will have 24 hours to respond to my email to purchase the little guy – after 24 hours we choose another comment (please check your Spam folder – it may be in there )


So, about little Timothy – he has fair skin, green eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across his nose. His hair is made with mohair and wool yarns in a sweet copper colorΒ  – I LOVE this little man! He is wearing a cotton tshirt, jeans, underpants and shoes. Although the shoes aren’t shown here because he took them off to climb the tree (better ‘grip’ he says!). He is stuffed with wool and his skin is made with cotton interlock.

Good luck!






121 responses to “And this is …. Timothy”

  1. Alysha Avatar

    Oh and another sweetie. So cute. Christina i’m loving this idea as a way to get more dolls out there especially to people with not so great internet speed πŸ˜‰

  2. Angelika Avatar

    Oh this one is so super cute!!!

  3. Chelle Belle Avatar
    Chelle Belle

    Oh, I didnt leave a comment for Riley, because we have a gorgeous Riley! But I ADORE this little guy. Green eyes, oh be still my beating heart!!!

  4. Jacob Avatar

    We love him!

  5. Amy Avatar

    Oh I think it would be great if we could give him a new home!!!

  6. Genia Avatar

    Oh MY!!!! My son would adore him..:-)

  7. Lori M Shomphe Avatar
    Lori M Shomphe

    ok so just today while picking Jack up from school I was mentioning to his teacher that we are genetically due a red head….Could Timothy be him????? His is just perfect and if you remember correctly Joe told me this week that if Jack really needed to have a boy I could get him one πŸ™‚

  8. Amy Childers Avatar
    Amy Childers

    Am I too late??? I owuld lOVE HIM

  9. shanda Avatar

    NEED HIM!!!!!!! He is adorable! He would fit right into our family…. Wow sure hope I didn’t miss the random upload while typing this!

  10. Lori Lehr Avatar
    Lori Lehr

    OH, he is darling. I would love to give him a home with my granddaughter!

  11. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    Timothy is very cute! Would love to have him!

  12. Melissa Avatar

    Awwwww…..I just love Timothy! He would be well-loved in our home. Thanks Christina and Bambo family!

  13. Stacey Avatar

    he’s so sweet, we’d love him!

  14. Jessica Avatar

    What a cutie pie!

  15. Desha Avatar

    such a cute guy! Thanks Christina and Bambo family!!

  16. Julie Avatar

    Love him! We would love to give him a home!

  17. Nicole Avatar

    Oh, he is a cutie. My little man would love him. <3

  18. natalie Avatar

    love him for our little guy!

  19. Carli Avatar

    I commented in the wrong place before sorry! I love him! He’s adorable!

  20. Autumn B Avatar
    Autumn B

    He’s beautiful! This is by far my favourite boy so far!

  21. Abbie Avatar

    He would be PERFECT for my little boy.

  22. Mery Avatar

    I would love to adopt Timothy , maybe we will get lucky and my son can have his first doll for his birthday in a couple of weeks. Thanks for making such a beautiful doll.

  23. jennJK Avatar

    He is so adorable! I love his freckles!

  24. Stephanie Avatar

    He looks just like a Timothy- Love the hair:)

  25. vbanfield Avatar

    Oh, my little boy would love this little boy!

  26. leanne Watson Avatar
    leanne Watson

    just as cute as the last

  27. Janine Andersen Avatar
    Janine Andersen

    Oh..he’s looks just like my son. I can’t resist.

  28. Catriona Avatar

    How sweet is that little face? Love him, and so would my kids!

  29. Alye king Avatar
    Alye king

    So cute and is probably what my son would look like if i had one. I instead was blessed with a daughter πŸ™‚

  30. Kate Avatar

    So handsome! Love the freckles!

  31. Julie Avatar

    What a cutie! We would love him to join our family! Charlotte needs a brother! πŸ™‚

  32. Haven Einstein-Arthur Avatar
    Haven Einstein-Arthur

    Love it!!!!!!!

  33. Melissa Avatar

    Such a handsome lil guy!!!

  34. jenny Avatar

    Oh I wish he lived with us!

  35. Maura Avatar

    oh I LOVE him!!!

