and the winner is….

Tiffany Stone is our winner of little man Leif!!

Congrats to you Tiffany!

What a sweet little guy! My younger son would love to share some summer (and fall and winter and spring) adventures with Leif!

Seeing as I’m a firm believer in ‘ giving back to move ahead’ I’ll have another giveaway up by the end of the month – they are just so much fun! Thanks to everyone that entered – your comments really made me smile. You know what’s funny? I know that I could go to most cities in North America (and quite a few in AUS and Europe now!)  and call on any one of you ladies to go out for coffee. I must be one of the only businesses in the world that feels that way. Seriously, it’s amazing.

new shirtnew style shirt – soon to be in the shop!

My wholehearted effort to blog more has fallen short I’m afraid. It’s just so busy over here. I’m always saying that I know – but just when I think it can’t get any busier – it does. I have a few new moms that are helping me out sewing – welcome to Gwen and Krysta – yeah! They are both doing amazingly well – man alive, they can sew on hair better than I can.. I’m a lucky lady to have found them. I’m just going to put this out there because you never know – I am looking for some clothing sewers that live in the Cowichan Valley. Anyone interested? Lol – how tacky.. to advertise via my blog! It’s worth a try though.

july gals
new gals up earlier today!

Okay – I have to jet. Today on the shop was BANANAS! I sold 11 dolls in under 2 hours or something silly like that. So, now I have to pack them up and get them ready to go home. I think this is  how it will be – that it will be all about Fridays. The rest of the week will have that dreaded ‘Out of Stock’ sign on everything. I’d love to change that to say something else – have to figure that out.  I’ve said this before but if you want more current up to date Bamboletta news, my obsessive ramblings about Twilight (Edward or Jacob – so hard to choose!) or other tidbits of insanity – you can join me on Facebook – I’m totally obsessed with it!







11 responses to “and the winner is….”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    Yeah Tiffany! Give the guy a hug from me Leif is a cutie!

  2. Wendi Avatar

    Instead of ‘Out of Stock’, you can say “More friends coming to play soon!”
    Do you still want me to do any sewing for you?
    I haven’t been able to log in on Facebook for 2 weeks now. It just sits there looking like it’s loading, but never logs me in.

  3. Monica Avatar

    Oh, wow!! I missed your stocking…probably a good thing…I’d have been a glutton and had Lily and Emma on the way if I could swing the pp. lol!! Lily’s hair is AMAZING!
    I love Wendi’s suggestion of “more friends…” that is so sweet! I can not wait for you to visit SW WA for some coffee. Our four would be fast friends I’m sure. {hug} Oh, and Edward or Jacob? 😉 I’m so torn. lol

    And…Congratulations Tiffany!!

  4. Leah Killian Avatar

    Of course you sold all those! They were fabulous! Your fairies were super sweet! 🙂

  5. Catriona Avatar

    Woot! Lucky Tiffany!
    Ever thought if stocking some multicoloured extensions to dress up the dolls hair with?
    I’ve got to tell you, my two youngest love their dolls and put on little plays and such with them. They’re such great toys.

  6. cheryl Avatar

    Love the more friends coming soon, soo cute of course.

  7. admin Avatar

    hello everyone 🙂 i changed the ‘out of stock’ to ‘this doll has found a new home. new playmates coming soon!’ what do you think?

  8. Petra Avatar

    I think it’s perfect. My mother may be interested in doing clothes and knitting sweaters. She’s in Victoria and she’s been telling me she wants a new project. I will speak with her. She is an exceptional seamstress and used to do the costumes for VOS and for the theatre company at Parklands Highschool.

  9. Cheryl Arkison Avatar

    What a great tagline for the ‘out of stock’ replacement!

    Can I tell you how much I love that curly blong hair? Gorgeous!

  10. Claudia Avatar

    I LOVE LOVE your dolls. I was introduced to them by Petra!

  11. Paula Avatar

    She is so cute!!! My daughter and 6yo son both enjoy playing with Sarah our Bamboletta doll. It would be great to have another little play friend so they could each have one intote. Happy birthday to you and many blessings!

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