and the winner is….

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to my latest Doll Giveaway! You are all so sweet – I have the best customers ever.

Delilah’s new home is…


I’ve been admiring your dolls for ages – they are so beautiful!

Yeah Angela! I will be emailing you tonight. Congrats to you!

I also wanted to share this great love letter we got today from Allison.

Hi Christina,
I just wanted to let you know that we received our newest family member, and Leila is beautiful! The children were amused that she had gone on such a big journey! Her arrival also led to a wonderful critical discussion with my 7 and 8 year old daughters, as we talked about the difference between Leila and mass produced dolls, such as Bratz and Polly Pocket. Among other things, we talked about what she was made of versus the Bratz dolls, how they were made, conditions of workers that made the mass produced dolls, and effects of both types of doll on the earth. Good and important stuff!!!! Anyway, thanks again!
Allison & Family


Leila in her new home – love the highchair!!

Thanks so much Allison!

I’m going to have another Doll Giveaway in the next few weeks, a boy this time. Keep checking back here for more details.

P.S. I have to apologise for my lack of blogging as of late. It has been INCREDIBLE over here weather wise and my evenings are spent sewing outside. Somehow being inside on the computer seems very, very wrong when it’s nice and warm outside – and it gets dark at 10pm. I feel as though I’m on vacation!






6 responses to “and the winner is….”

  1. andrea Avatar

    Congratulations Angela! Now we get to be excited about the boy doll-its fun even when you don’t win!

  2. Maddie Avatar

    Congratulations you very lucky girl! This is said whilst wrestling down those little green monsters of course hihi; just kidding, enjoy!

  3. jenna and sasha Avatar
    jenna and sasha

    loved that letter! we feel the same way about mass produced items. my grandmother hand made dolls for me when i was small, i still have those dolls… but somehow all the barbies have been misplaced over the years. kids can tell when something was made and given with love, when something is made with love its hard not feel loved. i shudder everytime i see “those” dolls on the shelves. so glad i was able to give my daughter a real toy!

  4. Wendi Avatar

    I feel the same way when the weather is beautiful. Unfortunately it’s passed by pleasant, and turned into ‘sweltering blanket of heat’ around here lately!

  5. Tressa Avatar

    boy doll boy doll boy doll boy doll can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait …..

    have you checked out the organic island festival? my booth is above the children’s village. july 4 + 5th at glendale gardens – it would be a perfect market spot for you … i’d love it if you could come down anyway, have a visit and check out all the amazing exhibitors (and THE GRAPES OF WRATH!).

  6. Monica Avatar

    Congratulations Angela!!! Thanks for the fun Christina!!

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