  36. Tia McFarlane Avatar
    Tia McFarlane

    Man alive, I thought I wanted a brown haired green eyed boy, but he’s too flippin’ cute.

  37. Mary Lee Avatar
    Mary Lee

    He is a cutie. Can he come live here?

  38. Claire Avatar

    He’s a sweet fellow! Think he would mind pressing the gender line? DD seems to think EVERYone needs bows in their hair these days πŸ™‚

  39. Casey Avatar

    Oooooh another boy! I missed out on Jackson (for my Jackson) but maybe Timothy can come home instead….and I have red hair, too!

  40. Jenifer Avatar

    Oh, for him to be ours…

  41. Wendy Biel Avatar
    Wendy Biel

    He is absolutely darling! Would love, love to add him to the family!!!

  42. Stephanie Avatar

    At last a boy and a red head too just like my boys!

  43. Ben Avatar

    Here’s hoping! My daughter would adore this one…

  44. Elisa Avatar

    Sooooooo darling! Would love to adopt such a cutie-pie!!

  45. Steph Avatar

    We would love to give him a new home…. He’s so cute!….

  46. Jen. Avatar

    Oh, he is just lovely and I know one little boy who would love to adopt him!

  47. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    Love the freckles!!

  48. Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.

    He’s adorable! My daughter would love him!

  49. Lindsay Avatar

    Adorable! Love his hair!

  50. Brad Avatar

    I like this boy – he would look great with our family.

  51. Kristina Avatar

    Yeah!! I love the boys – and a redhead with freckles!!!! Love him!

  52. Michelle Morra Avatar
    Michelle Morra

    I love this little guy, so so cute! My little Hugo would be thrilled to adopt him πŸ™‚

  53. Casey Avatar

    Timothy would be a great doll for my little kiddos to share. =)

  54. Holly Keller-Moul Avatar
    Holly Keller-Moul

    Timmy is awesome.. So cute…

  55. Amanda Hilliker Avatar
    Amanda Hilliker

    You ladies are amazing, he could not be any cuter!
    LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE HIM!!!!

  56. Allison Avatar

    Ohhhh, those redheads get me every time!

  57. Paula Avatar

    Oh! This boy is DM’s twin brother…with fair skin.

  58. Amy Avatar

    This little boy would be the perfect pal for Jack! All his sisters have girls! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity Christina!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  59. Jenifer Avatar

    LOL! He is sooooo cute! I am ~swooning~

    Please, Please, please pick us!!!!! He is so precious I just want to hug him!

  60. Suzannah Avatar

    BOY OH BOY!!!!

  61. Bridget Avatar

    It keeps getting better and better…he looks just like my grandson! Would love to adopt a boy first!

  62. Sarah Avatar

    He’s beautiful! I’m keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  63. Kara Avatar

    We love him!!!

  64. Delaney Avatar

    I love him and would be so happy to buy him : )

  65. Judy Avatar

    He’s so cute! would love to have him join us!

  66. Laura Avatar

    He is so darling! we’ve been waiting for a red-haired boy!

  67. Amie*C* Avatar

    He is just so so perfect! He looks very spunky!

  68. Wendy Avatar

    What a cutie! Would love to buy him for my granddaughter!!

  69. Heather Avatar

    He literally took my breath away. A perfect brother for Max. <3

  70. Di Avatar

    He’s just so handsome. πŸ™‚

  71. Kristin G Avatar

    He would be loved here!

  72. Lindsey Avatar

    SO cute!! Would love to love him πŸ™‚


    Love him…….

  74. Vera Avatar

    He is sooo cute.

  75. Carla Avatar

    Red hair and freckles, swoon!!! What a cutie!

  76. Miranda Avatar

    He is so cute. Would love him for my little boy. Kellen

  77. Deborah Avatar

    We would be thrilled to have Timothy join our family. Elliott my 15 month old son adores his sister’s Bambo Willow, but I think it would be very special for him to have a doll of his own.

  78. Miriam Avatar

    Not sure if my first one went through…sorry for the duplicate.

  79. Carris Avatar

    He is so cute. I would love him at our house.

