and the babies have gone home…


Miss Claire and Ms. Moore handing out dollies to the children this morning.

This morning we went to a picnic to celebrate the last day of Kindercottage at Ben’s school. There was a puppet show as well, but we were kindly asked to stay outside while it was on due to Jasper’s shreik-y ways. Anyhow, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that we’ve been working on 24 little dollies for each child in his class. We used recycled wool sweaters and wool that came from a friend. Here are some pics from the day.



She was feeding her new doll.

I have to thank all my new Facebook friends! Hello all! We’ve been having a little chat about new clothing. Tutu’s haven been requested.. a lot. I actually am going to put some up in the next day or two. Constance has been making them for a bit now – she even has matchy child and doll tutus. Ridiculous cute. I also just got 10 new outfits in this afternoon that I’ll post as soon as the kids are asleep! Ha! I say ‘Just as soon as the kids are asleep!’ a lot during the day.


For the family – this just captures Jasper.






6 responses to “and the babies have gone home…”

  1. Devon Avatar

    love love the shot of miss claire and ms moore, you have to give them a copy… and the dolls are so sweet.

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    the dolls you made are awesome. It’s so sweet to watch the happy expressions on their faces.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Love the dolls. Glad the wool got put to a good use. Those kiddos look SO happy. 🙂

  4. CanCan Avatar

    What a beautiful boy you have there! I envy his amber necklace, I ordered one for myself ages ago and it hasn’t arrived! *tsk*!

  5. nathalie Avatar

    wow, that is so nice! oh my gosh……….i can’t believe how big this little guy is. before too long you will be sending him to school. it is amazing how time flies.

  6. Monique Lam Avatar
    Monique Lam

    you are such a great mom to make all those dolls for Ben’s class and Jasper is a cutie!

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