  80. Kelly Avatar

    Yes please, he is so cute!

  81. Jenifer Avatar

    If he’s meant for my little man, so it will be….we are awaiting the “ones” for us, so since he is adorable, and lovable, I’m posting here on the chance that he belongs to my little Henry πŸ™‚ (and crossing fingers he does)

  82. Laura Avatar

    Wow! He is adorable. We would love a boy doll for our boy, he loves his sister’s doll, but knows he is not supposed to play with her (though that does not stop him all the time….).

  83. Cristina Avatar

    So cute, have my fingers crossed!

  84. Elma Riedstra Avatar
    Elma Riedstra

    I would love him:)

  85. Elaine Avatar

    My little girl would love Timothy! πŸ™‚

  86. Julie Avatar

    Oh la la!! He is soooooo handsome! We’d love to give him a home! Fingers crossed that our number comes up!!

  87. Joan Avatar

    He is just so cute, my grandson would love him.

  88. Marko Avatar

    We would love him for our son, thank you for this chance!

  89. Ken Avatar

    he’s adorable, a perfect addition to our family

  90. Anne Bente Avatar
    Anne Bente

    As my girls have Lisette and Koah, Timothy would be perfect to my son!!

  91. liz Avatar

    ADORABLE!! We’d love to adopt him πŸ˜‰

  92. Erik Avatar

    We NEED him in our house!

  93. Rick Avatar

    My little girl is in love with Tim Tebow (University of Florida football) and says she wants a doll named Tim Tebow – perfect!

  94. Sophie Avatar

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Sean Avatar

    Our son saw this guy and wants him for his birthday. So here we go.

  96. Roger Avatar

    My wife wants the doll..

  97. pipsqueak Avatar

    I wasn’t going to try for a boy – unitl I saw TImothy. Beautiful.

  98. Chelsea Avatar

    Oh we would love this little guy to pieces!

  99. Tiffani Avatar

    I think I may break down and cry if this little guy isn’t ours. I missed ALL the dolls today. Please, please, please.

  100. Joan Avatar

    My granson would love this cute little boy.

  101. Amy Chu Avatar
    Amy Chu

    Timothy is sooooo cute! We would love to love him!!

  102. Ty Avatar

    Boys like dolls too!

  103. Mike Avatar

    We need a boy in our household. I’m outnumbered!!

  104. Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    What a sweet little man πŸ™‚ He would be very loved in our home !!

  105. Melinda Avatar

    Very cute. Love his hair.

  106. Andrea Avatar

    Keeping our fingers crossed . . .

  107. T Avatar

    Would love him!

  108. Mel Avatar

    I’ve been following your store for about a year now, and have never hit at the right time, so would dearly love this chance to adopt a little boy for my little monkeys!

  109. Cristina Avatar

    He is such a cutie!! I could see him and Cillian getting into lots of trouble together!

  110. stephen Avatar

    My daughter has been asking us for a boy doll, so please pick us. Although maybe I should be a little scared that she’s asking for a boy doll. Lately she has also been saying she wants to get married. And she’s only 2.5!!! Should I be worried?

  111. Casey Avatar

    He is sooo cute!

  112. Tracy Avatar

    LOVE him πŸ™‚

  113. Jennifer Avatar

    He is DIVINE! I am in love with all the differnt reds in his hair! Too Cute!

  114. Bobby Avatar

    He is special . .very cute!

  115. sue shermetaro Avatar
    sue shermetaro

    He is soooooooooooooo cute Would love to have him

  116. Bobby Avatar

    My son says I should enter this to try an get it for him….SO pick us….

  117. Heather Avatar

    What a sweet boy! I’d love to get him for my daughter…he reminds me so much of my first doll when I was a little girl. <3

  118. emily Avatar

    what a cutie!

  119. Karen Avatar

    He is ADORABLE!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get a baby for my babies πŸ˜‰

  120. Ashley Avatar

    My favorite hair/eye color combo and in a cute little boy to boot with freckles! Count me in..oiy! πŸ˜‰

  121. Kathleen M Avatar
    Kathleen M

    ooohh Please let me win – my old fingers are too slow for those lightning fast uploads!!